Are These People Serious?

My last post was upbeat. It honored the life of a great public servant, George H. W. Bush. Alas, we have ushered in a new year, and a new Congress. And no new Congressperson more personifies the bizarre machinations of the left than does Alexandria Octavio-Cortez, a NYC born Latino. One of two things are happening here. She either really does not like anything about what has made the United States the singularly most successful experiment in freedom and upward mobility over the course of recorded history, or is she just another progressive leftist spouting populist drivel to incite the dreamers and free-lunchers to revolt? I don’t know.

Her Green New Deal is the most confounding document bandied about in Washington for a long time. Do these people understand that money is generated by the private sector? Sometimes I think they actually believe the Government makes the money we spend. Well, I guess, given our $22,000,000,000,000 deficit, one could argue the Government has done a pretty good job spending money it does not have, but that is another topic for another day. Let’s just dwell a moment on how downright crazy her Green New Deal actually is. I was pleased to see that potential independent candidate for President Howard Schultz was in Houston today, and called the Green New Deal “not realistic” and “immoral”. Run, Howard, run! Click here to read more about his comments in Houston. By the way, while all the focus is on climate change in this drivel, there are other lofty pro-growth goals stipulated. One that grabbed my attention is the that the Deal would provide “economic security to all who are unable or unwilling to work”. UNWILLING TO WORK! I rest my case on this one. Well, not quite….

I mean, these people don’t actually believe this stuff, do they?! When you read this palaver, do you find yourself wondering if the progressives actually have no idea what fuels the entire world economy? Do they think plastic grows on trees? Do they see planes, rockets, missiles, trains, and automobiles powered by solar energy? Is the next trip to the moon going to be wind powered? Americans are ready to tear down all inefficient buildings and houses, right? Maybe its time to invest again in buggy whips, because when the progressive luddites (that should be an oxymoron) finally take over, horse and wagon transportation will be in vogue! 

But seriously folks, I cannot figure out whether this is all a power ploy; something sweeping and grand to capture the imagination of the dreamers and mentally challenged. Surely the end game is about seizing control. Surely they do not actually believe what they purport to espouse!

I took some heart today in a Fox News poll which shows overwhelming support for capitalism over socialism. Click here to read this poll. It is comprehensive and no matter on what side of the aisle you may sit, it is worth your time.

We live in strange times. The left detests President Trump so much they will say and do anything to obstruct him. As I have said myriad times, I am no fan of Donald Trump. But I am 100% supportive of what the administration has done to support our middle class, and, in turn, the US economy. When I count the good things that have happened in the past two years compared to some decisions with which I disagree, the good things win! This country is so much better off than it would have been under four more years of democrat regulations and taxation. The numbers speak for themselves. And while we are on the numbers, can you tell me that you weren’t just a little agitated  during the State of the Nation address, when the “women in white” were so visibly angry at Donald Trump that their detestation of him blinded them from realizing how ridiculous it looked to not applaud the lowest white, black, and hispanic unemployment in US history? C’mon! Facts may be inconvenient truths for the left, but when one is on national tv, one should be somewhat sensitive to looking like an idiot.

How about those who have declared for the race to be the Democrat nominee? So far, the run should be called the “let’s see who can turn left and run as fast as possible into the abyss” race! Surely sane-minded democrats must be apoplectic at what they are witnessing. Don’t they see that the Democrats’ best shot is to nominate a moderate who can swing the independent vote? Alas, I am a Republican, so all I can implore them all to do is “keep running to the left”!

Lastly, and mostly as an aside, can you imagine the conversations Nancy Pelosi is having behind closed doors?  She is the Speaker. She wants to be the face of the party. But every day, one freshman congresswoman or another is stealing the limelight, and those lights do not reflect well on the Democrats. Poor Nancy. 

The gloves are off. I can’t wait to see the likes of Booker, Harris, and Warren pummel each other in their efforts to prove how much more socialist each one is compared to the other.

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Hypocrisy, But I Repeat Myself!

The Iron Lady of England. She was a strong leader who led England out of a massive economic hole created by socialist policies.

Rarely, (never, actually) do I write back to back blogs on the same subject. Well, rules are made to be broken.

The GOP appears to be making the tax reform bill better and better. Don’t get me wrong; what comes out of conference will still be a bill developed by Republicans looking over their shoulders, always fearing the 1% moniker. The Obama years left us with two legacies that will take time to eradicate. They are:

–deliberately heightened racial tensions, and

–economic warfare.

The first bullet speaks for itself, but in case you need a refresher course, I will give it to you in one word: Ferguson. Next subject please.

The second bullet should also be self explanatory, but I will use more than a word to explain. We are a nation that has always lauded entrepreneurs. Our colonists were capitalists. They were traders. They found ways to survive (and in many cases thrive) in spite of Big Brother (King George) making life more and more difficult for them. Over the centuries we have applauded success. Now, for some heinous and insidious reason, success is mocked. Success is greed. Success now foments social tension, and the cure is, (duh) higher taxes and redistribution!

