All this bloviating and no one is addressing the real issue!

Chuck Schumer calls the GOP tax bills (there are still two bills and only one will ultimately go the the President’s desk for signature into law) “wealthfare”. Nancy Pelosi says they are “give-aways to big corporations and billionaires”. Elizabeth (aka Pocahontas) Warren says the tax cuts will “deliver massive cuts to corporations” and will “kick working families to the curb”. Bernie Sanders says the tax cuts are “morally repugnant” because the rich don’t pay their “fair share”. Oh boy…where does one start? 

First, let’s get real. When over 80% of all federal taxes are paid by less than 10% of the taxpayers, any tax reform is going to impact those who pay virtually all the taxes! Let’s look at this another way. The bottom 50% of taxpayers pay a whopping 3% of the Federal tax bill. Folks, tax reform and cuts will, by definition, impact the people who pay the taxes! The democrat leadership cannot get out of its own way. They pander to the people, preying on their emotions and fears. They will say and do anything to attack the GOP. 

Let’s talk about another  myth. Democrats and liberal think tanks are ridiculing the GOP bills because they increase the deficit. That is rich, isn’t it? Democrats are concerned about the deficit. Give me a break! You need to know two things:

  1. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy slashed investment taxes. After his assassination, his broader tax cuts were enacted, producing eight years of soaring growth — 5 percent a year.In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan slashed rates again, giving the nation nearly a decade of robust 3.8 percent growth.

    In 2003, George W. Bush’s tax cut boosted the economy, producing 4 percent growth for six straight quarters.

    Compare this vigorous growth with President Barack Obama’s eight years of stagnation. Obama’s economy lumbered along at around 2 percent growth because high taxes and over-regulation discouraged companies from investing. Democrats still insist that 2 percent growth is the new normal. Nonsense. Roll back regulations and taxes, and the economy will surge. (Betsy McCaughey–NY Post, October 1, 2017)

  2. If the deficit increases over the next decade, it will do so because no one has had the guts to control run-away spending on entitlements. Just look at the chart above. Our federal spending on social programs is a disaster waiting to happen. 


Time and again over the decades, tax reform has led to increased revenues to the US Treasury. When the environment is right for investment, American companies (big and small) have always spent money, hired people, and generated more tax revenue to Uncle Sam. Our deficit problems have nothing to do with tax reform. They are solely a function of the lack of willpower to come to grips with social spending that is completely out of control!

So, you can listen to the same-old, same-old palaver spewed out by democrat leadership, or you can let history guide you to what will be a good outcome for the United States. Tax reform works. It has always worked. But if we do not get a handle on Federal Government spending, no amount of economic stimulus will be able to stop the tsunami that is headed in our direction. Let’s get the tax bill passed, then focus on passing legislation that corrals our irresponsible escalation in social spending.

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Fire and Brimstone!

Let’s get this note off on the right foot. Yesterday, the President said this of Kim Jong-Un. (click here ) Not to be outdone, and obviously not visibly quaking in his shoes,  North Korea’s fearless, all-powerful, all loving, all knowing leader instructed his news agency to tell the world he is preparing to reduce Guam to rubble. (click here to see that report.) Meanwhile, Secretary of State Tillerson is hopping around Asia trying to keep the lid on the pot. 

Keeping the lid on the pot when two wholly self absorbed leaders are engaged in a verbal jousting match is not easy. Maybe we should actually refer back to the good ole days and put the two of them on horses and let them have a run at each other with lances. What’s the downside?

I grew up in the “duck and cover” world. Some of you readers don’t even know what that is. Suffice to say, Americans over 50 were never wholly removed from the specter of nuclear Armageddon. Of course, the arms race with the Soviets led us down the path to a place called “mutually assured  destruction”, and neither the US nor the Soviet Union were particularly anxious to test that theory out. Of the whack-job in North Korea, who’s to say? It is true that Republican and Democrat Presidents alike have kicked the North Korean confrontation can down the road for decades. Democrats have generally been inclined to buy more time by dumping largesse on the totalitarian state. In hindsight, that has been rather foolhardy. Shockingly stupid, actually. 

Time (and probably not a lot of it) will tell where all this bluster will lead us. But there is some good news in all this. The main stream media is not really talking about it, but here goes: We actually achieved a 15-0 UN Security Council vote sanctioning North Korea. That means Nikki Haley was successful in getting Russia and China to support sanctions. That is no small feat. And on the other side of the globe, Rex Tillerson is quietly lining up support from a number of Asia countries to rally around the notion that we must be united in isolating the endlessly rogue nation that is North Korea.

And this brings me back to an oft-made point. The President, by design, grabs the spotlight, and insists on it shining directly on himself. He blusters and tweets inanities to his base. He appears to care less about reaching out to Republicans or Democrats with whom he disagrees. He attacks those he considers enemies, and those who thought he was their friend! He attacks his own cabinet picks!  But all the while, he has, actually, surrounded himself with very competent people. Notwithstanding the noise around the Communications Department, and Steve Bannon (the left love to hate Steve) Trump’s Cabinet is out doing its job. We are moving toward a more nimble, deregulated economy, and, believe it or not, we are working well with foreign states. 

