Letting Pictures Do the Talking

I won’t be too wordy today. The State of the Union address was really good. Consistent with my last tome, (click here if you did not get a chance to read it)  the speech epitomized why we must separate the man from the mission when it comes down to personal likes and dislikes. The mission is what matters for the United States, and the mission is a good one. This administration and a GOP run Congress are doing good things for our country. Keep your eyes on the prize folks.

A month ago, I would have said we are going to get whacked in the November mid-term elections, and we would then have to spend the last two years of the Trump administration’s time in DC parrying with a progressive, hate filled mob led by Nancy Pelosi. Now I am not so sure.

I mean, when the President of the United States celebrates the lowest black unemployment in American history, and the Congressional black caucus reacts as captured in the picture hereon, what exactly is going on? Do they see votes they have taken for granted since 1964 slipping away? Are they petrified that their minority base may actually see a pathway to living some of the American dream? God forbid if the private sector becomes the provider of opportunity, rather than big brother in DC doling out guaranteed outcomes and perpetual unemployment!

Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer are the spokespeople for today’s Democrat party, and they all looked like they had eaten some of that sushi Putin’s goons fed to former KGB agent Litvinenko in London back in 2006. They dressed and acted as though they were at a funeral. The only times they ever came close to clapping about anything was only after they looked around the room to see whether any Democrats were actually clapping. The word “clapping” is a bit of an exaggeration. They managed to make their left and right hands touch upon occasion, if only to see if they could match the sound of a pin dropping. 

If you are reading this article, you care enough to know that Nancy Pelosi called the myriad bonuses American workers have received (as a direct result of passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017) “crumbs” and “pathetic”. Given an opportunity to retract her comments, she doubled down and repeated them a week later. My friends, just how out of touch are these people? $1,000 bonuses represent real money delivered to real people.

We have seen wonderful stories about pay raises, bonuses, repatriated dollars and investment plans/commitments almost every day since the tax bill was passed. This is not a plan for the wealthy. Tax reform will help our hard working middle class, and it will create more employment opportunity for those striving to enter the middle class. You see, a rising tide really does lift all boats. 

The Democrats appear to be stuck on two themes. If it is about taxes, the playbook calls for running campaigns  based on envy and greed. If the topic has to do with any of our pressing social issues, the lens must be focused on racism. Indeed, it seems all Republicans are greedy racists. 

I think the argument is getting really stale, and most (not all) Americans see right through the pitiful, pandering, populist, shameful, insulting nature of the Democrat gameplan. Of course, the mid-term elections will be the litmus test. The GOP needs to run a spirited campaign, and take absolutely nothing for granted. If you are interested about the right strategy for the 2018 mid-term elections, read this article by Newt Gingrich. He is spot on. The GOP has the right message, but it will get no help from the media and it has historically been horrible at communicating the good things it has done for its constituents. Only time will tell whether the Republicans can get the good message across over the next several months.

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When Fiction Blurs into Fact, and No One seems to Notice

Saul AlinskyPierce Wire provides data to help you understand the shifting dynamics that ultimately dictated the outcome of the 2012 election. In doing so we hope to provide enough information to empower you take steps to prevent a repeat in 2016! Data is data and facts are facts. This article, however, is about something more insidious. I write today to help you understand the philosophy that has guided the Obama administration since well before its inception. This is a win at all costs strategy, and if the truth must be sacrificed to gain an advantage, then say goodbye to the truth. Indeed, in this administration, fiction has so often been blurred with fact that it is simply impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins!

To understand what drives the President and his closest advisors, one must start with Saul Alinsky. He was born in 1909 and died in 1972. In that short 63-year span, he became one of the most famous proponents of progressive politics in the world. He was a community organizer and political activist. Perhaps not surprisingly, he grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Chicago. He was very popular with the anti-establishment crowd that developed in the late 1950’s and carried on until the Reagan Revolution.

Some of Alinsky’s best-known strategies were:

–“If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a   positive.”

–“A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

–“Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.”

–“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Read between the lines. Alinsky was smart enough to know that the cynical politician could manipulate his “base” by developing themes that appeal to the mass populace and simultaneously demonize the opposition. Community Organizer, Senator, and ultimately President Obama lauded Saul Alinsky. Look at the quotes above one more time, and think about how Barack Obama’s core campaign (the one that never ends) strategies were (and still are) drawn from those thoughts. Truth is wholly irrelevant; victory is the goal. Most important is to “freeze” and “ridicule” the opponent, while pushing the “negative hard enough” so it will “become a positive”. In other words, President Obama and his Chicago based team learned from the master. They did not (and do not) let facts get in the way of their use of fiction to pursue their agenda; all under the illusion of fact-based truth. While I could detail a laundry list of examples does one really need to look further than the current IRS scandal?

Ardent Obama supporters are activists in their own right. Without exception their implicit mantra is “the end justifies the means.” This comment is not made lightly. We are in uncharted waters with this administration, and it’s important that everyone who seeks knowledge appreciates this fact. If you are old enough to remember Richard Nixon and the Watergate fiasco, you will remember that hubris toppled the Presidency, and both parties in Congress lined up in opposition to the offending President. What a stark contrast to our present state. Today we have witnessed an unprecedented assault on the core values the majority of Americans (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, men and women) still hold dear.

History will remember the Obama years as some of the most bitterly partisan in our history. There is a reason. The President was never interested in compromise. His agenda was set, and he has spent (and will spend the balance of) his time in office pursuing his goals. The President believes the fabric of American society is woven unequally, and the only way to balance the weave is for government to make the rug.

All readers must make their own minds up about the role they believe government should play in their lives. The President fervently believes in legislated outcomes. I believe in minimal government involvement in our lives, and when government legislates it should do so in order to ensure the playing field is level, but the actual result (outcome) is left up to the participants; the American workforce.

One of the more disturbing features of this administration is its oft-repeated proclivity to simply “make law”. The Constitution makes it clear that Congress is responsible for making law. President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder clearly decided on day one that if they could not impose their will on Congress, they would ignore the law and pursue their agenda: all the while blaming Congress! (“Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.”)

This article is not written to implore the reader to reconsider his or her support for President Obama’s policies. I only ask you to understand his background, vision, and motives. To understand his agenda and roots is to better comprehend his rhetoric and actions. If one digs beneath the surface on matters ranging from the deficit debate, debt ceiling, Benghazi, Syria, Ukraine, IRS abuse, VA scandal, Keystone Pipeline, Fast and Furious, NLRB shenanigans, and the prisoner exchange of five murdering terrorists for our lone soldier, one will see a constant pattern of prevarication and obfuscation. In every crisis, the President invariably feigns initial surprise and dismay, which is then followed by a period of silence, and the circle is ultimately completed by a display of contempt and dismissal. “Ridicule” is a core component of the contempt and dismissal phase.

So when is enough enough? I would suggest enough is more than enough when Fiction blurs into Fact, and no one seems to notice.