Any nation of 330,000,000 people is going to have challenges. We have many. But the idea that the solution lies in eliminating income disparity is shamefully (and cynically) laughable. I think Margaret Thatcher explained it best when asked a question by William Buckley. She kept it simple! Click here to see for yourself. Even better (yes, it gets better!) watch Mrs. Thatcher take on the liberals in Parliament on the issue of redistribution. As she said, the left would “rather have the poor be poorer” than to admit conservative economic policies work. Watch her here. Now you have to admit, that is good stuff!

What it demonstrates, however, is that our problems are not new or unique. Progressive leftist redistributionists have been spouting this gibberish for decades. It is as it always has been. There will forever be those who wish to undermine the very foundation of our capitalist structure that has made us the economic superpower we are.

At the risk of repetition, I repeat that which was written last week:

“Time and again over the decades, tax reform has led to increased revenues to the US Treasury. When the environment is right for investment, American companies (big and small) have always spent money, hired people, and generated more tax revenue to Uncle Sam. Our deficit problems have nothing to do with tax reform. They are solely a function of the lack of willpower to come to grips with social spending that is completely out of control!”

It is not rocket science. But as long as we have the demogoguery of the Schumers, Warrens, and Pelosi’s of the left stirring up social unrest, we will always be fighting a rear guard action to help our economy (and our citizens) be uplifted.

Stay Strong, my friends!

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Dazed and Confused

Hillary continues to blame everything under the sun for her election loss.

Can anyone actually put today’s politics into rational perspective? I don’t know about you, but sometimes it is all a bit too daunting. And perhaps sometimes others should do the talking. This is one of those times. On June 1, Peggy Noonan wrote “I don’t want to beat up on Hillary Clinton. She thought she’d win and she lost, embarrassingly, to a man she considered deeply unworthy. At the same time she won the popular vote by 2.9 million. It would take anyone time to absorb these things emotionally and psychologically.

But wow. Her public statements since defeat have been malignant little masterpieces of victimhood-claiming, blame-shifting and unhelpful accusation. They deserve censure.”

She then said “She lost because America is a hopelessly reactionary country in which dark forces fight a constant “rearguard action” to “turn back the clock.” She lost because Republicans are both technologically advanced and underhanded. Democrats, for instance, use data and analytics to target and rouse voters—“better messaging.” Republicans, on the other hand, use “content farms” and make “an enormous investment in falsehoods, fake news, call it what you will.” Democrats “did not engage in false content.” She lost because of the Russians: “Who were they coordinating with, or colluding with?”

She lost because of “voter suppression” and “unaccountable money flowing in against me.” She lost because the Democratic National Committee didn’t help her. “I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party. I mean it was bankrupt. . . . Its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject money into it.

She lost because FBI Director James Comey told Congress the investigation regarding her email server had been reopened. “So for whatever reason . . . and I can’t look inside the guy’s mind, you know, he dumps that on me on Oct. 28, and I immediately start falling.”

She lost because she was “swimming against a historic tide. It’s very difficult historically to succeed a two-term president of your own party.” She lost because she was “the victim of a very broad assumption that I was going to win.” She lost because the news media ignored her policy positions.

And then there was sexism. “It sort of bleeds into misogyny. And let’s just be honest, you know, people who have . . . a set of expectations about who should be president and what a president looks like, you know, they’re going to be much more skeptical and critical of somebody who doesn’t look like and talk like and sound like everybody else who’s been president. Any you know, President Obama broke that racial barrier, but you know, he’s a very attractive, good-looking man.”

Oh my goodness, how she thinks.”

I could go on (or Peggy could-and did) but you get the point. As a Republican, I can’t tell you how much I hope Hillary deludes herself into considering another run at the White House. As a reasonable human being, I can’t imagine that ever happening. But good Lord, I could never imagine so much of what happens every day ever happening!

To summarize, here is my note to Hillary. ‘Hillary, enough already. Stop looking for scapegoats. You ran a horrible campaign. You had no resonating message. You cannot succeed on the politics of envy if you make people squirm when you talk. Get over it, and do so now, for your sake, your family’s sake, and out of compassion for your country.”

Moving on, I want address an issue that has been raised by two good friends. One is a registered democrat, and the other (I believe) considers herself to be independent. In both cases, they have taken umbrage at my reference to the progressive left and “dimocrats” as too broad and sweeping a characterization, and insulting to those who feel unjustly swept up in the wide swath of my broom. In hindsight, I do tend to throw all democrats to the wolves when I refer to the imponderably inane policies promulgated by their spokespeople. And for that, I apologize. There are obviously myriad forms of democrats just as there are many factions in the GOP. It is not fair to throw all who voted for President Obama or Hillary into the same fruit basket. Some deserve an opportunity to repent! Suffice to say, I will attempt to be more prescriptive in my future diatribes.

