Chicken Littles!

leaders-leadIf one were to believe the leftist media (yes, I know, that is redundant in respect of almost every media outlet in the United States) one would be seriously concerned about the fate of our country.

Contrary to the 8 year grace period granted President Obama, (I mean, really, he has been given a hall pass from the day he was elected until now, and there is no reason to believe it will ever change) President-elect Trump has been under fire from the minute the unbearable, gut-wrenching reality hit home election night; that moment in time when the mainstream media had no choice but to admit their candidate was not going to win. They are relentless. Their skies really have fallen and they are putting chicken little to shame!

On that election night, one would have thought CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was going to break down and cry. MSNBC almost had to shut down; no one on the air could control their emotions! Bill Clinton’s old press secretary, George Stephanopoulos, led the ABC coverage. Viewers watched his face contort in agony as reality set in.

By 7 AM, the main-streamers had regained their composure and the attacks began.

Let’s just review a few post-election events, and let’s never forget Saul Alinsky’s golden rule. I paraphrase, but in effect, if you want to destroy someone, attack him or her ruthlessly, frequently, and never, ever, let truth stand in the way! No entity in the history of the body politic has more effectively embraced Alinsky’s strategy than today’s progressive left, and since the main stream media is a de facto mouthpiece for the left, they are leading the charge.

From day one of the transition, Trump has been accused of furthering the causes of racism and sexism. All he apparently had to do was wake up and put on his suit to engender those charges.

The left has “gone borneo” on the appointment of Breitbart’s Steve Bannon. I’ve followed Bannon. He says some provocative things. But he clearly is not a racist, nor is he anti-Jewish.  The left are unloading both Alinsky barrels on him. The point is, there is no way they are going to support any conservative choices for anything! If you want to know more about Steve, read this article in the WSJ. It is objective, and lifts the fog of democrat propaganda. Click here for the article. 

They say the transition is in utter disarray.

They cannot stand the fact that Trump tweets in the middle of the night. It is undignified; unbecoming of a world leader.

They say all his advisors are grumpy white guys; by definition that must make them losers, misogynists, and racists, right?

Elizabeth Warren is attacking Jeff Sessions, the nominee for Attorney General. Click here to see what she is saying. There is just one problem. The left is once again not letting truth stand in the way!

They can’t find enough Prilosec OTC when pondering the possibility of Giuliani being given a cabinet post.

They abhor what they see as his xenophobic approach toward Muslims and immigrants in general. (Have they actually bothered to read this team’s white papers?)

And the list goes on. Here is what you, good reader, need to know. It will never end. The left will never, ever give Trump a break. Do not hold your breath for it will not happen.

So what is happening? Well, it actually isn’t that complicated. They lost, and they cannot believe it when people they detest are given jobs. I guess they thought Trump might ask Hillary and Bernie if they wanted seats at the table. Wait, what, he isn’t going to offer top posts to liberals? Who does he think he is?

Heh, lefties, get over it! You lost. You hate everything that is happening now. You are lashing out. You are in shock. You can’t believe it. Well, get used to it. Tell your useless, grungy protestors, (40% of whom did not even bother to vote) to go back to their caves and save their energy for something other than looting, violence, and wasting law enforcement budget money. Tell your people that to protest is a right, but learn to protest with dignity. (And you might wish to tell them that if they actually bothered to vote, it might help your cause.)

I cannot bring this tome to a close without mentioning (once again) that while I voted for Donald Trump, I hardly find him to be an appealing human being. But guess what? That doesn’t trouble me in the slightest. He is going to be our President. We are going to have a better tax structure (more jobs!), stronger national energy plan, a Supreme Court nominee who believes in upholding the Constitution (in other words, he or she will not support the contention that what the Founding Fathers thought was important is no longer relevant in today’s world) and, (ready for this?) I actually think we stand a chance of a cogent immigration reform bill being passed by Congress and signed by the President. There, I said it. You don’t have to like the guy, but why on earth not root for his success?