If you find yourself pounding your head against the wall over Mr. Trump’s alleged daily shenanigans (real or contrived-just depends on which side of the fence you sit) take some solace in the fact that some really good people are actually working on your behalf and getting things done. 

And on that note, lest anyone think I am getting giddy, the GOP had better get its act together and pass the Trump  tax cut plan, or some variation thereof. If Obamacare isn’t replaced with some negotiated compromise, and a tax plan does not hit the President’s desk for signature, Katy can bar the door, but it will be too late. November 2018 will be an Old Testament style day of reckoning! The table is set folks. Let’s get it done!

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A Review of Trump’s Cabinet-Put Me Down as Pleasantly Surprised

General James Mad Dog MattisLet’s face it. No one knew exactly what would forthcoming from the Trumpster. I mean he is not exactly Mr. Predictable. But I have to say I am not just ok with the people he has chosen to help him lead our country, I am overwhelming supportive. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

Director of the Office of Management and Budget–Mick Mulvaney–a fiscal conservative. This guy will not condone wasteful spending or increases in our deficit.

Secretary of the Interior–Ryan Zinke–a former Navy Seal and professed lover of our land; he will be a champion of our national treasures.

Secretary of Energy–Rick Perry–former Texas Governor–I am no Perry supporter, but for a government agency we seek to downsize and simultaneously install someone who is not hostile to hydrocarbons, Perry is as good a choice as any.

Secretary of State–Rex Tillerson–ExxonMobil CEO–borderline genius move. Tillerson has met and negotiated with most leaders of rogue nations across the globe. Remember, God did not put oil and gas in very many nice places (Texas aside), and Tillerson earned his way to the top spot at ExxonMobil by demonstrating negotiating brilliance and a calm demeanor. I love this choice.

Secretary of Labor–Andrew Puzder–CEO of CKE Restaurants–a smart guy, and one who has experienced first-hand the negative impact of excessive regulation and the long arm of federal government over-reach. He is a great choice.

EPA Administrator–Scott Pruitt–Oklahome Attorney General–he can’t stand Federal Government intervention in matters that should be up to the states to decide, and he is openly pro hydrocarbon. After 8 years of an administration living on some cloud wherein they thought we could flip a switch and continue to drive planes, trains, automobiles, and industry on power generated by wind and solar, Pruitt will be a refreshing anti-regulatory new face at the EPA.

Administrator of the Small Business Administration–Linda McMahon–former CEO of the WWE–what an inspired choice. She understands what it takes to build a business, and she knows how destructive over-regulation can be.

Secretary of Homeland Security–General John Kelly–former Marine General–nuff said.

Ambassador to China–Iowas Governor Terry Branstad–he has been a China expert for decades and immediately received the plaudits of former President George H W Bush. Branstad is the real deal.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development–Dr.Ben Carson–can anyone actually say they dislike this guy? I mean, he is the personification of the American success story. Good for Trump for giving him a meaningful position where his philosophy around self-sufficiency can make a difference.

Secretary of Defense–General James “Mad Dog” Mattis–This guy is amazing. Smart, literate, a thinker, and most importantly, someone his troops always wanted to follow. This is another inspired choice.

Commerce Secretary–Wilbur Ross–Find a person who has worked with this man who does not respect him. I dare you. He is widely respected and will champion American business interests.

Treasury Secretary–Steve Mnuchin–former Goldman Sachs banker. Apparently that drives the liberals nuts, notwithstanding how many former bankers have run the Treasury Department for democrat presidents. But more importantly, since when does being an outstanding banker preclude one from being considered for running our top Treasury post? I suppose the left would prefer someone with no financial background?

Transportation Secretary–Elaine Chao–a seasoned expert who served George W Bush for 8 years. She will run the Transportation Department ably.

Health and Human Services Secretary–Tom Price–Congressman from Georgia–a great pick as we know it means the President will focus on repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a market based program that actually works for the American people and does not lead inevitably toward a single payer system, run by the government, for the government and of the government.

White House Counsel–Don McGahn– a lawyer who has long championed conservative causes, this is another pick that silences those who feared Trump may be a democrat in Republican clothing.

Education Secretary–Betsy DeVos–a dedicated advocate for school choice, charter schools, and the voucher system. Ms. DeVos is a great pick and the polar opposite of what Hillary would have done on the education front. Those of you who follow this stuff will know that Hillary campaigned against all school choice, and like her buddy Bill de Blasio (NYC’s nutty mayor) she advocated the elimination of charter schools.

US Ambassador to the United Nations–Nikki Haley–South Caroline Governor–amazing that when an accomplished woman such as Nikki Haley is nominated for an important position the democrats find ways to criticize her. If the Republicans were to be so small, they would be accused of being woman hating bigots. Nikki Haley will serve us well in the UN.

CIA Director–Mike Pompeo–Congressman from Kansas–he has been outspoken in the matters ranging from Benghazi to the Iran nuclear deal. He is a no nonsense guy and that is what we need at the CIA.

Attorney General–Jeff Sessions–US Senator from Alabama–has outstanding credentials. The left is concocting rubbish about his allegedly racist past. Hogwash. The progressives will never quit.

National Security Advisor–General Michael Flynn–no nonsense straight talker who isn’t afraid to associate Islam with terror attacks around the world.

