The 1% Fallacy

The left wages endless class warfare. One of the foundational talking points revolves around endless drivel concerning the widening gap between our “rich” and “poor”. Those terms in and of themselves connote separation and anxiety. Those who favor redistribution of wealth  insist that without same the United States is sliding perilously down the slope of inevitable revolution. Social upheaval is apparently what must happen unless the “rich” give more to the “poor”. Proponents of this are quick to point to the French (1789) and Russian (1917) Revolutions as cases in point. 

Let’s put this class warfare to rest, shall we? First, let’s understand that both aforementioned revolutions were indeed revolts by the people. They were not political, they were social. It is important to understand the difference. The people simply rose and upended the political framework. In Russia’s case, they literally did so in the space of one week. Both revolutions (each in their own way and in their own time) became political, but they were not inspired by politics or politicians. 

In each case, the people rose up because they had nothing; nada. In each case, they were truly the 99% who were relegated to hopeless lives; no upward mobility, no ability to put food on the table, no anything!

The United States bears no resemblance to the failed monarchies that created the social upheaval which ended pre Revolutionary France and Russia. The hue and cry over GOP ruthlessness is a mockery. We are arguing about runaway deficit spending and entitlement philosophy. No one in the United States is suggesting we should not help our “poor”.

So lets start by stopping the “rich” and “poor” rhetoric. We have successful and less successful Americans. Some Americans are completely down on their luck and are just plumb not successful. They have run into roadblocks at every turn. The GOP wants to help those who want to help themselves. The GOP also wants to help those who have given up. The difference between the left and the GOP is that the GOP doesn’t want to perpetuate hopelessness and make it a way of life. In short, we believe government support should be like a trampoline. One should be able to receive assistance until one can bounce back onto one’s feet. We do not think the taxpayer should be required to provided a metaphoric  hammock; something that encourages one to lie down and never get back up! 

To put things in perspective, look how much money we spend on social programs. (Click here to see.) We spend over $350,000,000,000 a year on the social safety net! All I am saying is that we should all agree that the net should be more like a trampoline than a hammock!

It is a sham for the left to continue to try to foment social upheaval based on the economic gap between those who have succeeded and those who haven’t. We are a kind nation. There is help for those who need it. Let’s also not forget the magnificence of our philanthropic endeavors. Those who have succeeded contribute billions of dollars a year to those less fortunate. In fact, in 2016, Americans gave over $390,000,000,000 of their own money to charity. (Click here to see report.) The private sector will always be able to target and more efficiently help those in need than will the massive bureaucracy that is our US government. Just out of interest, how much money do you think our private sector will contribute if the government continues to tax it into ruin?

As an aside, if you want to help someone, I recommend you check out I Am Waters. It is the only non-profit organization in the country dedicated to the physical and spiritual hydration of our homeless population; a group of people democrats and Republicans have left behind. If you want to learn more, click here.) 

I could easily segue into the the current (and seemingly endless) health care repeal and replace debate. No folks, the GOP is not trying to kill you. Obamacare is imploding. It will die under its own weight. Will whatever comes out of the House and Senate conference be perfect? No! But whatever comes out will be better than the DOA legislation that is currently derailing. The left is not being honest with the American people. They are not acknowledging how terribly flawed the current law is. We will end up with a muddled compromise, but it will be less murky and more navigable than the quicksand in which we now try to walk.

But I digress. All I ask is this; the next time Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi rise up in righteous indignation about GOP cold hearted 1% callousness, just take a step back and ask yourself, “wait, what?” And when you take the time to see what is driving the GOP’s philosophy, you just might find that it makes some sense. Only time will tell. I’m just asking you to give it a shot. 

Just to close, we are not France in 1789. Nor are we Russia in 1917. Not even close. We have a heart. Don’t smirk at Lee Greenwood. This song (here) resonated for a reason. 

