How wonderful would it be if we could put AOC and her “Squad” in a room with Jack Webb? A review of this 1965 Dragnet clip (click here) will remind you that the US has dealt with wackos forever. Of course, now that you have watched Jack Webb in action, you are probably marveling that Hollywood could ever have aired a show where the lead actor spoke with such common sense!

I have been writing this blog for over ten years. I started out of a sense of frustration over how far left our country was leaning. The leftward lean over the past decade is not without precedent. In the late 19th century, we had Samuel Gompers and William Jennings Bryan radically trying to  push us left. Even though FDR was an aristocrat, he began the now nearly century long tradition of limousine liberals in power. Another way of saying that is that we have been hammered for nearly a hundred years by wealthy liberals who have enough money to not worry about the devastating impact their own policies would have on themselves!

What we have witnessed over the past decade is new to the extent that academics,  people of color, and others with varying  cultural and religious backgrounds have been elected to office and are using the bully pulpit to sow seeds of discontent. I don’t doubt that Barack and Michelle Obama believe there continues to be racial injustice in the United States. And I don’t doubt that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Congresswoman Ilhan Omar believe everything they say. The problem is not Donald Trump. (Well, he may have problems but we are not here to discuss them in the context of this blog.) The problem lies with what is manifesting itself as a detestation of all things American. 

The red meat rhetoric of the Trump rallies doesn’t help anyone. “Send her back” makes no sense. Back to where? Michigan? The Bronx? These elected officials are Americans. What we should be discussing is how have we arrived at a place where these same elected officials do not like our country, and are dead-set on changing it forever. To this end, President Trump has every right to challenge them. Leave the personal attacks out of it. The 2020 election should be about the contrasting (and competing) visions for the future of the United States. Let there be no mistake. The stakes could not be any bigger.

As Jack Webb says in what is now a fifty year old video, “Don’t try to build a new country. Make the old one work. It has for over 400 years.” Folks, therein lies the difference. The progressive left sees nothing redeeming in our history. The United States is the greatest, most successful social and government experiment in human history. Warts and all, we have demonstrated for centuries that rising tides really do lift all boats. Free markets, entrepreneurs, and minimal government interference breed and compound success. Yet the left will not grant an iota of recognition to the facts staring it in the face. The new left sees absolutely nothing redeeming about our amazing history. Thus the insidious efforts to revise our history books and teach our children a US history built on guilt. Thus the destruction and removal of countless statues remembering and documenting our past. Thus poor ole Uncle Joe Biden groveling uncomfortably in this fiasco that is the nascent democrat primary campaign. The list goes on. 

I do hold the main stream media partially responsible for the drivel with which we are confronted on a daily basis. All we see, courtesy of the main stream media, is drivel! Shame on them. But more to the point, how did so many media become so liberal? Well, let’s not forget that our schools and universities have been dominated by the left for over 50 years. Absent strong influences outside of school, it does not require a major in rocket science to understand why so many academics graduate with strong progressive political views. 

It seems every four years we find ourselves at a crossroads; where the outcome of an election is paramount. 2020 will be no different. We are faced with the likely prospect that a democrat favoring socialism will be running against President Trump. Good Lord! How did we get here? Did you ever think in your lifetime you would be confronted with a choice for President between a socialist or an ass? Sorry, folks, but the ass gets my vote. I simply refuse to see 400 years of history washed down the drain as the progressive left destroys everything that has made this country great. You see, our history is not a zero sum game. You can’t wipe it out because parts of our evolution do not conform to today’s politically correct narrative. That is not the real world. 

There are so many things to not like about President Trump. But life is about compromise. I put my country and its future ahead of a temporal moment. President Trump is a blip on the American radar. The noble experiment must survive, and the risk of its destruction is far greater if people who eschew everything about our country are allowed to impose their will. 

As this election season unfolds, don’t allow yourself to be pulled into the quagmire and vitriol of personal attack. Keep your eyes on the prize; a United States with an amazing history, and one that can be sustained, if we continue to elect people who embrace freedom and capitalism. As Jack Webb would have said, “Just the facts!” 

