Let’s face it; this President is unlike any who have come before him, and, dare I say, anyone to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the future. His election has even further divided a very divided country. Are we in Neverland?

Any long time reader of Pierce Wire will know I am no fan of President Trump. Equally, any long time reader of Pierce Wire will know that I think President Obama and his cronies did more to sow seeds of racial tension and divisiveness in the United States than any President in decades. There are a couple points to make that provide the foundation for today’s blog title, Neverland. 

i) Americans are exposed 24/7 to versions of the “news”. It is impossible to avoid the endless drumbeat of news, such as it is. But today’s news is editorial. There is nowhere to turn for factual reporting of events. Nowhere. So the default for the vast majority of Americans is to the news station that is least offensive and most agreeable. This is natural. If one is going to watch the news, one does not want to feel like vomiting every time one turns on the tv. Thus we have a self-perpetuating conundrum. The left winds itself up on the fodder of CNN and MSNBC, and the right hides behind the safety of the wall built by Fox News. (To be fair, Fox News actually has a few “neutral” broadcasters. One is hard pressed to find anyone close to the middle on CNN or MSNBC.) Long story short, the left and right have become more entrenched and less open to any ideas other than those they embraced decades ago. 

ii) Remember when politics used to be about the art of compromise? What happened? The edges are so sharp now. It’s all about the kill. In today’s environment, there is no place for a John F Kennedy in the Democratic nominating process, and certainly no place for a George H. W. Bush in the GOP’s.   What a shame. The extremes have taken over. To remind yourself how wacky the left has become, you can re-read my last blog here. But let’s be real. I could have written just as harsh a blog about the Republicans. Before you cringe, I ask you to ask yourselves, “what happened to the party of fiscal conservatism? Where is the big tent; that platform that embraced all comers to this country (albeit through legal means) because we recognized what has made us the single most noble and successful experiment in human history is the infusion of different cultures starting in the seventeenth century and never ending. Everyone from the 1600’s came here to pursue freedom and opportunity. Over time, they also came to be part of what we know as the United States of America. Yes, they had their ties to Poland, or Italy, or Ireland, (the list is endless) but they also immediately embraced the uniqueness and majesty of our American experiment. What happened to free trade as a cornerstone of the GOP’s philosophy? Since when did free trade somehow get wrapped up with insidious words such as ‘multiculturalism’ or ‘globalism’? What happened?

Well, Donald Trump is what happened. He fired up his base by throwing the Bushes, Romneys and McCains under the bus, and actually equated them to the worst the left has to offer. This is balderdash, but it worked, and it continues to work with his base. 

I write as Mr. Trump is at the G7, ramping up his tariff rhetoric against China, but simultaneously achieving a trade agreement with Japan, and appearing to be close to doing the same with a post-Brexit United Kingdom. This is where we get to Peter Pan land. The man continues to boggle the mind. Before leaving for the G7, he cancelled a meeting with Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen because she had the gall to suggest that Greenland is not for sale! Folks, you can’t make this stuff up! His tweets continue unabated, and leave most world leaders scratching their heads. And yet, the work of his government is making our economy stronger, and positioning us for future growth. I think he is dead wrong on his relentless attack on the Fed regarding interest rates, and I pray he actually has an end game on all these tariffs. Tariifs have never worked. They will only hurt the US economy in the long run. But if his playing “hardball” with China and others makes us stronger, I am willing to give him a little more time and rope.

It is hard to take him seriously, and yet he is real, he is our President, and (big gulp) I am voting for him again. The democrats simply leave us no alternative. They are bound and determined to destroy this country, in all their self righteous, angry, race-baiting glory. 

Lest you are not riled up enough, allow me to leave you with this. President Trump is NOT a racist. Show me one instance of racism. This entire issue is the result of the mainstream media and democratic strategists having decided they need to brand him a racist to ensure the American people do not re-elect him. It is a complete fabrication. It is shameful. It’s the worst case of subliminable strategery (sorry, I couldn’t resist) I have seen in the political arena. Seriously, shame on all of those who keep playing the race card. Enough!

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  1. Roger says

    Main problem is me-me culture. Remember Tip O’Niel & Regan – they were total opposites but loved their country, so they worked together. Now nobody cares for the country, I mean politicians. This President is putting country FIRST and risking his re-election, but he will not compromise – breath of fresh air. May God bless President Trump, May he be re-elected ( if nothing else, just think of the scotus – that was the reason Bushes, Romney’s and McCains lost my respect – they did not put country first). More tomorrow at lunch my dear, dear friend.

