He’s a Horse’s Ass but She is Simply Unacceptable

Donald Trump October 2016We all have certain memories of our parents. My father never  minced words. That trait didn’t always help him, but no one who called him a friend ever thought he was anything but the real McCoy. Whenever someone got under his skin, that person was a “horse’s ass”. I would ask, “Dad, why don’t you like so and so?” Almost inevitably (!), he would answer,”because he’s a horse’s ass.” It was really pretty simple. He didn’t separate the men from the boys. He separated the men from the horse’s asses. (So to speak)

The more this campaign progresses, the more I cannot escape the inescapable; if my dad were alive today, and he were to opine on the subject of Donald Trump, the answer would inevitably be “He’s a horse’s ass!”

You see, Donald Trump is simply unbearable. His behavior is repugnant. He is a mean, school yard bully. He listens to no one, and picks fights with anyone, anywhere, anytime. If attacked or questioned, he lashes out without thinking. He digs himself into holes and then, rather than climb out, he starts filling in the dirt while still in the hole!

What has our nation become? How does a guy like Trump rise to become the Republican nominee? Have we been dumbed down to a society of Kardashians and Real Housewives of New Jersey? Do we really admire characteristics exhibited by the likes of Donald Trump?

I get it. People are mad, and anyone and anything who/that can even remotely be associated with the “establishment” is a virtual pariah. There is no trust in anyone deemed to be from “Washington”. But Donald Trump? Really?

I was watching the Ryder Cup yesterday and marveling at how the gallery booed Rory Mcllroy and was quite relentless in its booing. I had to wonder, “am I watching a golf match?” And then I asked myself, “has Trump opened a huge can of horses’s asses?” I mean, is there no dignity left in our country? Can you imagine how Ronald Reagan or George H W Bush would react to such a total loss of decorum and manners?

We’re talking about the office of President of the United States. On one hand we have a relentlessly ambitious, pathologically liberal, unrepentant liar. Hillary is simply unacceptable. What amazes me is how many people have either forgotten or chosen to forget nearly thirty years of horrendous behavior on her part. To remember, click here. You cannot watch this and seriously tell yourself you are going to vote for her. I dare you.

If we elect Hillary Clinton, we might as well put the last nail in the coffin of Constitutional integrity. Liberal progressives view the Constitution as an obstacle to achieve their goal of social transformation and redistribution. For the left, our American history is a stain on humanity. They want to eradicate the last 300 years. Left to their devices, American history classes in grade school, high school, and college would be sociological studies in the abuses by empire over race and creed. The Protestant work ethic would be an example of elitist racism in a nation built on the suffering of the underclass. Upward mobility would be a fabrication of the gentry to convince those less fortunate to keep working harder. Gone would be the founding fathers. Gone would be the most magnificent governmental experiment in the history of man. Liberals don’t care. They are hell bent on redistribution and eradication of all things that have distinguished our great country. Make no mistake, Hillary is front and center, leading the charge. 

And then on the other hand we have Donald. Oh my God! 

So here I sit, knowing that I will vote for this guy. Cutting to the chase, it boils down to two words and one acronym: Supreme Court or SCOTUS, take your pick; that’s all. It’s that simple. Up to three justices may be replaced in the next four years. (We already know Anton Scalia’s seat is open and waiting on a nominee who will be approved by the Senate.) American people have been handed a game of Russian roulette for the Presidential election. In Hillary’s case, all six chambers of the revolver are already loaded. Pull the trigger and your dead. In Donald’s case, about two of them are loaded. There is at least a chance that you survive. And that is how bad it is. 

For those who may vote for the Libertarian or Green parties, I only say this. Unless you are a diehard Libertarian or environmentalist, you surely know you are throwing your vote into oblivion. In the case of Johnson/Weld, oblivion is near Aleppo. (Click here if you have been living in a cave!)

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again. Take a shot of Pepto-Bismol, hold your nose, and vote for Trump. 



  1. Peggy Pierce Peters says

    Dad might have added an expletive to his most used horses ass, because Donald Trump is like no other horse’s ass we or he ever knew.And the gentleman that he was might have deviated in a name or two for Hillary. They are both horrible. My conscience won”t let me vote for either of them. I will vote.