Senior Counselor to the President–Steve Bannon–former Breitbart Executive Chairman–a hardass, yes. but to listen to the left, you would think this guy is the devil incarnate. Simply not true. And no, contrary to current progressive speak, he is not anti-zionist.

Chief of Staff–Reince Priebus–former head of the RNC—we’ll see how Reince does. I think he earned the job. 

Bottom line? These are good picks. I am far more confident today than I was the day after the election. I actually think we can get some amazing things done in year one. Time will tell, but put me down as pleasantly surprised!

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The Fat Lady Sang Nearly a Year Ago

fat ladyPlease don’t tell me you believe the recent spate of polls showing this Presidential race tightening. Folks, the fat lady sang, and she sang nearly a year ago. Seriously, most of the remnants of the Big Tent that was the Republican Party have been deluding themselves for at least a year. We live in strange times. The Democrats have nominated the most flawed, dishonest, disingenuous, elitist candidate possible, and yet their nominee will win. The election was over the day it became clear Donald Trump was going to wipe the Republican slate clean during the long, convoluted, mindlessly self-defeating primary process. Indeed, we have met the enemy and he is us.

Readers of Pierce Wire will know I am no fan of Donald Trump. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am voting for him. On the issues of taxes and the Supreme Court alone, he gets my vote. She (whom I cannot call by name without summoning bile) is simply so bad it defies the imagination that she will be our next President. Alas, barring a cataclysmic event, she will be our next President.

It could be so bad that we actually cede the Senate back to the socialists; whoops, I mean democrats. Even the House of Representatives may drop to a single digit majority. Woe are we. The ultimate woe would be losing the House too. Then even Katy won’t be able to bar the door. The horses will be out of the stable and you can kiss what we grew up knowing as “American Capitalism” goodbye. I’m not kidding. You’ll need to buckle your seat belts and get ready to take a ride on the redistribution express. She would make the O-man look like a novice.

From the ashes we will have to determine whether we want to rebuild the fire that was the Republican Party. We will have to figure out whether there are enough people “out there” who care about:

–celebrating traditional values,

–policies that help people lift themselves up,

–the notion that hard work should be rewarded, not taxed into oblivion,

–consistency and strength abroad, and, perhaps with tongue slight pressed into cheek,

–calling Islamic terror what it is without worrying about PC recriminations!

In short, we need to ascertain whether or not we can coalesce around the notion that we are the party that cares most about those who have been left behind, and it is the Republican economic platform (not Donald Trump’s inwardly focused deception) that will provide our great population with more chances to succeed.

We’ll need a new generation of leaders. Tom Cotton from Arkansas comes to mind. Click here to learn more about him.  It will take smart, dedicated public servants with an ability to connect with every day folk for the Republicans to emerge from the depths of the swamp into which they have willingly hurled themselves.

The tryouts for the opera and the opera itself were one and the same. Our chances of victory began and ended in the primaries. The fat lady sang months and months ago. It’s over.

Have I cheered you up?

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Where Am I?

You Can't Make This Stuff Up.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

How many of you feel like you are channeling Rip Van Winkle? It’s hard to read or watch the news these days without shaking your head in bewilderment. I mean, maybe you fell asleep one night and missed fifty years, right? Surely our values and national priorities could not have devolved as quickly as it seems. Sadly, I regret to advise that the last time you went to sleep was most likely last night, and you awoke to the same increasingly chaotic world that existed when you went to sleep! Watch this brief video of a Trump rally by clicking here. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.

We are living in a parallel universe with all Democrats and, yes, quite a few people who call themselves Republicans. I make the latter distinction because there is no way Donald Trump is a Conservative or a Republican. Donald Trump is in a world of his own making. He is taking all litmus tests and burying them under one of his debt-ridden Trump Towers. As regards the Democrats, what more do you need to know than they actually think the last seven years have been good for our country? And if any particular ill cannot be concealed by manipulative statistics spewed forth by the likes of Paul Krugman, the Democrats invariably fall back to blaming W. President Obama took the oath of office in January of 2009! He owns it; all of it. Yet the party faithful stand tall and firm behind that mantra that all ills still belong to Bush. Amazing. 

Back to the campaign. Everything that should matter doesn’t. Who is to blame? What is to blame? Have we become so dumbed down that only raw, base political pandering hits the target? Are we so superficial that policies no longer matter? Mr. Trump appears to be able to avoid any questions regarding substance by telling people to “wait and see” just how good a President he will be. Click here to see a summary of some of his remarks when questioned about specific issues. Give him credit. He’s got cojones. 

At the risk of repetition, bear with me as I say again, “This election is ours to lose, and we seem hell-bent on doing just that.” Our economy is a disaster. We have excessive regulations, high taxes, and a broken Affordable Care Act. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going well. We need to send the clear message to people concerned about their jobs, families, houses, and futures that we understand government’s role is to give them the opportunity to succeed. Notwithstanding the increasing ISIS threat (which must not just be “contained”-whatever than means-but eliminated) the November election rhetoric will be focused first and foremost on economic issues. People are scared. They need to know someone is going to help them.

I believe the majority of independent voters (and at least half of the hard working Hispanic Americans) have no interest in four to eight more years of Obama’s failed policies wrapped up in a dress worn by Hillary Clinton. All we need to do is nominate a proven fiscal and foreign affairs Conservative. Is it really that hard?

