Blood on Their Hands

de Blasio and Sharpton“Obama has fundamentally transformed America, all right, but not as he intended.” So sayeth Victor Davis Hanson in an outstanding article about the tragedy and travesty that have become the hallmarks of this horrendous administration. I encourage you to read his December 16th article. You may access same here.

I am going to say what no politician on either side of the aisle will dare say. Two New York City policemen were murdered yesterday; gunned down for the sole reason that they wore the uniform. This heinous act occurred for one reason; our nation’s police have been unjustly vilified by national leaders and sycophants. They have been branded as racists, tried by the politicians, “reverends” and  media, declared guilty, and now two of them have paid the ultimate price.

The blood of those two public servants is on the hands of the President, the Attorney General, the not-very-reverend Al Sharpton, the main stream media (who give this cabal credibility and air time) and every other worm in this great country who have used the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner to pursue their own personal and political agendas. Shame on all of them. They will naturally reject any suggestion that there is a causal link between the murder of two on NYC’s finest and their hyperbolic rhetoric over the last five months. They will point to the clear and present danger they identify as the seething, boiling cauldron of racism in the United States. None of them will stop for a moment and wonder why the facts do not support their contentions, and why the vast majority of American citizens (black, white, asian, and hispanic) have had enough of all this jabber.

Is there one iota of evidence leading the objective enquiring mind to conclude that the police involved in the deaths of Messrs. Brown and Garner would have behaved any differently if the deceased had been white, brown or for that matter, purple? These two men broke the law, resisted arrest, (in Brown’s case, he attacked the officer) and paid a tragic price. Contrary to what thousands of protesters either believe or would have one believe, there was no hands up surrender moment in the Brown death, and there was no chokehold in the Garner episode. Any death is tragic; there are always aggrieved family members and friends who are left to deal with the trauma. But to have vilified the police for doing their jobs has created an atmosphere of distrust and tension from coast to coast. The agent provocateurs of this current stain on our democracy have stoked the flames of a fire that serves only their purposes. Has anyone stopped to think about how Al Sharpton remains relevant in a post-racial America? Surely he and other leaders (including our President) wouldn’t stoop so low as to manufacture a moment in time to pursue their respective agendas?

Our core value system has fallen so far so fast that white people actually think twice about stating the obvious; what is happening across our country is nuts, cra-cra, and bonkers all wrapped up in one tidy racial molotov cocktail. One is reminded of the silent majority of the 1970’s. Of course the progressive left called them racists too. Maybe we are just stuck in a time warp and anyone who believes in upholding the law and perpetuating the American exceptionalism upon which this country has been built must by association be some kind of racist!

I’ve written this before but it merits repeating; I was proud of the United States when Barack Obama was elected as our 44th President. I didn’t agree with his politics, and every concern I had then has been wholly validated (plus some I would never have imagined). But I loved the message we sent to the world. Yes, we can elect a man of color to the highest office in the land, so put your stereotypes back in their little boxes. Jim Crowe is dead and buried. Go figure out something else about which to denigrate the United States of America because we just put a stake in the heart of the racism card.

I would never have dreamed that the President and members of his cabinet and outside advisors would use their bully pulpits to actually create racial animus. But they have done so, and the New York City police department mourns today because of it. Shame on all of them.







Wake Up Call!

Obamacare, Wake Up Call! | Opine NeedlesHello America, is anyone home? If you happened to somehow miss this week, you missed a doozy.

On Monday, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) rendered a mixed decision regarding Arizona’s immigration law. Whilst validating federal sovereignty on the fundamental question of whether Federal law usurps state law on this vexing issue, SCOTUS did uphold Arizona’s right to question the citizenship of those who their law enforcement officials have reason to believe may not be in the United States legally. Federal law stipulates that the US government is supposed to work with state law enforcement officers to enforce this portion of our immigration law. In a sign of total contempt for due process and the law, the Obama administration immediately pulled all support (program 278G) that it had previously given to Arizona. Let’s make sure we are all on the same page. The Federal Government has an OBLIGATION to enforce our laws! This is wanton lawlessness. It is the stuff of emperors and dictators. There should be more OUTRAGE!

On Thursday, we had the double-barreled Obamacare verdict followed by the Contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder. Those blasts are much stronger than grandfather’s 12 gauge. The validation of Obamacare is an abomination. There are more reasons than I care to recite; anyway if you are reading this blog, you know most of them. Here is the bottom line. Chief Justice Roberts committed the cardinal sin. He made law! SCOTUS’s job is to interpret Constitutional applicability (or lack thereof) in relation to the particular legal question at hand. Justice Roberts decided that no matter how many times the President told the American people the personal mandate was NOT a tax (it is a penalty—yea right) the only way the mandate could be deemed constitutional was to declare the penalty a tax! So Justice Roberts exposed the President’s lie by turning the penalty into a tax; thus making the law constitutional, as taxation (most, but not all would argue) is Congress’s domain. Suffice to say, if the progressive left continues to attack Justice Roberts as a puppet of the far right (which of course he has never been-nor should be!) the irony will be rich.

Then the House of Representatives did the only thing it could do. It held the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress. The AG did nothing but stonewall and prevaricate under oath. He would not turn over the subpoenaed documents. He behaved contemptuously, and now he is officially in contempt!

So what does this all mean? One must hope and pray it means this; anyone, and I mean anyone, who:

  • Cares about our dire fiscal straights,
  • Believes that we are an exceptional country full of people who do exceptional things,
  • Aspires for his or her children and grandchildren to have careers and lives full of hope, and
  • Knows that our best days can still lie ahead of us,

needs to do whatever he or she can to get as many people as possible to vote Republican in November. Mitt Romney is the candidate to support, as is every Republican candidate for Congress.

Folks, the only way we’ll be looking at Obamacare in a rear view mirror is to repeal it. The Supreme Court has ensured that repeal is our only option.

  • The only way we stand a chance of stemming the tide of profligate spending is to vote Republican.
  • The only way we stand a chance of maintaining (and growing) a viable manufacturing base is to give our entrepreneurs and capital providers the incentive and confidence they so desperately need to invest.

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again. This president and his administration are the most arrogant, dictatorial clan to ever inhabit the White House and cabinet level offices. They simply ignore whatever does not fit into their redistributionist agendas. They will not enforce laws that do not suit them. They think and act as though they are above the law. They are clearly on a mission. The question is, will enough Americans figure it out before November?

We are at the tipping point. There is no turning back.