No blog today. Just watch this video and let me now your thoughts. I post this because I think Congressman Crenshaw has done the best job yet of putting the last 3 months into perspective. All these nattering nabobs of negativism have been purveying their daily doses of vitriol and misleading millions of Americans. I wish everyone in the United States would spend a few minutes watching this. Click here.

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  1. John Duffy says

    Thanks Jim. Hadn’t seen this. Just suggested it to a FB friend who labeled Trump the president of death’ in a post condemning Trump for the opening of beaches in Florida announced by the Florida governor today.

    I doubt she will watch it.

    Best to you


    • says

      Yes Gregg…It took 15 years, but Mr. Maher finally said something about which I can agree! Rep Crenshaw is the real deal. I hope he continues to serve the public and climbs the ladder.

  2. Lance Gilliam says

    Good facts, Jim. Thank you for sharing. (still not a fan of President Trump but, as you may have noted, I have been remarkably “quiet” these last few weeks as it’s not the time to blame, it’s the time to be safe and figure this one out). Take care, Lance

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