There have been a lot of articles written recently pondering the decline and even the possible end of the Republican party as we know it. I am not sure what is happening. I don’t believe we are on the precipice of self-destruction, but we surely are in uncharted political waters. The next couple months will be very interesting. 

Enough maudlin dismay. You know, this Republican vs Democrat thing has been going on for a while, and the contrasts were as stark sixty years ago. Just listen to Bob Hope trying to help clarify the situation here.  Then again, Ronald Reagan always had a way of bringing things down to earth. Go ahead and chuckle along with him by listening to this . The amazing thing about Reagan is that even when obviously reading that joke, he had a way about him that was disarming and flat-out likable. I miss him. 

Enjoy your playoff football and long MLK weekend.

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Holy Hiatus!

The President does not lead because he does not believe America should lead.

The President does not lead because he does not believe America should lead.

OK, so those of you who profess to reading Pierce Wire from time to time might be wondering whether the author got in the way of one of the administration’s free speech purges. Remember Lois Lerner?

Do you know what is amazing? You probably had to scratch your head to actually remember Lois Lerner. You see, there have been so many improprieties in the past six years that they all tend to blend together. A scandal that may have shaken a Republican administration’s foundational tree at its roots is just another day at the office for the Obama regime.


This begets the question, “what hath we wrought?” Seriously, are Americans so immune to corruption and manipulation of fact that they simply don’t care anymore? Have years of distortion and progressive propaganda dumbed and numbed us to the point where we have made George Orwell’s 1984 a self-fulfilling prophecy?

There is a “glass half full” side of me that truly wants to embrace Jeb Bush’s contention that our best days actually can still be ahead of us. Jeb maintains there is no reason why our kids can’t have a better life than their parents. I want to believe that. But there are some things we need to do in order to create an environment for that aspiration to be given a chance to become reality. Namely:

–America’s teens and twenty-somethings need to wake up and realize no one owes them anything. This country’s meteoric ascent on this planet may have been a function of the right time, place, natural resources, and myriad other factors, but anyone who denies that the Protestant work ethic wasn’t the glue that held it all together does not understand American history. We have been a nation of achievers. In order to continue to be so we need yet another generation of Americans to achieve!

–We must halt the seemingly inexorable growth of wasteful social entitlements. This is not rocket science. Republicans must find a way (after fifty years of not being able to do so) to demonstrate that theirs is not a heartless creed. A true conservative is indeed compassionate, and part of that core value system is a belief in a social safety net. Alas, what we face today is something far different than a governmental safe port when elements of society are trapped  in personal storms. Democrats have hijacked the noble ideas that ignited the Great Society legislation and in so doing have created a permanent underclass in American society; one that is rewarded for not seeking employment! How ironic is it for President Obama to incessantly call out Republicans for their heartlessness when all data demonstrates unequivocally that the trillions of dollars directed toward entitlement programs have only caused more poverty and created an endless cycle of generational dependency? It’s about work, people, not handouts!

–American leaders need to lead. We may not have asked for our place in the world, but we own it. President Obama has spent 6 years trying to disown it. The President is ashamed of what he sees as our imperial past. He apologizes for the America we love. What he fails to understand is that without our hands on the helm the world will slip into anarchy. We are watching it happen right now. Putin is slowly clawing back what used to be the western perimeter safety shield for Russia. Putin is dumb like a fox. He sees the west as nothing more than a conglomeration of talking heads: all talk and too weak to take action. ISIS (the JV, as you will recall) continues to wreak havoc throughout the middle east, and their Boko Harem brethren threaten Nigeria and adjoining states. Mr. Obama continues to blame George W Bush for the evils that permeate the world. It is inconceivable in the world of realpolitik  to point the finger of blame in any direction other than directly at the President. His disengagement on virtually every front has left the world a far more dangerous place. And his obsession with doing a deal with Iran is simply mind boggling. In 2016 we must hope for a leader and a supportive Congress who will not hesitate to do the right thing when a situation arises in the world and America is the only country positioned to take action. The Bush doctrine, like it or not, is as applicable today as it was on September 12, 2001. If we don’t take the fight to our enemies, they will bring it to us.

–We need to stop being afraid to identify our enemies for what they are. ISIS is a loosely knit confederation of radical muslim terrorists. They want to plunge the world back into a darker than dark age. Should that be so hard to say? If there was a group of radical Christians intent on turning the world upside down and leaving a path of murderous destruction in their wake would anyone hesitate to call them radical Christian terrorists?

–We need to move beyond this horrible racial divide the current administration has legitimized. Do we still have racial tension in the US? Yes, of course we do. But the indisputable fact is that it is much worse today than it was in 2008, and that is because of a relentless focus by this President and his appointees to sow seeds of turmoil every time an opportunity arises. Who amongst us should not sympathize with police officers across the country? They have been vilified with the net result being that the same underclass that our Great Society created and perpetuated now considers police as the enemy. Whose job is it to get the underclass to take a step back and ask itself “what are we doing to lift ourselves out of this spiral? Is it possible we see police as the enemy because of something we are doing?”

