The Illusory President

US relations with Israel have hit an all time low. This is not an accident.

US relations with Israel have hit an all time low. This is not an accident.

History is written by the winners. That is something one learns when reading about the eons. But even the winners can disagree. The pundits like to talk about the twentieth century as the American century. There is a sense of finality about that moniker; some think of the recently lapsed era with a nostalgic tinge of regret for the passing of a golden age, while others say “good riddance” to the imperial haughtiness that accompanied all things American in that last century. Our current President falls squarely in that latter camp.

This author does not believe that our best days are behind us. The world continues to teeter on the brink, as it bounces from one political and economic disaster to another. The United States, on the other hand, has managed to withstand six consecutive years of inept financial and political management. We are a resilient people. We are a resilient country. While we have nothing to apologize for when looking back, we should also feel no sense of loss as we look forward. We have greatness left in us. We only need to liberate the American spirt; one that has been pushed into a corner by repressive and misguided regulation and governmental malfeasance.

Some may argue use of the word “malfeasance” is harsh. To that I would only say that one man’s dishonesty is another’s truth. And there, in a nutshell, lies the conundrum that is the Obama presidency. It is important that you commit yourself to understanding the belief system(s) driving the behavior of our President and his kitchen cabinet.

President Obama has sought a legacy that revolves around his having been the catalyst for a permanent social, economic, and political upheaval in the United States. Cloaked by the lofty hope and change rhetoric (let’s face it, the man can read a teleprompter as can few others) the President set out to erase from existence the essence of a United States he had grown to resent and disdain. What some naively chalk up to incompetence is actually calculated and deliberate action. What may appear to be a White House lurching from one crisis to another is actually a White House whose progressive policies simply cannot keep pace with the real politic of today’s world.

There is a view that the President lacks a vision. I disagree. His vision from the day he took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was to turn our domestic and foreign policies upside down.

At home we know more than we care to about the incessant class warfare and repeated calls for more and more taxes on our producers. The President has made it very clear that he thinks everyone is owed a “fair share” regardless of his or her contribution. He has made it abundantly clear that successful entrepreneurs are successful because of the infrastructure the government has provided, and that success should rightly be more heavily taxed so those less fortunate can also be rewarded. As the smartest guys in the room (I am always awed by the academic pedigrees flaunted by the purveyors of progressive policies) it boggles one’s mind to wonder how each and every one of them can possibly have missed out on the study of economic history! Surely this must be an amazing coincidence, as it is the only possible explanation as to how or why those on the left can stand up and espouse policies that have never (ever!) stood the test of time. (Click here to listen to Milton Friedman explain reality to Phil Donahue–succinctly and with humor)

Overseas, he made the famous Cairo speech, (thus signaling a dawn of a new relationship between the US and muslim nations) and pushed the reset button with Russia. Many of his most loyal supporters did not recognize what he was doing. He was bound and determined to befriend Iran, even it it meant abusing our two closest allies in the Middle East (Israel and Saudi Arabia.) The Middle East is complicated and there is no greater example of that than knowledge of the delicate relationship between Israel and Saudi leadership. All one really has to know is that the rhetoric may be all about those horrible zionists, but the real threat to Saudi leadership is Iran. The mullahs in Iran worry the Saudis far more than Israel. President Obama has tripped over himself every step of the way in the Middle East. He abandoned Mubarak in Egypt, and virtually invited the disastrous Muslim Brotherhood takeover. That was strike one with the Saudis. He simultaneously and repeatedly (and does to this day) reached out to the Iranians in a desperate attempt to change the paradigm. He drew and erased red lines. He refused to accept any responsibility for the disintegration of the gains made during the Arab Spring, even though his hasty withdrawal of all US ground forces created such a huge vacuum that anarchy was the only possible outcome.

In Russia, he was famously caught telling Medvedev that he was sure he could deliver a missile agreement, but he just needed to wait until after the 2012 election. He seriously did not see a threat from Russia. Remember the Romney moment in the first debate? (Click here to refresh your memory!) The President was condescending, and the President was dead wrong.

The President has stood unalterably and immovably by his position that he would withdraw our troops from the Middle East, close down Guantanamo Bay, and engage Russia and Iran. He refuses to accept the fact that the bad guys do not share his Kumbaya (See a top level White House strategy session regarding Russia here ) approach to foreign policy. Is he inept? Maybe. But his approach to domestic and foreign policy has been consistent and unwavering. He refuses to be accountable for any misfortune. If problems occur, they are the result of the incompetence of his predecessor. What is important to understand is that it’s not just politics with him. He actually believes he is not at fault for anything that goes wrong.

So as you look ahead to 2016, it is incumbent upon you to appreciate the fervor with which this administration has been pursuing a deliberate tactic to push the United States into full retreat. The consequences of our diminished standing in the world are manifested around the globe every day. The good news is that the illusion has a sell by date, and we will have an opportunity to put someone in the White House who is not apologetic and who understands that the world is full of bad guys; if we do not stop them, they eventually will kill us. We need an end to illusions. It is time for straight talk.

