Endless Vitriol

Happy Easter folks!

America is shut down, nerves are on edge, and the future is as uncertain as it has been for decades. Let’s face it. This is hardship for millions of our fellow citizens. No, it isn’t war in the traditional sense of the word. We aren’t packing our boys and girls off in ships and planes and sending them to God knows where to protect and preserve life, liberty, justice, and the American way. But this insidious virus does threaten our existence, and gives our enemies (within and beyond our borders) an opportunity to kick us when we are down.

I count myself amongst the many trying to figure out when the chickens come home to roost on an economy funded by printed money. No gold standard, no nothing; just faith in good ole Uncle Sam, and some modicum of comfort in the fact that he is still the safest bet in the world. But what a house of cards! As for printing money, it worked really well for the Weimar Republic, right?

It is hard not to mention the President in anything I write. And at the risk of one of you saying “Pierce, enough already! We know you don’t like the man!”, I feel compelled to preface my remarks with this statement. “I do not like the man!” But I digress..

The left wing media is behaving more appallingly than ever. Now that is saying something! Nary a day goes by when President Trump isn’t blamed for botching the response to COVID-19. This is ridiculous, and the vast majority of the negative press is simply not true. There are particles of truth; enough for the reporter to hide behind, but the bigger point is that it is all mindless poppycock.

Did the President grandstand too long and not take COVID-19 seriously enough? Maybe. But starting in late January, when he restricted incoming travel from China, the administration started to pull together, and since then, notwithstanding some of his bravado and obnoxious rhetoric, he has listened to the experts and followed their advice. And by the way, those who are criticizing him for talking about getting our country re-opened for business must be either ga-ga or AOC supporters. It’s the President’s job to rally the troops and provide hope. He is doing exactly what he should be doing.

Now as to blame for not being prepared, all this bumph about the Trump administration slashing the budget for pandemic response, and this entire problem being one of Trump’s creation, good Lord, give me a break. Two things-

  1. The government spends too much money it doesn’t have. The President’s budgets have been way too big. Part of what his team did is consolidate different arms of the government and eliminate waste. That is their job. They had 8 years of Obama excess to reign in.
  2. The loss of focus on pandemics started after George W Bush left office. Few people know that he was “all over” this topic. Watch this brief video to refresh your memories. Click here.

In a couple days, I think the President will outline a plan to start opening the United States back up for business. I hope the plan will be a measured one, and guided by our experts. This much I do know; he is absolutely right when he says the cure cannot do more damage than the cause. There is a fine line. It is a balancing act, and we should all pray we get it right. Americans need to go back to work. And in the meantime, all this vitriol needs to go back under the slimy rocks from which it came. It serves no purpose. It is painfully biased. In short, my message to all the haters is simple: shut up and spend your energy doing something good for your country. Your whining is annoying and tiresome. Go find something good to write about and lift people’s spirits. How’s that for an idea?

I think we all know that one way or another the 2020 presidential election will hinge on how people are feeling about their economic well being in the 4th quarter of this year. If the Democrats had a message and a candidate, I would be worried. Well, actually, I am worried. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out whether Veep Biden is actually playing with a full deck. The misstatements and occasionally bizarre comments must have democrat leadership literally freaking out. This video clip is just one of many from the past week that I could have chosen. Click here to watch.

I mean, a video is worth a thousand words. Once again, Happy Easter!

More to follow-


  1. Russ Corser says

    As I told someone the other day, I don’t need to like the man. He is doing a pretty good job of running the country despite himself. I like your representative Crenshaw. Have you read his new book?

  2. Jack Blanton says

    Hi Jim
    The biggest problem i have is lack of testing. It should have been recognized its importance in controlling the disease and allowing the economy to partially move forward and control the disease when it surfaced. We have known that China and other countries are stringent on being able to take the temperature of a person while they are walking. This would give you an indicator of being sick ,including having the virus early on ,before you could spread it in the community. Why are we not being checked when we go into a grocery store?
    A President is charge with defending the American People from all serious attacks,whether man made or not. virus has erupted every two decades for over a century. I know spending billions on a nuclear carrier produces jobs, but common sense would tell you to prepare for this.
    I respect your opinion Jim, but just wished to tell you what I was thinking. Jack

    • says

      Jack, I can’t take issue with that. Its a valid point. He was slow to grasp the severity and mobilize the vast arm of government. Thanks for writing.

  3. david e frischkorn says

    Totally agree. Trump can not do anything they would approve of. He is the blame for everything in life. So sad !

  4. David Hedges says

    Jim, I doubt you take the New York Times but please see the lead article today. There is very little analysis or commentary. Mostly just hard facts to include quotes from Trump and people in his administration. Trump and his minions wasted at least 6 weeks and probably more after his own administration was warning of an impending catastrophe. As a result the United States, the wealthiest and most sophisticated country in the world is experiencing a virus experience in line with Italy and some third world countries rather than Singapore, South Korea, and , yes, Trump’s favorite, California. But for Deborah Birx, who Trump referred to as “elegant, ” and Anthony Fauci we would be even worse off. Polls show several governors” approval ratings in the 80% range while trump’s stay around 45%. That suggests the American people are finally coming to their senses. Biden is no star but he should beat Trump unless the Republican manage to disenfranchise much of the electorate.

    • says

      Thanks David. You are right. I long ago discontinued my subscription to the Moscow Times! I take your point. And I have been pretty consistent with readers and friends that if they listen to only one source, it should be Dr. Fauci. He is ground zero on the analytics front, in my opinion. Re Mr. Biden, we shall see. I have no idea how this is going to shake out Thanks for taking time to write.

  5. Lance Gilliam says

    Although my favorite part of your post is, “I feel compelled to preface my remarks with this statement. “I do not like the man!” That being said, it fascinates me that in good times, our elected officials have chosen to cut taxes and increase the budget. In bad times, same answer. We’re spending money we don’t have. That may work out for our generation — only because our life expectancy is around 20-25 more years — it’s not going to work out long-term. At some point, the bill will become due. Happy Easter!

  6. bgkiernan says

    Bravo, every word. A bit freaked by Fauci suggesting showing our “papers” (perhaps) in the future!?! Stop it.

  7. Henry E says

    Hi Jim,
    I consider myself centrist and voted for Mitt Romney.
    It was impossible to hold my nose & vote for Trump.
    I’m with George Will on this one.
    Trump is neither a Republican nor a conservative.
    He is a danger to our democracy & our norms.
    My best,

    • says

      Diversity is the spice of life. I agree he is neither a Republican or Democrat.I also dislike him immensely. But he isn’t in favor of destroying our country, and thus gets my vote.

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