–Stop treating business as the enemy! Success is not evil! Elizabeth Warren and President Obama represent a cynical populist brand of politics we may not have witnessed since William Jennings Bryan’s prominence at the end of the 19th century. It is so easy to attack success, and stir the passions of those less fortunate. It is also so wrong to do so. We need leadership to step up and make it clear that we applaud and reward success. We also must find a way to get people to understand that government does not make people successful. It’s government’s job to help create the environment for success. This current government demonizes success, and is predicated on the notion that people can only lift themselves up on the shoulders of government. One does not have to delve too deeply into world history to see that this thought process was also a common theme of many failed communist states.

–Embrace immigrants who come here for a chance at the American dream! We are a nation of immigrants and there is no reason Americans decades from now should not be saying the same thing. We are not a nation of xenophobes. Make the new generation of immigrants Republican by demonstrating to them that ours is the party of ideas and opportunity.

They say that blogs over 1000 words run the risk of losing the reader. And so I draw to a close. The list above is just a teaser. I could go on forever, as too, I am sure, could you. (If you have read this far, then you clearly care!)

More to follow!


The Illusory President

US relations with Israel have hit an all time low. This is not an accident.

US relations with Israel have hit an all time low. This is not an accident.

History is written by the winners. That is something one learns when reading about the eons. But even the winners can disagree. The pundits like to talk about the twentieth century as the American century. There is a sense of finality about that moniker; some think of the recently lapsed era with a nostalgic tinge of regret for the passing of a golden age, while others say “good riddance” to the imperial haughtiness that accompanied all things American in that last century. Our current President falls squarely in that latter camp.

This author does not believe that our best days are behind us. The world continues to teeter on the brink, as it bounces from one political and economic disaster to another. The United States, on the other hand, has managed to withstand six consecutive years of inept financial and political management. We are a resilient people. We are a resilient country. While we have nothing to apologize for when looking back, we should also feel no sense of loss as we look forward. We have greatness left in us. We only need to liberate the American spirt; one that has been pushed into a corner by repressive and misguided regulation and governmental malfeasance.

Some may argue use of the word “malfeasance” is harsh. To that I would only say that one man’s dishonesty is another’s truth. And there, in a nutshell, lies the conundrum that is the Obama presidency. It is important that you commit yourself to understanding the belief system(s) driving the behavior of our President and his kitchen cabinet.

President Obama has sought a legacy that revolves around his having been the catalyst for a permanent social, economic, and political upheaval in the United States. Cloaked by the lofty hope and change rhetoric (let’s face it, the man can read a teleprompter as can few others) the President set out to erase from existence the essence of a United States he had grown to resent and disdain. What some naively chalk up to incompetence is actually calculated and deliberate action. What may appear to be a White House lurching from one crisis to another is actually a White House whose progressive policies simply cannot keep pace with the real politic of today’s world.

There is a view that the President lacks a vision. I disagree. His vision from the day he took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was to turn our domestic and foreign policies upside down.

At home we know more than we care to about the incessant class warfare and repeated calls for more and more taxes on our producers. The President has made it very clear that he thinks everyone is owed a “fair share” regardless of his or her contribution. He has made it abundantly clear that successful entrepreneurs are successful because of the infrastructure the government has provided, and that success should rightly be more heavily taxed so those less fortunate can also be rewarded. As the smartest guys in the room (I am always awed by the academic pedigrees flaunted by the purveyors of progressive policies) it boggles one’s mind to wonder how each and every one of them can possibly have missed out on the study of economic history! Surely this must be an amazing coincidence, as it is the only possible explanation as to how or why those on the left can stand up and espouse policies that have never (ever!) stood the test of time. (Click here to listen to Milton Friedman explain reality to Phil Donahue–succinctly and with humor)

Overseas, he made the famous Cairo speech, (thus signaling a dawn of a new relationship between the US and muslim nations) and pushed the reset button with Russia. Many of his most loyal supporters did not recognize what he was doing. He was bound and determined to befriend Iran, even it it meant abusing our two closest allies in the Middle East (Israel and Saudi Arabia.) The Middle East is complicated and there is no greater example of that than knowledge of the delicate relationship between Israel and Saudi leadership. All one really has to know is that the rhetoric may be all about those horrible zionists, but the real threat to Saudi leadership is Iran. The mullahs in Iran worry the Saudis far more than Israel. President Obama has tripped over himself every step of the way in the Middle East. He abandoned Mubarak in Egypt, and virtually invited the disastrous Muslim Brotherhood takeover. That was strike one with the Saudis. He simultaneously and repeatedly (and does to this day) reached out to the Iranians in a desperate attempt to change the paradigm. He drew and erased red lines. He refused to accept any responsibility for the disintegration of the gains made during the Arab Spring, even though his hasty withdrawal of all US ground forces created such a huge vacuum that anarchy was the only possible outcome.

In Russia, he was famously caught telling Medvedev that he was sure he could deliver a missile agreement, but he just needed to wait until after the 2012 election. He seriously did not see a threat from Russia. Remember the Romney moment in the first debate? (Click here to refresh your memory!) The President was condescending, and the President was dead wrong.