Moving on. The President’s overseas trip was good. I love the fact that he restored relations with the Sunni leaders in the Middle East, reiterated his support for Israel as our staunchest ally in the region, and visited the Pope. It was well conceived, and well executed. His ensuing NATO message was clear. He supports NATO, but deadbeats need to pay their fair share. (NATO also believes he supports the organization. Click here to read more.) Look, I don’t like the way President Trump says and does a lot of things. He is abrasive and can act like a bully. But at the end of the day, he is absolutely right to take on those NATO allies who have drafted on the back of our economic engine for far too long.

The budget is outstanding. (Click here if you want to read about it.) If any semblance of this White House budget is passed, we will see economic growth and, ultimately, increased revenues to the Treasury. (Once and for all, let’s put this piece of democrat propaganda to rest once and for all. In spite of all protestations to the contrary, the Laffer curve works. It worked wonderfully after the Reagan tax cuts. Yes, the deficit increased, but that is because we were in an arms build-up war with the Soviet Union. The irrefutable truth is that revenues to the treasury increased during those years. Click here to read more on this topic.) Just as important, we will see curtailment of runaway Federal spending. Folks, I said it in 2008, 2012, and 2016. We cannot keep spending money we don’t have! Sure, it would be wonderful to throw money at every problem that comes our way. Allow me to ask you a question. Is that the way you handle things in your family? Well, a nation is no different. It has to make tough decisions, and those tough decisions have been deferred for decades. If President Trump can actually make the buck stop “here”, (nod to President Truman) all power to him.

The Russia thing. Yawn. The only part of this whole story that intrigues me is if, at the end of the day, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller ends up focusing on the Obama administration  surveillance activities before and after the election, and conscious decisions taken to “unmask” names of American citizens; names that may have surfaced during (possible illegal) covert intelligence operations. This, folks, is where it could get interesting. Of course, if Mr. Mueller’s investigations do head in that direction, you may rest assured the main stream media will quickly lose interest.

And so there you have it. Not too much happening, right? Are you dazed and confused? I am.

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The Fat Lady Sang Nearly a Year Ago

fat ladyPlease don’t tell me you believe the recent spate of polls showing this Presidential race tightening. Folks, the fat lady sang, and she sang nearly a year ago. Seriously, most of the remnants of the Big Tent that was the Republican Party have been deluding themselves for at least a year. We live in strange times. The Democrats have nominated the most flawed, dishonest, disingenuous, elitist candidate possible, and yet their nominee will win. The election was over the day it became clear Donald Trump was going to wipe the Republican slate clean during the long, convoluted, mindlessly self-defeating primary process. Indeed, we have met the enemy and he is us.

Readers of Pierce Wire will know I am no fan of Donald Trump. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am voting for him. On the issues of taxes and the Supreme Court alone, he gets my vote. She (whom I cannot call by name without summoning bile) is simply so bad it defies the imagination that she will be our next President. Alas, barring a cataclysmic event, she will be our next President.

It could be so bad that we actually cede the Senate back to the socialists; whoops, I mean democrats. Even the House of Representatives may drop to a single digit majority. Woe are we. The ultimate woe would be losing the House too. Then even Katy won’t be able to bar the door. The horses will be out of the stable and you can kiss what we grew up knowing as “American Capitalism” goodbye. I’m not kidding. You’ll need to buckle your seat belts and get ready to take a ride on the redistribution express. She would make the O-man look like a novice.

From the ashes we will have to determine whether we want to rebuild the fire that was the Republican Party. We will have to figure out whether there are enough people “out there” who care about:

–celebrating traditional values,

–policies that help people lift themselves up,

–the notion that hard work should be rewarded, not taxed into oblivion,

–consistency and strength abroad, and, perhaps with tongue slight pressed into cheek,

–calling Islamic terror what it is without worrying about PC recriminations!

In short, we need to ascertain whether or not we can coalesce around the notion that we are the party that cares most about those who have been left behind, and it is the Republican economic platform (not Donald Trump’s inwardly focused deception) that will provide our great population with more chances to succeed.

We’ll need a new generation of leaders. Tom Cotton from Arkansas comes to mind. Click here to learn more about him.  It will take smart, dedicated public servants with an ability to connect with every day folk for the Republicans to emerge from the depths of the swamp into which they have willingly hurled themselves.

The tryouts for the opera and the opera itself were one and the same. Our chances of victory began and ended in the primaries. The fat lady sang months and months ago. It’s over.

Have I cheered you up?