The Big Tent


One of the core tenets of Pierce Wire’s message is that Republicans must stop harking back to the glory days; aka the Reagan Years. We are long on talking heads (Limbaugh Hannity, etc.) all very busy postulating that anything short of a mirror image of a Reagan redux is a recipe for disaster. They argue that we have nominated disastrously flawed candidates, and the minute we appear to be adopting centrist policies, we are done for.

I respectfully disagree. Let’s face it. All of us would love to see President Reagan behind the Oval Office desk once again. But that is not going to happen. Neither will we ever again have the electorate we had thirty years ago. America has changed immensely since the 1980 and 1984 elections. The demographics are vastly different, and they will continue to evolve in ways that warrant a new Republican outlook. George H. W. Bush was often ridiculed for his talk of the need for the Republican Party to open wide the flaps of a “big tent” and embrace all who were interested in entering. His son was also lambasted by the left and right for his core foundational belief in “compassionate conservatism”. My friends, they were both on target, and if our party does not unite around these principles, we will be outside that tent looking wistfully in for years to come.

We should first and foremost embrace the fact that our policies and ideas must appeal to independent voters and voting blocks within the following constituencies; Hispanics, Asians, blacks, and females. Adopting or maintaining the aura of stuffy old white guys will ensure one thing for the Republican Party; permanent unemployment!

Our right wing is dead wrong to suggest that we should forfeit the middle ground. They say the centrists will always vote democrat, so we should plant ourselves outside of America’s fuselage and remain steadfastly glued to its right wing. To move to the middle on core social issues (of which immigration reform is just one) would be suicide; or so they say.

There is no data to suggest that their position is grounded in fact. On the contrary, the data suggests there are millions of fiscal conservatives and foreign affairs hawks pleading with our party to use common sense on some of the social issues that evoke the highest emotional toll in the voting booth. These people would love to vote Republican; they are screaming for help!

Here are some things you should know.

• In the 2012 Presidential Election, females showed up in larger numbers than their male counterparts in these age brackets: 18-24, 25-44, and 45-69.

In the key swing state of Ohio:

• Females voted 55%-45% for Obama.
• Obama won the Hispanic vote by 16 percentage points.
• 43% of Catholic voters cast a ballot for Obama. (Given the onslaught on Catholic beliefs perpetrated by Obamacare, that is phenomenal.)
• People calling themselves “moderate” voted 57% for Obama.
• Whites who claimed not to be religious voted 62% for Obama.
• Of the people who cited “healthcare” as their number one priority, 73% voted for Obama!

Now, check this out:


The Obama campaign was able to convince an overwhelming percentage of Ohio voters that Mitt Romney was a heartless, capitalist bastard! Anyone who knows the man or anything about the man knows that is not true; but the election is over, and he lost. The data tells us the principle reason he lost is that he was painted into a false corner, and he was never able to get himself back into the center of the ring.

As we look ahead to November 2014, and the big enchilada in 2016, Pierce Wire will sound a recurring theme. The data tells us we must lead with compassion. We must open the flaps of the “Big Tent”, and never second-guess ourselves. It all starts with uniting as a party, and sounding the bugle of hope consistently, repeatedly, and with alacrity!

Much More to Follow!

Old Things Are Best

Dad - Opine Needles
And so it came to pass in end of the fifth year of the reign of the man known as Obama. There remained much to debate as to what exactly had come to pass. Forsooth, the people were much disillusioned. So many had heralded his arrival as “that” arrival millions believed was imminent. Alas, the citizens were in disarray, for it had ensued that the savior had yet to pick the time for his return, and the man known as Obama was no longer confused with HIS only begotten son.

On matters more earthly, the elderly amongst the people used the time of year to give thanks for the things that matter; their families, their faith, and their good fortune. The frivolity of their youths were held in check by the reality of their latter day experiences; their senses of responsibility, morality, and decency had been honed through the fog of the twists and turns on their respective roads of life.

There was one who was mystified by all that made his present world turn. Lost seemed to be the things that really matter. He reflected on those things he could not control, and settled on seeking contentment on matters that had been or still were in his realm.

So as Christmas drew nigh, he thought of his departed father, who once wrote words for a magazine; words that are timeless, and special, and powerful. Those words were:

Old things are better than new things. They may not perform better, but they are nicer to own; they are friends. My Randall knife, while not my oldest, is a prized possession, not for any monetary value that it might have-but because we’ve done a lot of fun things together in the past 30 years.

My oldest knife was “requisitioned” from the arms chest of the Tacloban Shore Patrol during WWII. Six months ago, I gave it a new handle of leather rings. It, too, provides memories.

I have two pairs of old leather bird boots, which date back to when they cost $18.00 to $20.00; big money then. Believe it or not, I still have fond memories of my first pair which were bought before the war, and carried me into the fifties. They were prime examples of what a cobbler could do if he really cared about old and good boots. They were from L.L. Bean, as is one of my current pairs.

Old wool deer pants are better than new ones only because you can look at the various repairs and bring back memories.