The President has stood unalterably and immovably by his position that he would withdraw our troops from the Middle East, close down Guantanamo Bay, and engage Russia and Iran. He refuses to accept the fact that the bad guys do not share his Kumbaya (See a top level White House strategy session regarding Russia here ) approach to foreign policy. Is he inept? Maybe. But his approach to domestic and foreign policy has been consistent and unwavering. He refuses to be accountable for any misfortune. If problems occur, they are the result of the incompetence of his predecessor. What is important to understand is that it’s not just politics with him. He actually believes he is not at fault for anything that goes wrong.

So as you look ahead to 2016, it is incumbent upon you to appreciate the fervor with which this administration has been pursuing a deliberate tactic to push the United States into full retreat. The consequences of our diminished standing in the world are manifested around the globe every day. The good news is that the illusion has a sell by date, and we will have an opportunity to put someone in the White House who is not apologetic and who understands that the world is full of bad guys; if we do not stop them, they eventually will kill us. We need an end to illusions. It is time for straight talk.

The Big Tent


One of the core tenets of Pierce Wire’s message is that Republicans must stop harking back to the glory days; aka the Reagan Years. We are long on talking heads (Limbaugh Hannity, etc.) all very busy postulating that anything short of a mirror image of a Reagan redux is a recipe for disaster. They argue that we have nominated disastrously flawed candidates, and the minute we appear to be adopting centrist policies, we are done for.

I respectfully disagree. Let’s face it. All of us would love to see President Reagan behind the Oval Office desk once again. But that is not going to happen. Neither will we ever again have the electorate we had thirty years ago. America has changed immensely since the 1980 and 1984 elections. The demographics are vastly different, and they will continue to evolve in ways that warrant a new Republican outlook. George H. W. Bush was often ridiculed for his talk of the need for the Republican Party to open wide the flaps of a “big tent” and embrace all who were interested in entering. His son was also lambasted by the left and right for his core foundational belief in “compassionate conservatism”. My friends, they were both on target, and if our party does not unite around these principles, we will be outside that tent looking wistfully in for years to come.

We should first and foremost embrace the fact that our policies and ideas must appeal to independent voters and voting blocks within the following constituencies; Hispanics, Asians, blacks, and females. Adopting or maintaining the aura of stuffy old white guys will ensure one thing for the Republican Party; permanent unemployment!

Our right wing is dead wrong to suggest that we should forfeit the middle ground. They say the centrists will always vote democrat, so we should plant ourselves outside of America’s fuselage and remain steadfastly glued to its right wing. To move to the middle on core social issues (of which immigration reform is just one) would be suicide; or so they say.

There is no data to suggest that their position is grounded in fact. On the contrary, the data suggests there are millions of fiscal conservatives and foreign affairs hawks pleading with our party to use common sense on some of the social issues that evoke the highest emotional toll in the voting booth. These people would love to vote Republican; they are screaming for help!

Here are some things you should know.

• In the 2012 Presidential Election, females showed up in larger numbers than their male counterparts in these age brackets: 18-24, 25-44, and 45-69.

In the key swing state of Ohio:

• Females voted 55%-45% for Obama.
• Obama won the Hispanic vote by 16 percentage points.
• 43% of Catholic voters cast a ballot for Obama. (Given the onslaught on Catholic beliefs perpetrated by Obamacare, that is phenomenal.)
• People calling themselves “moderate” voted 57% for Obama.
• Whites who claimed not to be religious voted 62% for Obama.
• Of the people who cited “healthcare” as their number one priority, 73% voted for Obama!

Now, check this out:


The Obama campaign was able to convince an overwhelming percentage of Ohio voters that Mitt Romney was a heartless, capitalist bastard! Anyone who knows the man or anything about the man knows that is not true; but the election is over, and he lost. The data tells us the principle reason he lost is that he was painted into a false corner, and he was never able to get himself back into the center of the ring.

As we look ahead to November 2014, and the big enchilada in 2016, Pierce Wire will sound a recurring theme. The data tells us we must lead with compassion. We must open the flaps of the “Big Tent”, and never second-guess ourselves. It all starts with uniting as a party, and sounding the bugle of hope consistently, repeatedly, and with alacrity!

Much More to Follow!

Philanthropy Is An American Tradition

Benjamin Franklin | A Founding Philanthropist

Benjamin Franklin | A Founding Philanthropist

Philanthropy in the United States is as American as apple pie. As a people, we give more of our money to charitable causes than any other citizens in the world.

I was prompted to write about this topic by a note I saw on Facebook. I am Chairman of I Am Waters, a wholly non-political 501© 3 Foundation committed to providing physical and spiritual hydration to America’s homeless population. We recently held a successful fundraiser in Houston, Texas. In discussing the success of the event, I made the comment that we have a growing homeless population in the United States, and I Am Waters is committed to working with and helping this “underclass” of our society. One comment (in reference to our growing homeless population) posted after my observations was “Thanks to the Republicans”.

After shaking my head, and deciding to ignore the comment, I started thinking, “how can people be so misinformed?” This comment was offensive on at least two levels. It:

  • politicized a wholly non-political charitable foundation, and
  • explicitly (and groundlessly) blamed Republicans for our homeless population.

Do these people ever stop and wonder why the 10 cities in the United States with the highest level of poverty and unemployment are cities with a legacy of democrat mayors and entitlement spending that have done nothing but encourage indigence and cultures of unfulfilled expectations? George W. Bush called it the “soft bigotry of low expectations”, and he was spot on.