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The Rape of Dignity and the Rise of Bread and Circuses

Trump in NHWhat hath we wrought? How deeply must we plunge the knife of ignorance into our national gut? Will we die before it’s too late? Is it already too late? Is ours the greatest societal suicide story ever told? Say what you will about Jeb Bush (and many of you no doubt will) but here is (was) a dignified statesman. This was a thoughtful candidate whose sound judgment could have steered a necessarily sober path through the economic and foreign minefields that have been strewn in our path. He is gone, and we are left with a “bread and circuses” campaign. Let’s face it; the lowest common denominator has won. The manipulators of public fear (on the right) and envy (on the left) now rule the day. Mother Dignity has been disgraced and is no longer valued as an American virtue.

The pundits have already sliced and diced the rise and fall of Jeb Bush’s campaign. Even here on the American Thinker pages the common refrain is touted. Jeb and his team “were unable to adopt to the changing political landscape and were crushed by their own hubris and incompetence.” American Thinker Article

Let’s accept all arguments regarding the reasons for Jeb’s failed campaign. We’ll take them at face value. The point is this; it’s not the point!

We stand on the precipice of something momentous. We are fighting for the very soul of our nation, yet the vast majority of Americans seem wholly oblivious. There are so many anomalies occurring at the same time that one struggles with where to start in decomposing this moment in time in which we find ourselves. Shall we start with Donald Trump?

Who are his supporters? This article provides some solid information. Real Clear Politics on Trump Supporters The more things change, the more they appear to stay the same. Watch this video of Archie and Edith Bunker. Archie Bunker on Washington politicians

Can you honestly tell me Mr. Trump is not exploiting today’s Archie Bunkers? Mr. Trump is not a Republican. Mr. Trump is running a campaign based on fear and loathing. His greatest applause line now involves getting his audiences to respond to his question regarding who will pay for his wall with a resounding chant of “Mexico!” Trump manipulates crowd on border wall You can’t make this stuff up, and if you did, no one would believe you.

Mr. Trump may well be the Republican nominee. Since this author has been singularly wrong about just about every political turn of events for the past eight months, the reader will not see any predictions in this article. Suffice to say we are in uncharted waters and something very big and very different needs to continue happening if Mr. Trump is to have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the Democrat nominee. The lessons of the last half-year are that maybe something that improbable may just happen.

Let’s not forget Ted Cruz. He is a Constitutional originalist who bends from time to time to stay relevant. His is a campaign of rebellion. Washington is the enemy. This campaign speech sums it up As angry as we are at President Obama for his intransigence and refusal to negotiate anything with anyone, why would a rationale voter think Ted Cruz would be any better? Gridlock driven by the right is no better than gridlock controlled by the left.

The Republicans don’t own all the craziness. What has happened that millions of millennials now think socialism is cool? How can we have degenerated to the point where the promise of free stuff becomes a sustainable political platform? In one of Margaret Thatcher’s last stands in Parliament, she tackled the issue of socialism head on. Thatcher tackles socialism in Parliament Where are our leaders today? More importantly, do we even have the intellectual capacity to listen any longer to common sense?

Would Bernie Sanders have been given a moment’s notice in campaigns over the past century? Is it conceivable that he or anyone similar to him would ever have been more than a blip on the political radar? This is the man who says “”If Wall Street does not end its greed, we will end it for them!” See Sanders speech here Yes, this man has mastered the politics of envy.

And then there is Hillary. What can one write that hasn’t been written? Not much. So let’s just say this. This is one flawed candidate; one who is completely out of touch with mainstream America, and whose stilted, scripted performances are painful to watch. Then there is the honesty issue. Folks, there is a reason people do not trust Hillary. Compilation of Hillary Misstatements

The bread is baked and the circus is in full swing. Dignity has no home and statesmanship a thing of the past. Lord help us.

The Pursuit of Happiness and It’s Relevance to the 2016 Election

Ronald ReaganIt is never easy to swim against the tide. If he were alive, you could ask Winston Churchill. He warned England (and the world) of the growing Nazi menace for nearly ten years before he was heeded. Alas it was too late and the world was plunged into a war that took the lives of more than 20,000,000 people.  (Listen to this radio broadcast in 1934.)

One could argue that all Republican Presidential candidates are swimming against the tide. The democrats have become remarkable successful at convincing the electorate that Republicans are the party of the 1%, and their policies are policies of greed, avarice, war on women, and destruction of the middle class. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it matters not that you and I know that. What matters is what main street America thinks. So the question is , what do we do about it?

The first thing we need to do is stop talking about what we are against. America needs to know what we are for! We can’t be seen as the harbingers of doom. It is our role to lift people’s spirits and give them reasons to be optimistic about the future. We do that by outlining how our policies will give them and their children more opportunity. We do that by outlining a path to happiness from the depths of despair; a path millions of Americans desperately need to see in front of them. I do not use the word “happiness” lightly. Neither did Thomas Jefferson. When our founding fathers settled on “…the pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence, they did so specifically to make the case that each American should have the right to pursue what he or she considers to be happiness. It could be a pursuit of God, family, love, job satisfaction, self-worth, you name it. The possibilities are endless, and that is exactly what our founders had in mind.