  2. Russ Corser says

    I am not a racist, but slightly deplorable because I support an administration that is committed to standing up for our country. Yes, our President is brash and an equal opportunity offender, but he is getting the job done despite. Dems and Republicans resisting him at every turn.. He is a way different leader than we have ever had. Truth be said, we needed to break the mold and need to continue to drain the swamp. He is our best hope for the next 5 years. Until the Republicans can come up with a better alternative, we need to support our President.

  3. Gregg DeSilvio says

    Jim: I share your sentiments about Trump. However, I like the concept of counter-punching. I just wish it were being done in a more articulate and measured fashion. Too many fine individuals (e.g. every Republican Presidential candidate in recent memory) have been unfairly pilloried by the left. We must fight back, lest the slanderous attacks stand.

    Justice Kavanaugh is my current hero. He led an exemplary life, believed in originalism, and was therefore viciously attacked by political jackals. I was proud when he fought back.

  4. Walter Bering says

    Nicely done Jim. And now they’re playing the “recession card”. I hope they’re wrong about that one!

  5. Lance Gilliam says

    Just remember when you’re in the voting booth, character matters. And, Jim, I respectfully disagree with you; this President is the worst kind of racist. He protests and patronizes too much. I don’t know that he discriminates based on skin color but, at best, he is remarkably insensitive to racial divides. More importantly, he absolutely discriminates based on social status and income. I know racism is often defined as, “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized,” but I believe the term, in this context, goes beyond that where it applies to specific groups or “classes” of people. That form of racism is a part of this President’s daily life and has been for many, many years. And, it is wrong. It is tearing us apart. He needs to go so that we can heal and move forward. This economy has been good, very good to my firm and my family. But, the cost has been too high for our country and the debt — literally —- too large for your children, my children and my grandchildren —- yours too, someday. Lance

    • says

      Thanks lance…we are going to disagree on the racism ting, but wholeheartedly agree on the irresponsible spending issue. That means we bat .500 together and in baseball, that gets us into the Hall of Fame….

  6. Cousin Quirk says

    I dare say we are no more divided than 1952 when General Eisenhower ran against the communist sympathizer Stevenson; or 1960 when Nixon ran against the crooked Kennedy (won the election with thugs in WV and IL); or 1992 when Clinton beat Bush41 because of that crazy Perot. No the Country is no more divided, just Trump is fighting the new global media almost single handily – now even Fox New is succumbing to liberal pablum. Trump fired back on the PM of Denmark because well just because – give a guy a break. Regarding Tariffs, they built America – by the way Trump is for Free and Fair Trade and sometimes you have to play hardball to reform the system. Observe the great new treaties with Canada/Mexico and Japan. Ok, so you don’t like the “cut of his jib” but I dare say we all love the robust economy his stunning and magnificent policies have created. Thank you President Trump. Keep America Great! So don’t hold your nose rather raise a toast to a billionaire that decided enough was enough. Cousin Quirk.

  7. George Trevor Vietor says

    Agree with most of what you say. I have often thought that we should Offer what Andrew breitbart offered to refute the charge that he is a racist. Offer a $100000 to anyone who can factually prove that trump is a racist. It is pure poppycock! I also think that Is teareth Gambit is good for us in the long run as China has been running everyone into the ground with their trade policies. I am willing to give him quite a bit more rope to go down that path. As I think it hurts them much more than it hurts us.

  8. Bolivar Andrews says

    Jim, Good blog overall but betrayed a bit TDS by not including full statement of Dani’s PM which was pretty harsh….unnecessarily. See you in September. Bolivar

  9. Cynthia Cronk says

    Good stuff as always, Jim. Keep it coming. I support your position and agree wholeheartedly. Yep I will vote for him again (and cringe ever so slightly – but gotta do it). The Dem’s have turned into “frightful so far left they are teetering on the edge of the abyss pols” that don’t even slightly resemble the democrats that existed 20-40 years ago. It’s like they are running a competition to see who can out left the other. Who are these people and do they really, truly believe what they are saying? Wow.

  10. Jon Hopkin says

    I have to agree that his rhetoric tends to make me cringe at times. I believe that when he leaves office, his legacy will be of strong policy and childish rhetoric with Obama’s legacy of “hope” rhetoric and weak policy. I hate to beat the proverbial drum but MSM is killing the nation with divisions of sex, race, religion and most importantly class. Saul Alinsky would be proud. Is is possible for us to start teaching Ayn Rand? Thank you Mr. Pierce!

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