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In the Beginning…

In the beginning, God said “let everyone have health care.” Ummm, errrhhh, well, no he didn’t. Contrary to the declarations of the United Nations (oh, the irony) and World Health Organization, (click here to read) the right to receive health care is not a God given mandate. Nor is the right to receive health care found anywhere in the United States Constitution. Now, does that mean that a Liberal (to refresh your memory on the difference between Liberalism with a capital L and today’s mind-numbingly inane American liberal-small case l-click here ) should not aspire to provide health care for the populace? I would argue that it does not. A Liberal (capital L) society should absolutely seek to protect and preserve the well being of its people. 

Here’s the rub; Obamacare was noble in intent, and horribly wrong ( by design-more on this to follow) in execution. Obamacare was dead on arrival because it was driven by liberals (small case l) who believe the government is the source of all solutions. If you took the time to click on the definition of Liberal you would know that original Liberals did not look to government to solve their problems. 

You could (with good reason) take me to task for declaring Obamacare dead on arrival, since as I type it remains the governing health care law of our land. But folks, it is failing, and it is failing because it was intentionally flawed from the outset. Here is the ugly secret no one discusses: President Obama intended for its structure to implode because from the beginning he wanted a “single payer system” (click here for more on that.) The only way President Obama could achieve his end game was to set insurance companies up to fail. By not allowing commerce across state lines, and by continuing to feather the nests of plaintiff’s attorneys from coast to coast (thus driving up health care costs because of runaway tort liabilities) the President knew that eventually Obamacare would be crushed under its own weight and the next step would be to oust the private sector and let the Government come running to the rescue through the single payer system!

Then we have the Republicans. What a nightmare. In the beginning, they promised to repeal this flawed law and replace it with a law that would work. In the end, they failed. Time will tell whether they revisit Obamacare, but what a mess they have made of what should have been a great success story. 

If the Republicans don’t learn from this debacle, they are in a world of hurt. I have said it before and I say it again. Compromise is not a dirty word. The fact that moderate Republicans thought the replacement bill was too draconian, and conservative Republicans thought it was too moderate probably means it was just about right; not perfect, mind you, but infinitely better than where we were and remain today. Shame on Republican obstinance. If this behavior is replicated in the upcoming discussions around tax reform, the Republicans will be signing their death warrant as a leadership party. I know I have been wrong ( with regularity!) on many topics in the past 24 months, but you can put that prediction in the books. 

In the beginning, there was hope. There is still hope, but the hill just got steeper and more obstacles are blocking the path. It’s time for leaders to lead. The next few months will determine whether the we have witnessed the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. 


Trump Acceptance Speech

What to say other than “I was wrong again!” I need to take this moment to acknowledge to Doug Holmes and Roger Sahni (two unrelenting Trumpsters) that they were right!

The United States has had its own Brexit moment. Virtually every pollster in the country was wrong. Pierce Wire was wrong. The main stream media is in a state of apoplexy. The sky is falling!

I have friends who think the world has just ended, and all that is left is for us to mop up the debris.

OK, people, slow down!

We have a Republican Congress and Donald Trump. We have two years (at least) to implement meaningful tax reform (which, if done properly, will generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs here in the U.S.) and to repeal and replace Obamacare. And yes (to all those nattering nabobs who say the Republicans do not have a viable health care plan) we do have a great way forward. Click here to see it. 

Let there be no end of celebration in acknowledgement of the fact that we have just staved off a liberal bias to the Supreme Court that would have discarded the Constitution to the dustbin of relevance had Hillary won this election.

Will there be a new wall and will Mexico pay? I doubt it, but frankly, in the overall scheme of things, it makes for amusing theater. Trump expresses himself horribly. But if one really listens, he will stand by people of all races, colors, and creeds. All they need to do is be in the United States legally. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Will we abandon our commitments to our allies? No.

Will Donald Trump start a nuclear war? I mean, are there people who actually believe that nonsense?

Will Trump endeavor to be a President to all Americans, as he said he would do in his victory speech? He is a narcissist, but I actually take him at his word on that front.

