Righteous Indignation

This blog has never been a home for rationalizing, justifying, defending, or supporting Donald Trump. It’s author is not about to start now. That said, this blog is a home for defending and supporting traditional GOP principles. We are a nation of immigrants. It is our core and our strength. All of us are immigrants.

This week’s hullabaloo was all about President Trump’s alleged (it was, after all, in a private meeting behind closed doors) reference to Haiti and several African countries as, in short, “Shitholes”. 

Lesson #1-There is no longer such a thing in Washington DC as a private meeting.

Lesson #2-Donald Trump really doesn’t care whether participants in a private meeting violate the implicit pact of silence. If he is so inclined, he will simply deny he said that which he is accused of having said. 

Lesson #3-The President’s mind boggling, endless bombshells are used by his detractors  to pursue their agendas with just as much disdain for the truth as that of which they accuse the President!

In short, truth, honesty, and transparency are in short supply in Washington. “This is nothing new”, you may say. Perhaps that is the case, but certainly this administration has brought out the worst on both sides of the aisle.

Lest I lose the plot, let’s take a look at the context of the conversation in which the President is alleged to have made his defamatory remark. A group of Republican and Democrat congressional representatives were gathered to talk about immigration reform. This is when the President is alleged to have made his remark. Within 12 hours, there was global uproar. The vast majority of the tumult was about his blatant, unrepentant racism.

I’m sorry, what did I miss? Where does racism enter the equation? You see, this is classic spin. The President made a callous, very un-Presidential remark. Is anyone, at this point in time, shocked by that? But he did not say anything about race. For the record, and for balance, the President tweeted this remark. “Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country. Never said “take them out.” Made up by Dems. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians. Probably should record future meetings – unfortunately, no trust!”

In the years 2010-1014, the biggest percentage increase in immigrants to the United States came from these countries; Saudi Arabia (up 93 percent), Bangladesh (up 37 percent), Iraq (up 36 percent), Egypt (up 25 percent), and Pakistan, India, and Ethiopia (each up 24 percent). (Click here for more details.) Now ask yourself; if, by chance, the subjects of the conversation had been Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, India, and Ethiopia, do you think the President would have had any different comment?

His commentary had nothing to do with race. He simply thinks there are a lot of crappy countries in the world, and, surprise, surprise, a disproportionate amount of our immigrants come from those countries. You, (and I, for that matter) may argue that opening our arms to those from the most depressed countries in the world is what we are all about. The President may disagree. He would tell you that disagreement is the crux of the discussion that took place last week. Alas, that was not the proverbial take-away.

Mr. Trump’s intemperate remark (as reported by his detractors ) opened the door for another round of media and late night President bashing, but the at the heart of these diatribes there lies a farce. There was wasn’t anything blatantly racist in or around his comments. They could have been about the vast majority of countries from which immigrants flee to come to the United States. You see, folks, they want to leave their countries too! Why? Because THEY think their countries are shitholes, and they want to come to the last great land of opportunity and hope left on this planet.

Have you ever seen Brittany Hughes on Reality Check TV? Watch this video. Bingo!

Now, the typical media response was more like this one, when MSNBC interviewed Congressman John Lewis. I don’t have a quarrel with much of what the Congressman says in the interview. But the leap to racism is subjective! Across the board, people have played the race card on Trump based on their own feelings, tastes, and opinions. NBC published this article entitled “Is it Finally Time to call Trump a Racist?” Perhaps more than anything, they label President Trump a racist simply because they detest the man. They hate everything about him. Let me be clear one more time. There is much about President Trump that I do not like! But don’t lose your own personal virtue and integrity by throwing around disingenuous labels.

I’ve had enough of the righteous indignation. It seems to me that the President gives his detractors plenty of valid reasons to form opposing positions without them having to resort to tangential, obfuscatory, pandering attacks.

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  1. John palffy says

    And the reason someone at the meeting thought it was patriotic or professional to repeat Potus’ alleged remarks is??? Washington has changed since the glory days (1980s)

    • says

      Indeed it has…there is very little honor on either side of the aisle. You and I both know good people on the hill, but they are fewer and farther between…

  2. Paul says

    100% spot on. If POTUS would just remember that the media and the Left will have their Spin Doctors immediately start to detract from the subject at hand he would be more successful. But as you stated, it is hard to defend a man that honestly a lot of times is not what we are accustomed to from the Leader of the free world. Speaking to some of my former colleagues and friends in the TEAMs and other branches, they state his rhetoric is putting them in greater harm in some of these “shithole” countries. Just for a month I would like to see him off Twitter and not having to waste valuable time walking back supposed or intentional comments. But hey I could be wrong…

    • says

      Wishful thinking, although I couldn’t agree more…parenthetically, as you can see from another comment to this blog, not everyone agrees with me (or you) and one old colleague thinks I have “lost the plot!” Oh well…

  3. alan teed says

    Jim, wow. With all due respect I am sorry but you have lost the plot. Sorry to see the GOP spiraling into the gutter along with Trump.

  4. Cousin Quirk says

    1. If these countries weren’t s&$& holes why would their citizens want to leave ?
    2. The President did not say the people were bad only that the socialist corrupt governments have created a bad country
    3. Every citizen of the world is an immigrant,
    4. Remember this is all about politics, the Democratic Party can not convince current USA citizens to vote for their Progressive Socialist agenda thus need to import votes.

  5. Jamie says

    Alert: this is too long which is why I don’t normally comment.

    1) Since all republicans, in the eyes of democrat leadership and the enlightened media since about 2001, are racists, I’m not sure this is newsworthy.
    2) Since this president has done almost nothing since starting his campaign to show that he has a heart for the downtrodden, or really anyone not named Trump, why again are we surprised at his language since it reflects who he is.
    3) Whether he is specifically racist or not is, in light of the fact of who he is generally, almost irrelevant. He is a miserable human being.

    It was interesting to be at a MLK service at 12th Baptist Church in Roxbury, where Dr King spoke many times and indirectly met his wife. A democrat congressman from Boston, speaking from the pulpit, wanted desperately to disparage the president because of his recent comments. But he was hamstrung by the fact that he was in a Black church, in front of people who have suffered unspeakable indignities for centuries and for whom forgiveness and praying for their enemies was the staple of the civil rights era over which King presided. In the end, he lost the battle with himself, acknowledged that he himself was far from perfect and that we need to pray for this man Trump.

    Would that more of us ended up with that conclusion and spent more time focusing on praying for this terrible man and figuring out how we can make a difference in the lives of others day today. This is an increasingly desperate time where that is really our only recourse.

  6. Gregg DeSilvio says

    Jim: The label of racism has been used so frequently, it has lost impact. I have heard liberal friends who know are intelligent and know me well, categorize all Republicans and Trump voters as racist. Ridiculous to label 62 million voters.

    • says

      Couldn’t agree more…similar to a comment amongst these where an old workmate tells me I have “lost the plot” and that the GOP is “spiraling into the gutter”. My blog has consistently gone to great measures to point out that 1) there is not any one GOP at this moment in time (just as there is not any one Democrat party either), 2) I do not like President Trump, but(!) 3) I like what the administration at large (working however clumsily with Congress) is getting done for the American people. I actually cannot see how anyone can read this current blog and see it in any way, shape, or form as an endorsement of the man himself. But I digress! Back to your point….we are all so weary of these hollow, cynical, pandering cries of racism, every time, every place, and at every drop of the penny.

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