I write about the historical connectivity between private sector success and philanthropy because it is clear many people today have not the slightest inkling of how the United States of America became such an incredibly exceptional nation. The lack of understanding and appreciation for the work ethic and philanthropic mentality that helped us grow yesterday is part of the reason we are so challenged by such destructive social and economic redistributionist policies today.

The art of giving is not a new phenomenon. Benjamin Franklin epitomized the charitable nature of our founding fathers. Alexis de Tocqueville, when writing his book on the uniqueness of the American experiment, noted that ours was a nation that believed in creating opportunity for the private citizen to succeed; partially so that citizen (not the government) could initiate “private initiatives for public good, focusing on quality of life”.

Indeed, until the last few decades, it was implicitly understood that if one were to achieve success in life, it was incumbent upon that person to find a way to give some of that success back to the greater good. This was an intrinsic American way of life, born of our pioneering colonial “can-do” attitude, and infused with and by a strong Judeo-Christian ethic. While many choose to remember George H.W. Bush’s “no new taxes” pledge in the 1988 Republican Convention in New Orleans, many also remember his call to all Americans to give of themselves to others, and for each to become one of a “1000 points of light”.

Somewhere along the way in the madness of our inexorable post WWII rush to political correctness, we lost the thread of connectivity between success and philanthropy. The progressive left began to disconnect the historical association between living the American dream and voluntarily giving back. Worse, these liberals (those who denounce our history [the way we grew into ourselves] in the 17th-19th centuries, and view virtually all past events in apologetic terms) began to build and perpetuate a new reality; namely, that success is evil, and private sector philanthropy should be largely replaced by something mandated by the federal government.

In essence, while the democrats still talk about philanthropy, (and many democrat citizens still give large amounts of money to worthy causes) the reality is that the democrat party believes in forced philanthropy though taxation, with the end game being one in which our successful producers are diminished by way of their accumulated capital being involuntarily redistributed to those less successful.

History matters! And to that person who thought to politicize the good work of I Am Waters, I implore you to look at the homeless populations and poverty levels of every government in the recorded annals of man that tried to socialize its industry, commerce, and engines of societal production.

Whenever it has been the goal of government to create equality of outcome for its people, there has been failure. Our unprecedented success and growth as a fledgling nation was, in large part, due to:

  • access to property, and
  • a governing philosophy that was driven by a desire to create equality of opportunity. By so doing, our founding fathers and those who followed in their footsteps ensured that a man’s work ethic and a burgeoning private sector economy lifted the spirits and livelihoods of far more people than ever possible in a redistributionist state.

The left refuses to acknowledge that employment and hope cannot be created by the whims of social progressive politicians. Long-term jobs are only sustained by the private sector. And only with jobs and a viable economic outlook will philanthropy thrive.

Ronald Reagan understood the importance of our history. You may see him say it for himself here:

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS4yf723kmY ” title=”Ronald%20Reagan%20:%20What%20It%20Represents%20To%20Be%20An%20American” color=”white” theme=”light” modestbranding=”1″ autohide=”1″ rel=”0″ showinfo=”0″]

Women in America – The Third Rail in the 2012 Election

Women’s issues have been in the news a lot recently. Pierce Wire has reached out to some female friends and written this blog based on their input. The gist of it is that women’s issues are our issues. The divide between women and men is contrived and irksome. What women think about their choices in November, 2012 will be a major factor in the outcome of the Presidential election. This blog will elicit emotive responses. It has been written from the heart. Frank Luntz, the political pollster, once said, “It’s not what you say. It’s what people hear.” In this message, we ask you to hear what we are saying.

Women have been politicized for decades. It is very distressing to see how many smart, caring, emotional women have been lured into one political trap after another. How does one even write that without sounding like a jerk!? Please read on. This blog is about ongoing double standards that hurt this country. It’s time to put them to a stop. Over the years, politicians have run away from certain “untouchable” topics. These became known as third rails. Everyone knows if you touch a third rail, you get torched. For years social security was a third rail. George W. Bush tried to knock some sense into our Social Security system; all he got for his efforts was grief and frustration. Medicaid and Medicare have been third rails for decades. Usually Republicans have tried to reform elements of the plans, and democrats have told Americans over 65 years of age that the Republicans are trying to kill them. By and large, the Republicans have retreated. The irony in this is that we now find ourselves saddled with a socialist health care plan that will most likely end up killing plenty of us before our time! But we digress. Race has become a third rail. We live in a country of double standards. If a white guy uses the N word, he is a racist; full stop. (A black man may use that word, but a white man may not.) And if a black man calls that white guy every ugly word ever invented, it is perfectly OK. How is that right? (Incidentally, when Rush Limbaugh called a young lady a “slut”, he was immediately condemned, but when uber-liberal comedian Bill Maher said something similar (actually much more vulgar) about Sarah Palin and her children, it was just good ole humor.) Well, it’s not right. Full stop. But no one in the public eye will touch the subject with a barge pole. The democrats have politicized the inconsistency to their distinct voting advantage. They smile cynically as mouthpieces like Al Sharpton (he who rose to fame from the flames of deceit he lit under Tawana Brawley’s bogus charges) run from coast to coast castigating the Tea Party and other conservative and/or libertarian causes as racist. What a sham. But in politics, voting numbers speak the loudest, and it is entirely clear that democrat pandering with the minority community has been very successful. (Does anyone really think the democrats believe that requiring a valid ID before being able to vote is actually racist?) But we digress again. Today’s tome is an ode to the female. Pierce Wire believes the 2012 election will be decided (to a very large degree) by women. Women are the lightning rods. Women are the deciders. Women, folks, are the 2012 third rail. So let’s break with tradition, and let’s talk about it!