Will we finally have a President who will call Islamic Terrorism by its name? Thank God, yes.

Will he keep saying things that make you cringe? Probably.

Will he really tear up our trade agreements? I don’t know. I suspect he will instruct our trade negotiators to obtain concessions that he can point to as having fulfilled some kind of promise. Time will tell.

Will he work with Congress to address the deficit? I believe he will.

Will we be in a “better place” two years from January? I believe we will.

Will he delegate? Yes. VP elect Pence will probably have a really interesting job; one worth more than a warm bucket of spit.

Will Giuliani, Christie, Gingrich, Dr. Ben Carson, and other loyalists end up in D.C.? Yes.

I was disappointed in Hillary not giving a speech last night, but both she and the President took the high road today. Let’s see if it lasts.

I hope the democrats behave with grace. The President has been most un-presidential of late. He played the race card on Trump. Now, on January 20, he has to stand with him and be part of a peaceful transition of power. It is the quintessential American moment, made all the more striking by this strange election year.

Who knows, maybe Trump will lean over and ask him if he has his birth certificate with him!

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Women in America – The Third Rail in the 2012 Election

Women’s issues have been in the news a lot recently. Pierce Wire has reached out to some female friends and written this blog based on their input. The gist of it is that women’s issues are our issues. The divide between women and men is contrived and irksome. What women think about their choices in November, 2012 will be a major factor in the outcome of the Presidential election. This blog will elicit emotive responses. It has been written from the heart. Frank Luntz, the political pollster, once said, “It’s not what you say. It’s what people hear.” In this message, we ask you to hear what we are saying.

Women have been politicized for decades. It is very distressing to see how many smart, caring, emotional women have been lured into one political trap after another. How does one even write that without sounding like a jerk!? Please read on. This blog is about ongoing double standards that hurt this country. It’s time to put them to a stop. Over the years, politicians have run away from certain “untouchable” topics. These became known as third rails. Everyone knows if you touch a third rail, you get torched. For years social security was a third rail. George W. Bush tried to knock some sense into our Social Security system; all he got for his efforts was grief and frustration. Medicaid and Medicare have been third rails for decades. Usually Republicans have tried to reform elements of the plans, and democrats have told Americans over 65 years of age that the Republicans are trying to kill them. By and large, the Republicans have retreated. The irony in this is that we now find ourselves saddled with a socialist health care plan that will most likely end up killing plenty of us before our time! But we digress. Race has become a third rail. We live in a country of double standards. If a white guy uses the N word, he is a racist; full stop. (A black man may use that word, but a white man may not.) And if a black man calls that white guy every ugly word ever invented, it is perfectly OK. How is that right? (Incidentally, when Rush Limbaugh called a young lady a “slut”, he was immediately condemned, but when uber-liberal comedian Bill Maher said something similar (actually much more vulgar) about Sarah Palin and her children, it was just good ole humor.) Well, it’s not right. Full stop. But no one in the public eye will touch the subject with a barge pole. The democrats have politicized the inconsistency to their distinct voting advantage. They smile cynically as mouthpieces like Al Sharpton (he who rose to fame from the flames of deceit he lit under Tawana Brawley’s bogus charges) run from coast to coast castigating the Tea Party and other conservative and/or libertarian causes as racist. What a sham. But in politics, voting numbers speak the loudest, and it is entirely clear that democrat pandering with the minority community has been very successful. (Does anyone really think the democrats believe that requiring a valid ID before being able to vote is actually racist?) But we digress again. Today’s tome is an ode to the female. Pierce Wire believes the 2012 election will be decided (to a very large degree) by women. Women are the lightning rods. Women are the deciders. Women, folks, are the 2012 third rail. So let’s break with tradition, and let’s talk about it!

Pierce Wire believes the 2012 election will be decided (to a very large degree) by women.