  2. David Hedges says

    Jim, Hillary is obnoxious and irritating but your parade of terribles if she is elected is fantasy. Our country has done quite well under Republicans and Democrats (the economy has done consistently better under Democrats) for years and Hillary’s administration would be an extension of the Clinton and Obama regimes-more taxes and overregulation of business, irritating but not an existential threat. In contrast Donald is mentally unstable and has a crush on Putin, our leading adversary. If he goes into paroxysms of hatred and late night tweets over a beauty queen what would he do if Congress refused to pass some of his favorite legislation. He is Erdogan on steroids and would behave similarly, closing newspapers and jailing adversaries. The Supreme Court is an issue but Hillary might do better than Trump. She is an attorney with respect for the Court. Trump might nominate Ken Paxton, Newt Gingrich or Roy Moore. I even heard he is consulting with Sid Miller, our Texas Ag Commissioner, who spent taxpayer money on Jesus Shots in Oklahoma. I hope he is not a lawyer. When David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer and Dorothy Rabinowitz say Trump is unacceptable that says a lot. I urge you to follow Uncle George’s lead and reconsider. David

    • says

      David, thanks for writing. As with a couple other comments in response to this blog edition, I wholly appreciate and respect your opinion. It is thoughtful, and if I were to contest same, I would be parsing in the realm of speculation. Alas, I do part with some of my family members (an you) as I do not fear for the worst as do they and you. Time will tell, I guess. I am of the opinion, however, that unless something miraculous happens in the next 35 days, all this is rather academic, and I will still be waxing on about the leftists living in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

  3. Cindi says

    Trump it is. Hillary is frightening. Not to mention, listening to her voice over the next four years shrieking at us may be more than I can bear.

  4. Stephen Newton says

    Sorry, but you fail to point out the real truth and that is Trunp is very dangerous. He is much worse than a horse’s ass. Our constitution will survive just fine with Hillary, our nation will not with Trump. Hold your nose and follow the lead of other thoughtful Republicans

  5. Ros Curtis says

    Jim, you are 100% on target with this post. Everyone who understands why the US has delivered more freedom and prosperity to its citizens (bottom to top) than any other country in history must recognize that a vote for Clinton is probably the final push over the cliff Obama put us on towards our demise.
    I suspect Donald won’t be nearly as bad as the NY Times suggests he will be, especially with the guidance of Paul Ryan, and other responsible Republicans. You can pretty much guarantee that Hillary Clinton, endorsed by an activist, liberal Supreme Court majority will attempt to become the first dictator in our history. If you didn’t like Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, just imagine Hillary backed by her Supreme Court, and figuring out how to vote becomes a lot easier.

  6. says

    Jim….You made good points as to why NOT to vote for Trump in your description of him. He is truly un-qualified in every damn respect to be president of the US. You think that SCOTUS is fundamental reason you will hold your breath, but Trump hangs out with characters much like himself and will try to place people as close to that as possible. And the thought of Christie as Attorney General, which has been floating about? Really??? Congress will then be hell-bent on stopping those actions and we will have not only an Executive office that is non-functioning, but a Judicial branch that will continue to be hobbled as well. This is not what the Founders envisioned in anyones’ nightmare. Every living president, some of whom you know extremely well, certainly understand what’s at stake, is voting for Clinton and they too are thinking about SCOTUS, you can be sure of that! I agree with Steve Newton that our country will absolutely survive with Clinton as President. More important, our WORLD may NOT survive with Trump. I urge you to take a breath.

    • says

      Thanks Elizabeth….I just can’t do it. There is at least a chance he will actually be guided by sound minds around him. There is no chance with her. (Thus the Russian roulette analogy.) I totally appreciate your comments. Further, I fully understand your opinion. After all, he is a horse’s ass! I have a feeling, the way things are going, it will all be academic, and you and Steve will have your way. I will just have another 4-8 years on the outside looking in.

      • Peregrine Towneley says

        As an outside observer, but an interested ‘cousin” from across the pond I feel that everyone is missing the point. I certainly have enough faith in the robustness of the American Constitution as well its economy and ingenuity to be able to put paid to any and all outlandish Presidential desires or requests or demands from either of these two hideously unsuitable candidates for the greatest democraric position in the world 9bar one of course!). But surely the question really is how you all came to have this choice? If you can answer that question them perhaps the main problem would come to light and a solution, whilst not necessarily achievable would at least be available.

        • says

          Peregrine, not easy answers…in her case, one can point to what both parties have done over time…some people simply rise to the top of the heap due to a completely illogical but powerful notion that “it is his or her ‘time'”….think Bob Dole in 1996. He never had a chance. And Hillary truly shouldn’t have a chance either, but for the ludicrous nominating process the GOP has established….15 (ash) debates with a cast of thousands. The best candidate doesn’t emerge; the loudest, most abrasive and obnoxious one does. The system is flawed. You are right. These things should be “fixable” but the jury is still out as to whether they will be.

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