The pursuit of happiness has been drowned by a waterfall of leftist regulation, entitlements, and entrepreneurial stiff-arms. The path to happiness is impeded by the misguided notion that the government can create happiness for its citizens. This deception highlights the fundamental flaw underpinning the foundation of progressive liberal politics. If I had to identify the one tenet of liberal activism that most incenses me, it is the false promise that democrat social engineering produces a desireable outcome for the recipients of its largess. Democrats aren’t stupid. They know that their policies have failed for more than five decades. Their profligate unending social spending has only increased the ranks of our homeless and underprivileged, while simultaneously pushing our national debt and annual deficits to unsustainable levels. Yet they continue to mislead and deceive their political base. I cannot fathom how they have placed manipulation of the people who need them most and pursuit of raw political power ahead of our national interest. I equally don’t know how any rational person can look at what their policies have done to hurt those less fortunate while incurring obscene amounts of debt, and come to any other conclusion!

Conservatives have always cared about and for those less fortunate. There has always been a view that it is government’s job to provide a safety net for those less fortunate. But conservatives build their safety nets with pathways and incentives to upward mobility. Democrats put people in nets and then sew up the exit door; thus trapping the recipients into lives of permanent dependency and nearly impossible means to pursue true happiness.

For at the end of the day, what is happiness but a state of contentedness? At its core, happiness is the satisfaction of knowing that “it’s all good.” And as mentioned above, “it” can be anything!

Republicans need to lift people up by explaining in simple language how our policies are those which can create equal opportunity. Economic history is on our side. We must talk about solutions, not why democrat ideas are so bad. We have to talk about why our ideas are so good! In 1981, Ronald Reagan gave a televised speech to the American people. He didn’t mince words. He told them our country was a mess. He told them in terms everyone could understand. Then he told them how we could fix that mess. And he told them in ways everyone could understand. I encourage you to take 20 minutes to watch this speech here. Ronald Reagan knew just not how to communicate, but to do so in a way that gave people a reason to believe in their future.

No matter who our 2016 nominee is (and I continue to maintain it will not be Trump, Carson, or Fiorina) our candidate must find a way to express how our values are those which are time tested and will provide the best opportunities for those who need a break. Hillary Clinton is a flawed politician and a flawed candidate. She can be beaten. Many would argue the very soul of our nation hangs in the balance. I am one of those many. Let’s hope our candidate is smart enough to campaign about what can be done to lift people up, and not just what is so wrong with everything the democrats have done. let’s face it; we already know how bad it is. Now what are we going to do to fix it?

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Holy Hiatus!

The President does not lead because he does not believe America should lead.

The President does not lead because he does not believe America should lead.

OK, so those of you who profess to reading Pierce Wire from time to time might be wondering whether the author got in the way of one of the administration’s free speech purges. Remember Lois Lerner?

Do you know what is amazing? You probably had to scratch your head to actually remember Lois Lerner. You see, there have been so many improprieties in the past six years that they all tend to blend together. A scandal that may have shaken a Republican administration’s foundational tree at its roots is just another day at the office for the Obama regime.


This begets the question, “what hath we wrought?” Seriously, are Americans so immune to corruption and manipulation of fact that they simply don’t care anymore? Have years of distortion and progressive propaganda dumbed and numbed us to the point where we have made George Orwell’s 1984 a self-fulfilling prophecy?

There is a “glass half full” side of me that truly wants to embrace Jeb Bush’s contention that our best days actually can still be ahead of us. Jeb maintains there is no reason why our kids can’t have a better life than their parents. I want to believe that. But there are some things we need to do in order to create an environment for that aspiration to be given a chance to become reality. Namely:

–America’s teens and twenty-somethings need to wake up and realize no one owes them anything. This country’s meteoric ascent on this planet may have been a function of the right time, place, natural resources, and myriad other factors, but anyone who denies that the Protestant work ethic wasn’t the glue that held it all together does not understand American history. We have been a nation of achievers. In order to continue to be so we need yet another generation of Americans to achieve!

–We must halt the seemingly inexorable growth of wasteful social entitlements. This is not rocket science. Republicans must find a way (after fifty years of not being able to do so) to demonstrate that theirs is not a heartless creed. A true conservative is indeed compassionate, and part of that core value system is a belief in a social safety net. Alas, what we face today is something far different than a governmental safe port when elements of society are trapped  in personal storms. Democrats have hijacked the noble ideas that ignited the Great Society legislation and in so doing have created a permanent underclass in American society; one that is rewarded for not seeking employment! How ironic is it for President Obama to incessantly call out Republicans for their heartlessness when all data demonstrates unequivocally that the trillions of dollars directed toward entitlement programs have only caused more poverty and created an endless cycle of generational dependency? It’s about work, people, not handouts!