There is a story in Washington about a Republican insider who often tells candidates, “Listen to your wife”. We agree. That is very sound advice. The male politician who prances and preaches his way to the ballot box without listening very closely to the female(s) in his life does so at his own peril. Women don’t like popinjays. Women don’t like bloviators. Women just don’t like men who talk about women’s issues as though they know what to do better than women. However, women’s issues are men’s issues. Men and women form families and communities together. This is something progressive liberals don’t like. They seem to like separating women from men, and love from sex. Women’s issues are men’s issues — contraception, abortion and caring for children, to name a few. And on topics such as these, the democrats have successfully managed to separate love from sex and men from women. That just isn’t right! Alas, here is where it all gets tricky. The democrats have been much smarter (manipulative) about playing the female card. They have worked for decades to convince American women that they understand them. The most recent contraceptive debate is a perfect example of how democrat leadership can take a strictly Constitutional issue and turn it into an emotional wildcard. The entire discussion should be about whether the federal government can force religious organizations to offer contraception costs as part of their employee health care plans. Those who believe in the sanctity of the First Amendment (and the fact that our Founding Fathers absolutely envisaged a role for religion in this country unimpeded by the hand of government) now truly believe the government has crossed the line. Over the past three years,Pierce Wire has cited countless examples of the Obama administration having run roughshod over the Constitution (and Founding Father visions) in order to pursue its leftist social agenda. This issue is just the latest example. But the real problem here is the effectiveness with which the democrats play upon the emotions of women in America. Time and again they turn serious discussions into “us and them” moments. In every case, “us” are the compassionate democrats who seek to ensure that women’s’ rights and emotions are protected, and “them” are the heartless, arrogant, insensitive, vulgar, plodding, middle-aged white guy Republicans who wouldn’t understand a woman’s feelings if they jumped out of her brain (and heart!) and knocked him upside the head! Upon occasion, we revert to the first person. This is such an occasion. I have been married for twenty years, and have three daughters and a son. I write today’s blog as a husband and a father. You see, I want my daughters to be free to THINK! I do not want them to be considered as part of a constituency taken wholly for granted by a political party. I want them to be free to REASON. I do not want them to get sucked into one emotional vortex after another by calculating politicians who think they are smarter. You see, my daughters–women–UNDERSTAND the issues, and they know that NOTHING of consequence can be determined by raw emotion. Social expediency and harnessing the popular vote are not legitimate excuses for the cynical politics and manipulations of minority groups and women that are routinely employed by the left. I hate to mention him again, but to not inject Rush Limbaugh into the conversation is to avoid the elephant (so to speak) in the room. So let’s just put the cards on the table. Once in a while I listen to Rush. He has his good days and his bad days. I agree and I disagree. On the issues regarding the testimony of the young (ish) law student Georgetown who claimed she could not afford her contraceptives without a bona fide healthcare plan, Rush was RIGHT. On how Rush chose to mock the woman, he was WRONG; no more wrong than Bill Maher using the C word in reference to Sarah Palin, but wrong none the less,) But it’s the aftershock that we need to examine, as it was classic example of democrat manipulation. For the President to have called this lady to express his support is nothing short of a joke, and a bad one at that. Her testimony was factually and legally flawed. Georgetown has every right in the world to decide what it offers its students in the way of health care. The idea that society is responsible for providing her with a pregnancy-free sex life should be an affront to every American. The White House’s arrogance in tryIng to push such an idea on a religious group is even more of an affront because it is so clearly prohibited by the First Amendment. The democrats took a Constitutional debate and turned the spotlight on Rush. Abracadabra, all of sudden Rush is “them” and that means all Republicans hate young female graduate students who like sex. WHAT?! The implicit point here is that the truly liberated woman views men and women as equals, each with their different strengths. The democrats have positioned women as separate but equal. In effect, the democrats have introduced and institutionalized a gender-specific Jim Crow era, and millions of well-educated women have fallen into the trap. So as we look ahead to 2012, the election may very well come down to American women saying “NO” to democrat attempts to manipulate them and “YES” to choosing the candidate (and party) that can best pull our country out of its current quagmire. Young female voters are going to have to separate the wheat from the chaff and take the necessary time to understand what’s at stake. Mothers from ages 20 to 60 will have to look beyond the pandering from the left and tackle the moment at hand. And grandmothers will have to say “Where’s the beef!?!” to the old “the Republicans are out to kill you” shtick. The rancor from the Republican primaries will pass. The Republican who emerges must prove two things to the American female:

