Mr. President, You Just Don’t Get it!

Hillary and ObamaMr. President, if you want to search for reasons explaining the rise of Donald Trump, search no longer. You, sir, are the reason, and Hillary is hell bent on making sure the reason lives on! Events of the past few days provide a perfect illustration of how we find ourselves in this absolutely bizarre situation.

We find ourselves once again in the  familiar position where hands are wrung and souls are searched after the brutal attack on innocent civilians pursuing their individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. While both Republicans and Democrats decry one another for politicizing a horrible nightmare, the fact of the matter is that it is impossible to separate politics from the terror that took place in Florida. 

Once again, the Democrats wasted no time blaming guns on the calculated murder and wounding of over 100 American citizens. Republicans just as quickly pounced on the fact that guns don’t actually kill people; people kill people. All one has to do is look at Chicago as a case in point for the complete and utter failure of strict gun control laws in stopping criminals from using guns. Once and for all, we need to move past the rhetoric and acknowledge that taking guns away from law abiding citizens will never (ever) stop criminals from using guns!

But the whole gun control debate is a red herring. The issue at hand, folks, remains one that has been the case for years. We are in an undeclared war with radical Islam: an idea used by proponents of envy and hate who wish to kill everyone of us; full stop. To date, the Obama Administration (including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) has refused to acknowledge the enemy. Instead, they have referred to “terror” as the enemy. No, Mr. President, terror is the method; ISIL, ISIS, Al Qaeda, (the list goes on) are the instruments; But radical Islam is the enemy!

Today, the President, in as mocking and haughty a tone as imaginable, attacked his “friends on the other side of the aisle” and Mr. Trump as being simplistic morons who clearly do not grasp the complexities of modern statesmanship. You can hear (and read) for yourself how Mr. Obama addressed the nation by clicking here. The President brushed aside years of criticism regarding his unwillingness to call the enemy what it actually is by saying “There is no magic to the phrase ‘radical Islam’. It is a political talking point.” Well, there you have it. No Mr. President, it is not a “political talking point.” It is an ugly, malformed, abomination of a religion whose followers live solely to destroy all who do not bend to their will. We are at war with this thing called radical Islam and all who subscribe to its sick doctrine. You Mr. President, (and yes, you, Mrs. Clinton) even today refuse to acknowledge the enemy. It is nauseating.

The President and Mrs. Clinton say Donald Trump is fueling the flames of terror’s fires with his anti-Muslim rhetoric. You know what? They may be right. But what they don’t understand is that their tepid, politically correct, milquetoast, (dare I even say mamby pamby?) refusal to name the enemy is the very cause for the rise of Donald Trump! Oh, the bitter taste of irony’s pill! Donald Trump would not be the presumptive nominee if millions of Americans were not pissed off. Sorry, there is no other way to say it. 

So there we have it. The President and Mrs. Clinton are appalled at the behavior of their political love child. Perhaps if they would stand up and start telling it like it is, their creation would disappear into one of his many towers. But don’t count on it. Neither the President nor Mrs. Clinton  have a clue. And thus we will see this American tragedy continue to play itself out.

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  1. ellis whitehead says

    Jim, you are correct to a degree, but the Republican Party has not been faithful to the country either. The US is not sustainable as managed by the political class on either side. Our country is great in many regards, but we fail in quite a few other areas; prison reform, education to name two.
    Do we really need automatic rifles and want people on a no fly list to be able to buy guns? Why is this even up for discussion? The dogmatic ideologues positions on both sides are the red herring or as I prefer the straw dogs set up as traps., for got ya governing versus concern for getting the job done for the country.
    I get very tired listening to the lectures from the elite Rep. how Trump isn’t informed on the issues, as though their intellectual acumen has served us well. BS to both parties. We can all take a lesson from the movie “Dave”.

    Trump has galvanized the ” I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” people in America as has Bernie. This is a revolution from within the parties; the parties just don’t get it. This cuts through both parties as exemplified by Bernie, who I do believe had the election stolen from Crooked Hillary and gang.

    The major tragedy in this election cycle is Hillary is still running, and hasn’t been indicted. I have watched the Clinton’s over so many years, and t trust them to always put their interest ahead of the country’s. .

    I don’t see a Trump Presidency as a tragedy, and hope if he is elected I am right. I certainly know the country needs someone to stand up for us in the world, for the country to be mixed up. I’m not proposing Jeffersonian blood to shake the tree, but Hillary and republicans other than Ron Paul aren’t going to do it. Yes, Paul was my first choice.
    I always find it odd how we often frame the conversation re world opinion as, do they like us. What does like having to do w anything? I doubt very much Regan was viewed fondly in the Kremlin or East Germany. Respect is what our goal s/b, and if friendship develops, so much the better.

    • says

      Ellis, thanks for taking the time to write. We don’t fully align vis-a-vis our views, but we aren’t diametric opposites either! My main point was that Trump would not be where he was today if it were not for a tone-deaf administration that has alienated millions of Americans. I acknowledge you don’t disagree; you just want to include the GOP as a reason for the disaffected American electorate. Fair enough, I guess. I was happy with several of the candidates for the GOP nomination and thought they were good public servants.

      Re firearms, and the no-fly list, I respectfully disagree. It is a complete political red herring. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans on the no-fly list for no good reason! When they fix the no fly list so it actually addresses the issue of terrorism, then I will be receptive. But to ban people on today’s no fly list from purchasing firearms is to deny law abiding citizens their 5th amendment right to due process. Most importantly, however, is that the idiot in Orlando had been taken off the list! This is about radical islam…not gun control. The Dems are acting shamelessly.

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