–American leaders need to lead. We may not have asked for our place in the world, but we own it. President Obama has spent 6 years trying to disown it. The President is ashamed of what he sees as our imperial past. He apologizes for the America we love. What he fails to understand is that without our hands on the helm the world will slip into anarchy. We are watching it happen right now. Putin is slowly clawing back what used to be the western perimeter safety shield for Russia. Putin is dumb like a fox. He sees the west as nothing more than a conglomeration of talking heads: all talk and too weak to take action. ISIS (the JV, as you will recall) continues to wreak havoc throughout the middle east, and their Boko Harem brethren threaten Nigeria and adjoining states. Mr. Obama continues to blame George W Bush for the evils that permeate the world. It is inconceivable in the world of realpolitik  to point the finger of blame in any direction other than directly at the President. His disengagement on virtually every front has left the world a far more dangerous place. And his obsession with doing a deal with Iran is simply mind boggling. In 2016 we must hope for a leader and a supportive Congress who will not hesitate to do the right thing when a situation arises in the world and America is the only country positioned to take action. The Bush doctrine, like it or not, is as applicable today as it was on September 12, 2001. If we don’t take the fight to our enemies, they will bring it to us.

–We need to stop being afraid to identify our enemies for what they are. ISIS is a loosely knit confederation of radical muslim terrorists. They want to plunge the world back into a darker than dark age. Should that be so hard to say? If there was a group of radical Christians intent on turning the world upside down and leaving a path of murderous destruction in their wake would anyone hesitate to call them radical Christian terrorists?

–We need to move beyond this horrible racial divide the current administration has legitimized. Do we still have racial tension in the US? Yes, of course we do. But the indisputable fact is that it is much worse today than it was in 2008, and that is because of a relentless focus by this President and his appointees to sow seeds of turmoil every time an opportunity arises. Who amongst us should not sympathize with police officers across the country? They have been vilified with the net result being that the same underclass that our Great Society created and perpetuated now considers police as the enemy. Whose job is it to get the underclass to take a step back and ask itself “what are we doing to lift ourselves out of this spiral? Is it possible we see police as the enemy because of something we are doing?”

–Stop treating business as the enemy! Success is not evil! Elizabeth Warren and President Obama represent a cynical populist brand of politics we may not have witnessed since William Jennings Bryan’s prominence at the end of the 19th century. It is so easy to attack success, and stir the passions of those less fortunate. It is also so wrong to do so. We need leadership to step up and make it clear that we applaud and reward success. We also must find a way to get people to understand that government does not make people successful. It’s government’s job to help create the environment for success. This current government demonizes success, and is predicated on the notion that people can only lift themselves up on the shoulders of government. One does not have to delve too deeply into world history to see that this thought process was also a common theme of many failed communist states.

–Embrace immigrants who come here for a chance at the American dream! We are a nation of immigrants and there is no reason Americans decades from now should not be saying the same thing. We are not a nation of xenophobes. Make the new generation of immigrants Republican by demonstrating to them that ours is the party of ideas and opportunity.

They say that blogs over 1000 words run the risk of losing the reader. And so I draw to a close. The list above is just a teaser. I could go on forever, as too, I am sure, could you. (If you have read this far, then you clearly care!)

More to follow!


Rudy Needs Nuance

The Mayor Wasn't Necessarily Wrong, But He May Have lacked Nuance

The Mayor Wasn’t Necessarily Wrong, But He May Have lacked Nuance

The mainstream media is having a veritable field day over Rudolph Giuliani’s refusal to backpedal from his assertion that the President does not love the United States. There are at least two conclusions drawn from this nonsense:

 — This non-news event is yet another example of our media’s fiddling while the real world burns, and

 — Giuliani has a point, but with the benefit of hindsight, he may have expressed himself in a more nuanced manner.


In case any American Thinker reader has been hiding under a rock for the past week, former mayor Rudy Giuliani attended a private dinner for Governor Scott Walker at the 21 Club in New York City. One of the dinner’s attendees decided to reveal a snippet of Giuliani’s remarks to the media. (Why some people like to wreak havoc for not particularly valid reason is a question for another day.) The tasty morsel for press consumption was that during dinner, the Mayor suggested President Obama does not love our country.

For the past five days, the outrage and vitriol from the left has only been increasing in its condescending vehemence. There is at least one confounding fact behind all this apoplexy; namely, since the Mayor is not running for office, who cares? Alas, since he is a Republican, he is fodder for the mainstream media and since he so willingly has made himself a target, they are quite happy to take their shots.  In the past week, Giuliani’s assertion has even been stretched into an accusation that his remark was a reflection of his deeply rooted racism!  (See interview here)  One thing is for sure; the left will never let an opportunity go by when there is even a possibility to play the race card.

