Same Old, Same Old

The Triumvirate–President Obama’s legacy lives on

Is anyone surprised by last night’s budget impasse? To be fair, the Republicans attempted the same maneuver back in 2103 when they tried to tie passing a budget to repealing Obamacare. They were doomed to fail, and they were destined to look like the bad guys. For the Democrats to link DACA to the budget is the same old game, but for one thing; the Democrats are wilier. They have the media on their side, and they have an amazing knack for taking a cynical political ploy on their part and having the GOP blamed for any problem that may ensue! 

If this were a bunch of five year olds, the Republicans would be the kid sent to  the time-out chair because he fought back after having his crayons stolen. “It’s not fair”, says the petulant child. Guess what? No one cares.

The Democrats are masters at manipulating the populace and the main stream media are altogether too willing to oblige. To put this in perspective, take a gander at this 2012 article from the Economist. The view from abroad was clear and distinct. They saw how Messrs. Obama and Holder held all the cards in the deck, and the GOP was just spitting in the wind (to put it nicely). Click here to read same. 

Admittedly, President Trump is an X factor, as no one really knows what he will say or do next. Just as befuddling is a GOP that is anything but unified. Pierce Wire is clear. We have supported a controlled amnesty and path to citizenship for law abiding immigrants who have overstayed their legal welcome here in the US. We wrote and posted an article years ago proposing a program called “COAL”- Chance of a Lifetime…if only anyone had listened! Indeed, Pierce Wire’s predecessor  website (Opine Needles) spent quite a bit of time talking about American Exceptionalism in the context of the American Dream. This fundamental tenet of our nation’s growth and success over the past three centuries is something to which President Obama and his minions (now in the form of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) do not subscribe. Here is a video I presented 3 years into the Obama presidency. 

Nothing has changed. Notwithstanding the fact that (on paper at least) the GOP have the majority in both houses of Congress and the President (in theory at least) is a Republican, the Democrats still control the narrative. The Republicans are flat out horrible in presenting a unified position and making a coherent case to the American people. 

I fear the upshot from this most recent squabble will once again be a public relations disaster for the GOP, and the Schumer Shutdown will be remembered instead as GOP cold-heartedness toward our poor, downtrodden DACA folks. 

My biggest fear is that if the GOP continues to back itself into the conceptual time-out chair, the backlash in the November mid-term elections will be severe, and all chance of getting real reform accomplished will be lost. The swamp, such as it is, will hardly have been drained. What a shame it will be if that scenario comes to pass.

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  1. Bolivar Andrews says

    Jim, I think you listen to the main stream media way too much. Stop that. Watch Fox and you will feel better about the Republicans and yourself. Further, I don’t think the public is buying this bs of tearing up (falsely) over the illegal DACA “kids” and shutting down the government in the process. Cheer up. Bolivar

  2. Trevor Vietor says

    I disagree. While they DO have the press on their side, the Ds were dumb to halt govt over DACA alone. They are putting illegals over citizens (again), and I think most people will figure this out – they already are, in fact, and i live in the swamp!

    • says

      I hope you are right. I thought Mitch McConnell’s Senate floor speech today was good, but only political junkies watch that sort of thing. History tells us that what we know to be right is not always what is perceived as reality. Time will tell.

  3. Ross Curtis says

    While I hate the thought of it, JP is right about who is winning the PR battle. Check out the polling of women and independents. Without a serious change of direction, Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker of the House next year. Trump’s instincts to do an immigration reform deal are correct. The actions of the Dems tell us that they do not really want one. If they did really care about the immigrants, they would gladly give Trump $15B of our money to pay for his wall. The truth is that they want to keep it as an issue so that they can win elections. If the GOP/Trump provided a path to citizenship, their Hispanic margin will get decreased to the point that they can’t win. This is the same hypocrisy that keeps them blockading Charter Schools. They don’t really want those kids to get an education; they prefer the money from the Teacher’s Union.
    If the GOP had a clue how to run a communications campaign, they would be flogging the Dems every day about being the ones who are not solving the immigration problem. It’s sad to watch.

  4. John Paulson says

    Well said Jim! The bias of the media to the left has been outstanding to say the least. The majority of the media trying to spin this to the left’s favor has been entertaining considering the blunt nature of the issue of using non-citizens rights as a bargaining tool over the function of our government. The tools in the DNC’s tool belt seem to have already been dulled by the tax bill and the economy which both seem to be overlooked or understated by mainstream media. This most recent blunder will most likely be swept under the rug and the continuing childish blame game will continue. I’ve come to the realization that the swamp will never be drained but with the right leadership it might become more effective than it has been in the past. Both sides are to blame for kicking cans down the road for decades and for once we have leadership that isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers and do his job. Trump, for all his faults and controversy , has proven that we needed a fearless outsider in office to bring the needs of the people over the politicians’ desires of power. It will be interesting to see how this history is written.

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