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Are These People Serious?

My last post was upbeat. It honored the life of a great public servant, George H. W. Bush. Alas, we have ushered in a new year, and a new Congress. And no new Congressperson more personifies the bizarre machinations of the left than does Alexandria Octavio-Cortez, a NYC born Latino. One of two things are happening here. She either really does not like anything about what has made the United States the singularly most successful experiment in freedom and upward mobility over the course of recorded history, or is she just another progressive leftist spouting populist drivel to incite the dreamers and free-lunchers to revolt? I don’t know.

Her Green New Deal is the most confounding document bandied about in Washington for a long time. Do these people understand that money is generated by the private sector? Sometimes I think they actually believe the Government makes the money we spend. Well, I guess, given our $22,000,000,000,000 deficit, one could argue the Government has done a pretty good job spending money it does not have, but that is another topic for another day. Let’s just dwell a moment on how downright crazy her Green New Deal actually is. I was pleased to see that potential independent candidate for President Howard Schultz was in Houston today, and called the Green New Deal “not realistic” and “immoral”. Run, Howard, run! Click here to read more about his comments in Houston. By the way, while all the focus is on climate change in this drivel, there are other lofty pro-growth goals stipulated. One that grabbed my attention is the that the Deal would provide “economic security to all who are unable or unwilling to work”. UNWILLING TO WORK! I rest my case on this one. Well, not quite….

I mean, these people don’t actually believe this stuff, do they?! When you read this palaver, do you find yourself wondering if the progressives actually have no idea what fuels the entire world economy? Do they think plastic grows on trees? Do they see planes, rockets, missiles, trains, and automobiles powered by solar energy? Is the next trip to the moon going to be wind powered? Americans are ready to tear down all inefficient buildings and houses, right? Maybe its time to invest again in buggy whips, because when the progressive luddites (that should be an oxymoron) finally take over, horse and wagon transportation will be in vogue! 

But seriously folks, I cannot figure out whether this is all a power ploy; something sweeping and grand to capture the imagination of the dreamers and mentally challenged. Surely the end game is about seizing control. Surely they do not actually believe what they purport to espouse!

I took some heart today in a Fox News poll which shows overwhelming support for capitalism over socialism. Click here to read this poll. It is comprehensive and no matter on what side of the aisle you may sit, it is worth your time.

We live in strange times. The left detests President Trump so much they will say and do anything to obstruct him. As I have said myriad times, I am no fan of Donald Trump. But I am 100% supportive of what the administration has done to support our middle class, and, in turn, the US economy. When I count the good things that have happened in the past two years compared to some decisions with which I disagree, the good things win! This country is so much better off than it would have been under four more years of democrat regulations and taxation. The numbers speak for themselves. And while we are on the numbers, can you tell me that you weren’t just a little agitated  during the State of the Nation address, when the “women in white” were so visibly angry at Donald Trump that their detestation of him blinded them from realizing how ridiculous it looked to not applaud the lowest white, black, and hispanic unemployment in US history? C’mon! Facts may be inconvenient truths for the left, but when one is on national tv, one should be somewhat sensitive to looking like an idiot.

How about those who have declared for the race to be the Democrat nominee? So far, the run should be called the “let’s see who can turn left and run as fast as possible into the abyss” race! Surely sane-minded democrats must be apoplectic at what they are witnessing. Don’t they see that the Democrats’ best shot is to nominate a moderate who can swing the independent vote? Alas, I am a Republican, so all I can implore them all to do is “keep running to the left”!

Lastly, and mostly as an aside, can you imagine the conversations Nancy Pelosi is having behind closed doors?  She is the Speaker. She wants to be the face of the party. But every day, one freshman congresswoman or another is stealing the limelight, and those lights do not reflect well on the Democrats. Poor Nancy. 

The gloves are off. I can’t wait to see the likes of Booker, Harris, and Warren pummel each other in their efforts to prove how much more socialist each one is compared to the other.