 In May 2012 this author published a book entitled “Opine Needles”.  It was (still is) a compendium of blogs chronicling the first four years of the Obama administration.  In the Prologue is written:

 “…I am absolutely convinced that President Obama does not like the United States I love.  Allow me to be very clear.  I am NOT (no incredulity there; just a raised voice) suggesting that he does not love his country.  What I’m saying is not only does he not love but he does not even LIKE the United States that I love.  There is a distinction, and hopefully, with your perusal of Opine Needles, that distinction will become clear to you.” ( See Prologue Excerpt by clicking “Look Inside” on Book Cover)

 The point here is that anyone who has followed this President and his follies for the past six years can point to countless examples where Mr. Obama’s words and actions can only lead to one conclusion.  When he looks at our country, he does not see a pillar of freedom.  Nor does he see a bastion of hope and ray of light for all mankind.  Rather, President Obama is embarrassed by our heritage and more often than not wants to retreat from all that has made us an exceptional country. (See Excerpt from Mr. Obama’s “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” speech)

If Mr. Giuliani had nuanced his comments to follow the Opine Needles thought process, (either that night or during the ensuing kerfuffle,) all this may have been much ado about nothing.  After all, even the nattering nabobs on the left cannot argue that beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder. The real problem lies in the fact that the United States some of us hold dear and view as exceptional appears to be that which our President finds lamentable.

Many of us tell our children that while our love for them may be permanent and unconditional, that does not mean we have to like them all the time.  Mr. Obama would do well to apply that philosophy to the country that elected him (twice) to be its President.


The Illusory President

US relations with Israel have hit an all time low. This is not an accident.

US relations with Israel have hit an all time low. This is not an accident.

History is written by the winners. That is something one learns when reading about the eons. But even the winners can disagree. The pundits like to talk about the twentieth century as the American century. There is a sense of finality about that moniker; some think of the recently lapsed era with a nostalgic tinge of regret for the passing of a golden age, while others say “good riddance” to the imperial haughtiness that accompanied all things American in that last century. Our current President falls squarely in that latter camp.

This author does not believe that our best days are behind us. The world continues to teeter on the brink, as it bounces from one political and economic disaster to another. The United States, on the other hand, has managed to withstand six consecutive years of inept financial and political management. We are a resilient people. We are a resilient country. While we have nothing to apologize for when looking back, we should also feel no sense of loss as we look forward. We have greatness left in us. We only need to liberate the American spirt; one that has been pushed into a corner by repressive and misguided regulation and governmental malfeasance.

Some may argue use of the word “malfeasance” is harsh. To that I would only say that one man’s dishonesty is another’s truth. And there, in a nutshell, lies the conundrum that is the Obama presidency. It is important that you commit yourself to understanding the belief system(s) driving the behavior of our President and his kitchen cabinet.

President Obama has sought a legacy that revolves around his having been the catalyst for a permanent social, economic, and political upheaval in the United States. Cloaked by the lofty hope and change rhetoric (let’s face it, the man can read a teleprompter as can few others) the President set out to erase from existence the essence of a United States he had grown to resent and disdain. What some naively chalk up to incompetence is actually calculated and deliberate action. What may appear to be a White House lurching from one crisis to another is actually a White House whose progressive policies simply cannot keep pace with the real politic of today’s world.

There is a view that the President lacks a vision. I disagree. His vision from the day he took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was to turn our domestic and foreign policies upside down.

At home we know more than we care to about the incessant class warfare and repeated calls for more and more taxes on our producers. The President has made it very clear that he thinks everyone is owed a “fair share” regardless of his or her contribution. He has made it abundantly clear that successful entrepreneurs are successful because of the infrastructure the government has provided, and that success should rightly be more heavily taxed so those less fortunate can also be rewarded. As the smartest guys in the room (I am always awed by the academic pedigrees flaunted by the purveyors of progressive policies) it boggles one’s mind to wonder how each and every one of them can possibly have missed out on the study of economic history! Surely this must be an amazing coincidence, as it is the only possible explanation as to how or why those on the left can stand up and espouse policies that have never (ever!) stood the test of time. (Click here to listen to Milton Friedman explain reality to Phil Donahue–succinctly and with humor)

Overseas, he made the famous Cairo speech, (thus signaling a dawn of a new relationship between the US and muslim nations) and pushed the reset button with Russia. Many of his most loyal supporters did not recognize what he was doing. He was bound and determined to befriend Iran, even it it meant abusing our two closest allies in the Middle East (Israel and Saudi Arabia.) The Middle East is complicated and there is no greater example of that than knowledge of the delicate relationship between Israel and Saudi leadership. All one really has to know is that the rhetoric may be all about those horrible zionists, but the real threat to Saudi leadership is Iran. The mullahs in Iran worry the Saudis far more than Israel. President Obama has tripped over himself every step of the way in the Middle East. He abandoned Mubarak in Egypt, and virtually invited the disastrous Muslim Brotherhood takeover. That was strike one with the Saudis. He simultaneously and repeatedly (and does to this day) reached out to the Iranians in a desperate attempt to change the paradigm. He drew and erased red lines. He refused to accept any responsibility for the disintegration of the gains made during the Arab Spring, even though his hasty withdrawal of all US ground forces created such a huge vacuum that anarchy was the only possible outcome.

