Several people have asked me why I am writing so infrequently. Well, there are a few reasons. My job is keeping me pretty busy, so that’s legit, right? Mostly though, it is because day-to-day politics have left me speechless. Both parties are so hopelessly mired in the quagmire of partisan despair. Politicians and the political regime (the press, politicos, talking heads) have become incredibly petty. In short, I have OD’d on simple-minded hacks on both sides of the political fence. 

How bad is it? It’s so bad that a Mitt Romney or George H. W. Bush would be considered to liberal or “out of touch” to secure their party’s nomination for President. And is equally so bad that a John Kerry or Al Gore would be too conservative to secure their party’s nomination for President.

In a way, the democrat’s have an easier problem to address. There is a democrat center and a democrat left. Any democrat is too liberal for me, but that is not the issue. The dems face a horrible challenge; namely,the relentless run to the left. Folks, it’s not just any old left, but a left that crosses the line into the land of socialists and hatred of capitalism. That is a scary place, yet the democrats seem incapable of stopping that slide into the abyss.

The GOP faces a bigger problem, largely because no one even knows what or where the GOP actually is. In short, I would argue there isn’t a Republican Party. There is a loose-knit, semi-confederation of former GOP stalwarts, libertarians, tea-partiers, and Trumpster wannabes. What a mess. The President has them scared of their own shadows. Sure, in private they wring their hands and speak with despair of his unseemly behavior. But in public their hands are tied. They are between a rock and a hard place. It’s a regular old dog’s breakfast. 

The SCOTUS process is perhaps the only current event where the “Republicans” can act as one. For all of Trump’s faults he is two for two with superior Supreme Court nominations. Judges Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are not right wing zealots. There is simply nothing wrong about them. They are as pure and unadulterated as they come. They are not there to write law; they are on the bench to interpret it. This is what great judges do. Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer make themselves smaller and smaller every time they talk with disdain about Judge Kavanaugh.

Just before I lose my more moderate or (dare I say) liberal readers, allow me to also say I didn’t think it is possible for me to dislike President Trump more than I did, but I do! He is a horrible man. Alas, we remain in a better place as a country than we would be had Hillary Clinton continued the miserable, economy-crushing policies of Mr. Obama. My greatest fear remains the possibility that Mr. Trump has not told the truth about something presently under investigation by Mr. Mueller. If his morals end up being as bad as his personality, the entire nation will suffer. History tells us that the voter backlash will be extreme, and in today’s environment the definition of “extreme” is “socialism”. The swing to the left will decapitate you if you get in the way of that blade.

For the sake of the United States, let’s hope this self-centered man is telling the truth. We can ill afford a wholesale shift to the far left. But I digress. The main point is that both parties are listless amoeba; pandering to extreme voices, taking whatever shape is necessary to mollify their extreme base, and afraid to do the right thing for fear of reprisal. We’ve been in messes before, and no doubt will be again. But this one is a doozy. I remain virtually speechless!



  1. Jane Brennan-Martin says

    You are not a Republican – you are related to Barbara and Bush blood. Your an Elitist just like the Bush clan. Your lack of respect for support of our President is dispicable. I lived 8 years putting up with Obama – never said a word. Bush 1 and 2 weren’t perfect but I supported at that time. Not now. This country will fall apart if we don’t stick together. Democrat image has changed drastically – more socialist/communist. Republican Party can’t get over a non-politician winning vs old guard Republican. I’m sick of it – I hope Trump runs Independent – as a lifelong Republican I am sick and tired of discord and sabotage within party. Trump has done great things for our country-more than the last 4 Presidents combined. He’s a hard worker – working for Americans NOT the betraying, corrupt government. Give the man a chance.

    • says

      Thanks for writing…perhaps a bit harsh. I have gone out of my way to say I approve of many things that have been accomplished; tax reform, deregulation, pending trade agreements (jury still out on some) and we are in a better place than if HRC had won. But I reserve my right to detest the man himself. I support the initiatives not the man himself as a human being. (dispicable is spelled despicable.)

  2. uncle roger says

    My dear, dear friend, you are speechless because you don’t like President Trump. I on the other hand loving it. Established Republicans have lost it – they have forgotten us and taking us for guarantee and backstabbing their own president. What you don’t like: better trade deals, more jobs, stock market, straight talk/no BS. For once somebody is standing for America and its workers. He is brash – I say Thanks Be to God. You travel a lot, talk to people on the streets in Asia, Africa and they all love him. I am not for play-dough/cry rooms in our schools. May be we should discuss this with Blue Label (my treat)

    • says

      hahaha…you are never one to mince words. You know I like the things that we are achieving…I simply detest the man. I am entitled to that opinion! We should get together and debate!

  3. Cindi says

    I’m with you Jim. Beyond voting in the recent local election to keep more government out of sleepy and unspoiled little Hobe Sound, I can’t even watch all the political commentary. I voted for Trump for the right reasons but have been continually and increasingly disappointed. My only hope is that the biased media is portraying him as worse than he actually is.

    • says

      There are many of s who voted for him because we were voting for GOP policies. On many fronts we have not been disappointed, and we certainly are in a better place than had HRC and her cronies taken over. But he is fundamentally not a good person.

  4. Andrew W Ricks says

    Good read. I agree with your views on Trump with respect to his moral compass but unfortunately a vote for HRC would have continued Obama’s policies. The country will survive. We survived 8 years of Obama. We survived Nixon, Johnson, Carter, etc…..

    The real question is how did the Trump get the GOP nomination and win the general election. Sadly, the answer is that both parties have failed to deliver and keep their promises to the electorate. The outsiders, Trump and Sanders, certainly have a majority following.

    What’s a Republican today?? Not too sure.

    Trust you are well.

  5. Gregg J DeSilvio says

    Jim: When I was a young man, I got involved in politics in the 8th District of Indiana. Amazingly, at the time, the Republicans actually became the majority in the House. I concluded that my side would govern fairly, and more importantly intelligently. Sadly I was mistaken. We acted no better than the Democrats.

    So, I share your concerns, and lament the lack of “Statesmen” in politics today. As I am writing this, I am watching the Kavanaugh hearings. It is painful. But, hope springs eternal. Perhaps, some day soon a politician will stand up and make me proud of them.

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