Old deer hunting friends are better than new ones. They took the test of time and passed. Old deer hunters are better than young ones. They know more and their hearts and legs make them move more slowly.

Old rifles are better than new ones, and, in the area, I must personalize the statement, for I have only had my current “old” rifle for one season. It’s a custom-stocked .308 built on a Sako action. The bluing has worn off due to it having been in and out of countless scabbards.

It previously belonged to Warren Page marksman, hunter, and Field & Stream writer. I’d like to think that it was one of his favorites because of its worn condition. It weights under seven pounds, with sling and scope. I can’t tell you all the places it has been, or the stalks or excitement it has witnessed.

However, I can tell you that on my back it has gone to four different states and accounted for three whitetail bucks. In time it will earn a place alongside my Randall as a source of retrospective good memories.

Old hats are better than new hats and everybody knows that. I brought mine home from the Pacific. Its previous owner, an Australian, gave it to me after punching me in the nose. I had, in company with an MP, walked into a bar and immediately found myself on the floor-for no particular reason other than being an American with a Shore Patrol band on my arm.

My old Aussie hat bears the inscription “Denham & Horgrove Ltd. Atherstone, 1943″ on the band. The felt is about 1/4” thick, and the brim keeps the rain off my glasses and the snow from going down my neck. Other than being practical and irreplaceable, it’s a best hat because it is old.

I have lot’s of good old things; old compasses, shirts, and two mended pairs of my father’s long red underwear. All these things give me warmth and comfort.

Someday you will get older and you, too, will be a best thing.

And he felt better just for reading the words again, and even better by taking the time to type them into his next blog. For he knew at that moment that no matter how absurd were the events in and of his world, no one could take away the words he had revisited, and more importantly, the hat he now wore.

Jim Pierce - Dad's Hat - Old Things Are Best - Opine Needles



Wake Up Call!

Obamacare, Wake Up Call! | Opine NeedlesHello America, is anyone home? If you happened to somehow miss this week, you missed a doozy.

On Monday, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) rendered a mixed decision regarding Arizona’s immigration law. Whilst validating federal sovereignty on the fundamental question of whether Federal law usurps state law on this vexing issue, SCOTUS did uphold Arizona’s right to question the citizenship of those who their law enforcement officials have reason to believe may not be in the United States legally. Federal law stipulates that the US government is supposed to work with state law enforcement officers to enforce this portion of our immigration law. In a sign of total contempt for due process and the law, the Obama administration immediately pulled all support (program 278G) that it had previously given to Arizona. Let’s make sure we are all on the same page. The Federal Government has an OBLIGATION to enforce our laws! This is wanton lawlessness. It is the stuff of emperors and dictators. There should be more OUTRAGE!

On Thursday, we had the double-barreled Obamacare verdict followed by the Contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder. Those blasts are much stronger than grandfather’s 12 gauge. The validation of Obamacare is an abomination. There are more reasons than I care to recite; anyway if you are reading this blog, you know most of them. Here is the bottom line. Chief Justice Roberts committed the cardinal sin. He made law! SCOTUS’s job is to interpret Constitutional applicability (or lack thereof) in relation to the particular legal question at hand. Justice Roberts decided that no matter how many times the President told the American people the personal mandate was NOT a tax (it is a penalty—yea right) the only way the mandate could be deemed constitutional was to declare the penalty a tax! So Justice Roberts exposed the President’s lie by turning the penalty into a tax; thus making the law constitutional, as taxation (most, but not all would argue) is Congress’s domain. Suffice to say, if the progressive left continues to attack Justice Roberts as a puppet of the far right (which of course he has never been-nor should be!) the irony will be rich.

Then the House of Representatives did the only thing it could do. It held the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress. The AG did nothing but stonewall and prevaricate under oath. He would not turn over the subpoenaed documents. He behaved contemptuously, and now he is officially in contempt!

So what does this all mean? One must hope and pray it means this; anyone, and I mean anyone, who:

  • Cares about our dire fiscal straights,
  • Believes that we are an exceptional country full of people who do exceptional things,
  • Aspires for his or her children and grandchildren to have careers and lives full of hope, and
  • Knows that our best days can still lie ahead of us,

needs to do whatever he or she can to get as many people as possible to vote Republican in November. Mitt Romney is the candidate to support, as is every Republican candidate for Congress.

Folks, the only way we’ll be looking at Obamacare in a rear view mirror is to repeal it. The Supreme Court has ensured that repeal is our only option.

  • The only way we stand a chance of stemming the tide of profligate spending is to vote Republican.
  • The only way we stand a chance of maintaining (and growing) a viable manufacturing base is to give our entrepreneurs and capital providers the incentive and confidence they so desperately need to invest.

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again. This president and his administration are the most arrogant, dictatorial clan to ever inhabit the White House and cabinet level offices. They simply ignore whatever does not fit into their redistributionist agendas. They will not enforce laws that do not suit them. They think and act as though they are above the law. They are clearly on a mission. The question is, will enough Americans figure it out before November?

We are at the tipping point. There is no turning back.