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When Fiction Blurs into Fact, and No One seems to Notice

Saul AlinskyPierce Wire provides data to help you understand the shifting dynamics that ultimately dictated the outcome of the 2012 election. In doing so we hope to provide enough information to empower you take steps to prevent a repeat in 2016! Data is data and facts are facts. This article, however, is about something more insidious. I write today to help you understand the philosophy that has guided the Obama administration since well before its inception. This is a win at all costs strategy, and if the truth must be sacrificed to gain an advantage, then say goodbye to the truth. Indeed, in this administration, fiction has so often been blurred with fact that it is simply impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins!

To understand what drives the President and his closest advisors, one must start with Saul Alinsky. He was born in 1909 and died in 1972. In that short 63-year span, he became one of the most famous proponents of progressive politics in the world. He was a community organizer and political activist. Perhaps not surprisingly, he grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Chicago. He was very popular with the anti-establishment crowd that developed in the late 1950’s and carried on until the Reagan Revolution.

Some of Alinsky’s best-known strategies were:

–“If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a   positive.”

–“A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

–“Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.”

–“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Read between the lines. Alinsky was smart enough to know that the cynical politician could manipulate his “base” by developing themes that appeal to the mass populace and simultaneously demonize the opposition. Community Organizer, Senator, and ultimately President Obama lauded Saul Alinsky. Look at the quotes above one more time, and think about how Barack Obama’s core campaign (the one that never ends) strategies were (and still are) drawn from those thoughts. Truth is wholly irrelevant; victory is the goal. Most important is to “freeze” and “ridicule” the opponent, while pushing the “negative hard enough” so it will “become a positive”. In other words, President Obama and his Chicago based team learned from the master. They did not (and do not) let facts get in the way of their use of fiction to pursue their agenda; all under the illusion of fact-based truth. While I could detail a laundry list of examples does one really need to look further than the current IRS scandal?

Ardent Obama supporters are activists in their own right. Without exception their implicit mantra is “the end justifies the means.” This comment is not made lightly. We are in uncharted waters with this administration, and it’s important that everyone who seeks knowledge appreciates this fact. If you are old enough to remember Richard Nixon and the Watergate fiasco, you will remember that hubris toppled the Presidency, and both parties in Congress lined up in opposition to the offending President. What a stark contrast to our present state. Today we have witnessed an unprecedented assault on the core values the majority of Americans (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, men and women) still hold dear.

History will remember the Obama years as some of the most bitterly partisan in our history. There is a reason. The President was never interested in compromise. His agenda was set, and he has spent (and will spend the balance of) his time in office pursuing his goals. The President believes the fabric of American society is woven unequally, and the only way to balance the weave is for government to make the rug.

All readers must make their own minds up about the role they believe government should play in their lives. The President fervently believes in legislated outcomes. I believe in minimal government involvement in our lives, and when government legislates it should do so in order to ensure the playing field is level, but the actual result (outcome) is left up to the participants; the American workforce.

One of the more disturbing features of this administration is its oft-repeated proclivity to simply “make law”. The Constitution makes it clear that Congress is responsible for making law. President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder clearly decided on day one that if they could not impose their will on Congress, they would ignore the law and pursue their agenda: all the while blaming Congress! (“Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.”)

This article is not written to implore the reader to reconsider his or her support for President Obama’s policies. I only ask you to understand his background, vision, and motives. To understand his agenda and roots is to better comprehend his rhetoric and actions. If one digs beneath the surface on matters ranging from the deficit debate, debt ceiling, Benghazi, Syria, Ukraine, IRS abuse, VA scandal, Keystone Pipeline, Fast and Furious, NLRB shenanigans, and the prisoner exchange of five murdering terrorists for our lone soldier, one will see a constant pattern of prevarication and obfuscation. In every crisis, the President invariably feigns initial surprise and dismay, which is then followed by a period of silence, and the circle is ultimately completed by a display of contempt and dismissal. “Ridicule” is a core component of the contempt and dismissal phase.

So when is enough enough? I would suggest enough is more than enough when Fiction blurs into Fact, and no one seems to notice.