In Russia, he was famously caught telling Medvedev that he was sure he could deliver a missile agreement, but he just needed to wait until after the 2012 election. He seriously did not see a threat from Russia. Remember the Romney moment in the first debate? (Click here to refresh your memory!) The President was condescending, and the President was dead wrong.

The President has stood unalterably and immovably by his position that he would withdraw our troops from the Middle East, close down Guantanamo Bay, and engage Russia and Iran. He refuses to accept the fact that the bad guys do not share his Kumbaya (See a top level White House strategy session regarding Russia here ) approach to foreign policy. Is he inept? Maybe. But his approach to domestic and foreign policy has been consistent and unwavering. He refuses to be accountable for any misfortune. If problems occur, they are the result of the incompetence of his predecessor. What is important to understand is that it’s not just politics with him. He actually believes he is not at fault for anything that goes wrong.

So as you look ahead to 2016, it is incumbent upon you to appreciate the fervor with which this administration has been pursuing a deliberate tactic to push the United States into full retreat. The consequences of our diminished standing in the world are manifested around the globe every day. The good news is that the illusion has a sell by date, and we will have an opportunity to put someone in the White House who is not apologetic and who understands that the world is full of bad guys; if we do not stop them, they eventually will kill us. We need an end to illusions. It is time for straight talk.

Blood on Their Hands

de Blasio and Sharpton“Obama has fundamentally transformed America, all right, but not as he intended.” So sayeth Victor Davis Hanson in an outstanding article about the tragedy and travesty that have become the hallmarks of this horrendous administration. I encourage you to read his December 16th article. You may access same here.

I am going to say what no politician on either side of the aisle will dare say. Two New York City policemen were murdered yesterday; gunned down for the sole reason that they wore the uniform. This heinous act occurred for one reason; our nation’s police have been unjustly vilified by national leaders and sycophants. They have been branded as racists, tried by the politicians, “reverends” and  media, declared guilty, and now two of them have paid the ultimate price.

The blood of those two public servants is on the hands of the President, the Attorney General, the not-very-reverend Al Sharpton, the main stream media (who give this cabal credibility and air time) and every other worm in this great country who have used the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner to pursue their own personal and political agendas. Shame on all of them. They will naturally reject any suggestion that there is a causal link between the murder of two on NYC’s finest and their hyperbolic rhetoric over the last five months. They will point to the clear and present danger they identify as the seething, boiling cauldron of racism in the United States. None of them will stop for a moment and wonder why the facts do not support their contentions, and why the vast majority of American citizens (black, white, asian, and hispanic) have had enough of all this jabber.

Is there one iota of evidence leading the objective enquiring mind to conclude that the police involved in the deaths of Messrs. Brown and Garner would have behaved any differently if the deceased had been white, brown or for that matter, purple? These two men broke the law, resisted arrest, (in Brown’s case, he attacked the officer) and paid a tragic price. Contrary to what thousands of protesters either believe or would have one believe, there was no hands up surrender moment in the Brown death, and there was no chokehold in the Garner episode. Any death is tragic; there are always aggrieved family members and friends who are left to deal with the trauma. But to have vilified the police for doing their jobs has created an atmosphere of distrust and tension from coast to coast. The agent provocateurs of this current stain on our democracy have stoked the flames of a fire that serves only their purposes. Has anyone stopped to think about how Al Sharpton remains relevant in a post-racial America? Surely he and other leaders (including our President) wouldn’t stoop so low as to manufacture a moment in time to pursue their respective agendas?

Our core value system has fallen so far so fast that white people actually think twice about stating the obvious; what is happening across our country is nuts, cra-cra, and bonkers all wrapped up in one tidy racial molotov cocktail. One is reminded of the silent majority of the 1970’s. Of course the progressive left called them racists too. Maybe we are just stuck in a time warp and anyone who believes in upholding the law and perpetuating the American exceptionalism upon which this country has been built must by association be some kind of racist!

I’ve written this before but it merits repeating; I was proud of the United States when Barack Obama was elected as our 44th President. I didn’t agree with his politics, and every concern I had then has been wholly validated (plus some I would never have imagined). But I loved the message we sent to the world. Yes, we can elect a man of color to the highest office in the land, so put your stereotypes back in their little boxes. Jim Crowe is dead and buried. Go figure out something else about which to denigrate the United States of America because we just put a stake in the heart of the racism card.

I would never have dreamed that the President and members of his cabinet and outside advisors would use their bully pulpits to actually create racial animus. But they have done so, and the New York City police department mourns today because of it. Shame on all of them.