Enough Already!

The Senate hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh could not have developed any other way. They now stand for all that has gone haywire in these United States. 

You really can’t make this stuff up, except of course that is exactly what is happening! A letter is sent to Senator Feinstein’s office in late July. The Senator must have lost it and thankfully found same just days before the Senate was due to vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Praise the Lord! Thank goodness this letter was found. What would have happened if the United States Senate had voted to put a would be rapist on the SCOTUS? And since this accusation was allowed to surface, what have we witnessed? Delay, prevarication, and character assassination. The talking heads in the media are having a field day. Here is the thing. The best I can tell, Judge Kavanaugh is guilty of one crime; he is a white, Christian male. 

I don’t know the Judge, but I know plenty people who do. So I am going to take a leap here and talk about a man I don’t know. One, two, three, jump! This guy is a good man, and what is happening to him is shameful. The progressive left if off to the races. This woman must be telling the truth. While she cannot remember much of anything from this night many decades ago, what she does seem to recall is that it was definitely Judge Kavanaugh pawing her. Funny that no one else seems to recollect the event. 

The whole thing stinks. And our society has moved so far toward blaming the white Christian male for all sins of the past that Judge Kavanaugh is now presumed guilty by more Americans than not. (Click here to read a current USA Today article.) I know I will offend some of my readers. Sorry. But this entire charade is the culmination of years of assault on tradition in the United States. He went to a boy’s school. Guilty! He played sports and allegedly enjoyed a beer or two while not yet 21 years of age. Guilty! He is a white guy. Guilty! He is Christian. Guilty! He went to great schools. Guilty! He did extremely well in everything he has ever done. Guilty! His credentials are impeccable. Guilty! He believes in the integrity of the Constitution. Guilty! He does not think judges are on the bench to make law. Guilty! He is committed to our three branches of government, and the role of the Judiciary to keep the Executive and Legislative branches in check and on track with the law as guided by the Constitution. Guilty!

Do you get my drift? Am I being to obtuse? Sorry. Here’s the thing. What I have written needs to be said. We live in a country where history is being eliminated and rewritten every day. I am calling out this national disgrace. For that, label me guilty! Enough Already!



  1. David E.K. Frischkorn, Jr. says

    We are in a war over traditional values in America. It is take no quarter and the left will say and do anything to destroy the ideals and norms of what made this nation great. This is just one example.

  2. Douglas Holmes says

    Jimmy, your finest moment. Love the passion. Love the defense of sanity. We all know those on the left are certifiable. We can no longer sit on our pampered duffs. Time to have a massive sanity rally. This year’s mid-terms are so very crucial. Drive a shut in Republican to the polls. Best Cousin Quirk

  3. Gregg DeSilvio says

    This whole charade has sickened me. I have engaged ostensibly intelligent liberals on their insistence that his guilt is unquestioned because a woman declared it to be so. I worked for a CEO who will not get on an elevator if lone woman is in it. I used to think he was paranoid. Now I realize he is being prudent

    I have a liberal friend who convinced me of the merits of The Innocence Project last year. While prison is not in the offing here, destruction of what appears to be an honorable man certainly is. The truly sad fact is that this is a man who has spent his adulthood promoting equality.

  4. J. Gary Shansby says

    You are 1000% correct!!! It is beyond stupid, unfair, and detrimental to what our country stands for. Hopefully the Senate committee will agree enough is enough, and then the Republicans stand strong and approve Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in time for him to be sworn in and begin on October 12 as a member of the Supreme Court. Then we need an all-out publicity attack on the Democrats for their shameful actions, and push harder than ever before to get Republicans out to vote. If The Republicans can somehow hold the Senate, and the House, we can teach those who misbehaved to eat crow. This is all wishful thinking, but as you say, enough is enough, already. PS–and screw the press!!!!!!

  5. Jonathan Helitzer says

    The highest calling for the left is victimhood; of course, it is predicated on the notion that individuals are always powerless, lack agency and any accountability. The only solution to being a victim is for the government to “solve” it, express endless sympathy and inevitably accuse the ever smaller groups of non-victims for creating the victim.

    So, Judge Kavanaugh is now an “oppressor” based on a scripted automatic assumption of guilt.

    Wait until every male starts demanding written or video recorded assent to any type of contact with a female; after a decade of that, think of all the biological clocks stopped forever at 7:00AM.

  6. uncle roger says

    NO, NO, NO, you are absolutely NOT crazy (in real life, you are just like me, absolutely crazy). This is a stinky stunt by Dems. I am no fan of the judge (I wish President had nominated Judge Amy), but he is a good Catholic. I totally believe him.

  7. anthony doherty says

    Unfortunately all of us have done things in the past that can be rewritten/re-remembered to resemble something unspeakable.
    We may have all have done things that we are not proud about in our past.This is however an example of basically something that bears little resemblance to the truth…but the charge of guilty jumps out first.
    We deplore people who make up or spread unverified rumours…they are often harmful and cruel.
    In the days of easy modern day communication abuse is rife.

  8. says

    Lest you forget, this man is in a job interview. And it is for a position on the Supreme Court, a lifetime appointment. I know you all know this. So while this was not handled well, and as a fully non-crazy democrat, let me say up front that this was NOT HANDLED WELL. It should have been brought up way earlier. Dr. Ford did her best to let people know before Kavanaugh was recommended and while still on the short list. But do you want a judge that, from his Thursday opening remarks, totally gave away his appearance of impartiality by slamming the left and the Clintons? And while he is fighting for his reputation, he is also supposed to show judicial temperament. He didn’t. Not even close. Had it been reversed and this was a Democrat saying this is about a Republican political hit job and a hail mary politicking would you be equally affronted? Were you equally upset with the year plus long delay the Republicans staged before we could fully seat the court? Because that was certainly political too. And do you want a man who will seemingly lie about how much he drank? Gosh……that is not a job killer! Why would he not tell the truth about that?! No one really cares. Unless something happened, or that he drank so much he didn’t remember and then was lying about it. I would say he acted like a high schooler being called on the carpet and not liking it. And he acted that way during a lot of the time of Thursday ‘s questioning. He is a grown man looking for a seat on the Supreme Court. Act. The. Part.
    There are other people who can be nominated and approved without any kind of suggestion of breach. If this man had done what is suggested to any of your daughters would you want the potential of your daughter to have to face this person on the bench? Be honest! I sure as hell wouldn’t.
    Honestly, I don’t know if he would have been good or not. But I REALLY want to believe that at least the Supreme Court of the United States is a neutral, Solomon-like group, that is above reproach. Kavanaugh, because of how he handled Thursday, and the fact he went on TV to essentially politicize this process, makes him unsuitable for the highest court.

    • says

      Well you know I do not agree with you, but I do understand your viewpoint, and I thank you for taking the time to express yourself. You and I can argue all day long and still like each other!

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