Pierce Wire believes the 2012 election will be decided (to a very large degree) by women.

There is a story in Washington about a Republican insider who often tells candidates, “Listen to your wife”. We agree. That is very sound advice. The male politician who prances and preaches his way to the ballot box without listening very closely to the female(s) in his life does so at his own peril. Women don’t like popinjays. Women don’t like bloviators. Women just don’t like men who talk about women’s issues as though they know what to do better than women. However, women’s issues are men’s issues. Men and women form families and communities together. This is something progressive liberals don’t like. They seem to like separating women from men, and love from sex. Women’s issues are men’s issues — contraception, abortion and caring for children, to name a few. And on topics such as these, the democrats have successfully managed to separate love from sex and men from women. That just isn’t right! Alas, here is where it all gets tricky. The democrats have been much smarter (manipulative) about playing the female card. They have worked for decades to convince American women that they understand them. The most recent contraceptive debate is a perfect example of how democrat leadership can take a strictly Constitutional issue and turn it into an emotional wildcard. The entire discussion should be about whether the federal government can force religious organizations to offer contraception costs as part of their employee health care plans. Those who believe in the sanctity of the First Amendment (and the fact that our Founding Fathers absolutely envisaged a role for religion in this country unimpeded by the hand of government) now truly believe the government has crossed the line. Over the past three years,Pierce Wire has cited countless examples of the Obama administration having run roughshod over the Constitution (and Founding Father visions) in order to pursue its leftist social agenda. This issue is just the latest example. But the real problem here is the effectiveness with which the democrats play upon the emotions of women in America. Time and again they turn serious discussions into “us and them” moments. In every case, “us” are the compassionate democrats who seek to ensure that women’s’ rights and emotions are protected, and “them” are the heartless, arrogant, insensitive, vulgar, plodding, middle-aged white guy Republicans who wouldn’t understand a woman’s feelings if they jumped out of her brain (and heart!) and knocked him upside the head! Upon occasion, we revert to the first person. This is such an occasion. I have been married for twenty years, and have three daughters and a son. I write today’s blog as a husband and a father. You see, I want my daughters to be free to THINK! I do not want them to be considered as part of a constituency taken wholly for granted by a political party. I want them to be free to REASON. I do not want them to get sucked into one emotional vortex after another by calculating politicians who think they are smarter. You see, my daughters–women–UNDERSTAND the issues, and they know that NOTHING of consequence can be determined by raw emotion. Social expediency and harnessing the popular vote are not legitimate excuses for the cynical politics and manipulations of minority groups and women that are routinely employed by the left. I hate to mention him again, but to not inject Rush Limbaugh into the conversation is to avoid the elephant (so to speak) in the room. So let’s just put the cards on the table. Once in a while I listen to Rush. He has his good days and his bad days. I agree and I disagree. On the issues regarding the testimony of the young (ish) law student Georgetown who claimed she could not afford her contraceptives without a bona fide healthcare plan, Rush was RIGHT. On how Rush chose to mock the woman, he was WRONG; no more wrong than Bill Maher using the C word in reference to Sarah Palin, but wrong none the less,) But it’s the aftershock that we need to examine, as it was classic example of democrat manipulation. For the President to have called this lady to express his support is nothing short of a joke, and a bad one at that. Her testimony was factually and legally flawed. Georgetown has every right in the world to decide what it offers its students in the way of health care. The idea that society is responsible for providing her with a pregnancy-free sex life should be an affront to every American. The White House’s arrogance in tryIng to push such an idea on a religious group is even more of an affront because it is so clearly prohibited by the First Amendment. The democrats took a Constitutional debate and turned the spotlight on Rush. Abracadabra, all of sudden Rush is “them” and that means all Republicans hate young female graduate students who like sex. WHAT?! The implicit point here is that the truly liberated woman views men and women as equals, each with their different strengths. The democrats have positioned women as separate but equal. In effect, the democrats have introduced and institutionalized a gender-specific Jim Crow era, and millions of well-educated women have fallen into the trap. So as we look ahead to 2012, the election may very well come down to American women saying “NO” to democrat attempts to manipulate them and “YES” to choosing the candidate (and party) that can best pull our country out of its current quagmire. Young female voters are going to have to separate the wheat from the chaff and take the necessary time to understand what’s at stake. Mothers from ages 20 to 60 will have to look beyond the pandering from the left and tackle the moment at hand. And grandmothers will have to say “Where’s the beef!?!” to the old “the Republicans are out to kill you” shtick. The rancor from the Republican primaries will pass. The Republican who emerges must prove two things to the American female:

  • He will LISTEN, and his actions will reflect true respect for women in contradistinction to democrat pandering, and
  • He will honor our Constitution and our country.

Men and women must work together not as separates, but as equals, and recognize their respective strengths.