  • He will LISTEN, and his actions will reflect true respect for women in contradistinction to democrat pandering, and
  • He will honor our Constitution and our country.

Men and women must work together not as separates, but as equals, and recognize their respective strengths.

Wake Up Call!

Obamacare, Wake Up Call! | Opine NeedlesHello America, is anyone home? If you happened to somehow miss this week, you missed a doozy.

On Monday, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) rendered a mixed decision regarding Arizona’s immigration law. Whilst validating federal sovereignty on the fundamental question of whether Federal law usurps state law on this vexing issue, SCOTUS did uphold Arizona’s right to question the citizenship of those who their law enforcement officials have reason to believe may not be in the United States legally. Federal law stipulates that the US government is supposed to work with state law enforcement officers to enforce this portion of our immigration law. In a sign of total contempt for due process and the law, the Obama administration immediately pulled all support (program 278G) that it had previously given to Arizona. Let’s make sure we are all on the same page. The Federal Government has an OBLIGATION to enforce our laws! This is wanton lawlessness. It is the stuff of emperors and dictators. There should be more OUTRAGE!

On Thursday, we had the double-barreled Obamacare verdict followed by the Contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder. Those blasts are much stronger than grandfather’s 12 gauge. The validation of Obamacare is an abomination. There are more reasons than I care to recite; anyway if you are reading this blog, you know most of them. Here is the bottom line. Chief Justice Roberts committed the cardinal sin. He made law! SCOTUS’s job is to interpret Constitutional applicability (or lack thereof) in relation to the particular legal question at hand. Justice Roberts decided that no matter how many times the President told the American people the personal mandate was NOT a tax (it is a penalty—yea right) the only way the mandate could be deemed constitutional was to declare the penalty a tax! So Justice Roberts exposed the President’s lie by turning the penalty into a tax; thus making the law constitutional, as taxation (most, but not all would argue) is Congress’s domain. Suffice to say, if the progressive left continues to attack Justice Roberts as a puppet of the far right (which of course he has never been-nor should be!) the irony will be rich.

Then the House of Representatives did the only thing it could do. It held the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress. The AG did nothing but stonewall and prevaricate under oath. He would not turn over the subpoenaed documents. He behaved contemptuously, and now he is officially in contempt!

So what does this all mean? One must hope and pray it means this; anyone, and I mean anyone, who:

  • Cares about our dire fiscal straights,
  • Believes that we are an exceptional country full of people who do exceptional things,
  • Aspires for his or her children and grandchildren to have careers and lives full of hope, and
  • Knows that our best days can still lie ahead of us,

needs to do whatever he or she can to get as many people as possible to vote Republican in November. Mitt Romney is the candidate to support, as is every Republican candidate for Congress.

Folks, the only way we’ll be looking at Obamacare in a rear view mirror is to repeal it. The Supreme Court has ensured that repeal is our only option.

  • The only way we stand a chance of stemming the tide of profligate spending is to vote Republican.
  • The only way we stand a chance of maintaining (and growing) a viable manufacturing base is to give our entrepreneurs and capital providers the incentive and confidence they so desperately need to invest.

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again. This president and his administration are the most arrogant, dictatorial clan to ever inhabit the White House and cabinet level offices. They simply ignore whatever does not fit into their redistributionist agendas. They will not enforce laws that do not suit them. They think and act as though they are above the law. They are clearly on a mission. The question is, will enough Americans figure it out before November?

We are at the tipping point. There is no turning back.