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The Fat Lady Sang Nearly a Year Ago

fat ladyPlease don’t tell me you believe the recent spate of polls showing this Presidential race tightening. Folks, the fat lady sang, and she sang nearly a year ago. Seriously, most of the remnants of the Big Tent that was the Republican Party have been deluding themselves for at least a year. We live in strange times. The Democrats have nominated the most flawed, dishonest, disingenuous, elitist candidate possible, and yet their nominee will win. The election was over the day it became clear Donald Trump was going to wipe the Republican slate clean during the long, convoluted, mindlessly self-defeating primary process. Indeed, we have met the enemy and he is us.

Readers of Pierce Wire will know I am no fan of Donald Trump. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am voting for him. On the issues of taxes and the Supreme Court alone, he gets my vote. She (whom I cannot call by name without summoning bile) is simply so bad it defies the imagination that she will be our next President. Alas, barring a cataclysmic event, she will be our next President.

It could be so bad that we actually cede the Senate back to the socialists; whoops, I mean democrats. Even the House of Representatives may drop to a single digit majority. Woe are we. The ultimate woe would be losing the House too. Then even Katy won’t be able to bar the door. The horses will be out of the stable and you can kiss what we grew up knowing as “American Capitalism” goodbye. I’m not kidding. You’ll need to buckle your seat belts and get ready to take a ride on the redistribution express. She would make the O-man look like a novice.

From the ashes we will have to determine whether we want to rebuild the fire that was the Republican Party. We will have to figure out whether there are enough people “out there” who care about:

–celebrating traditional values,

–policies that help people lift themselves up,

–the notion that hard work should be rewarded, not taxed into oblivion,

–consistency and strength abroad, and, perhaps with tongue slight pressed into cheek,

–calling Islamic terror what it is without worrying about PC recriminations!

In short, we need to ascertain whether or not we can coalesce around the notion that we are the party that cares most about those who have been left behind, and it is the Republican economic platform (not Donald Trump’s inwardly focused deception) that will provide our great population with more chances to succeed.

We’ll need a new generation of leaders. Tom Cotton from Arkansas comes to mind. Click here to learn more about him.  It will take smart, dedicated public servants with an ability to connect with every day folk for the Republicans to emerge from the depths of the swamp into which they have willingly hurled themselves.

The tryouts for the opera and the opera itself were one and the same. Our chances of victory began and ended in the primaries. The fat lady sang months and months ago. It’s over.

Have I cheered you up?

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Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong

Trump and CruzWrong, wrong, and wrong-that is what I have been for the past ten months. When it comes to politics, I have never been so wrong, so often, and for so long. As I prognosticate my way to November, all I can say now is that I hope I actually am wrong, wrong, wrong. That’s because I no longer see a path to victory.

Now don’t get me wrong! I have sensed the outright anger amongst the electorate and written about it for years. But I completely missed how this anger would manifest itself. How could anyone have possibly predicted:

–an avowed socialist is giving a completely untrustworthy, manipulative career politician a run for her money for the Democrat nomination, and

–a blowhard reality television star and self-declared business mogul is vying for the Republican nomination with a renegade Texas senator best known for reading “Green Eggs and Ham” while he single-handedly protested “Obamacare?”

The anger has not forged the band of Republican brothers united in a single cause; i.e., the defeat of Hillary Clinton to ensure (among other things) the:

–salvation of our economy,

–restoration of a cogent platform from which we will conduct our foreign affairs, and

–nomination of a Supreme Court justice who will ensure the Constitution will not be abused by decisions made by a 5-4 liberal majority intent on making new law.

No, instead, we have witnessed palpable anger that has rejected any Republican candidate (but perhaps for Governor Kasich) who can even remotely be associated with the “establishment” (whatever that is) and has gravitated instead toward unelectable blowhards.

Now, remember, I have been wrong, wrong, wrong, so logic would dictate that as I write I am wrong, wrong, wrong! That notwithstanding, I am pretty sure I am right, right, right that if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, Hillary Clinton will be our next President. This election should be the Republicans’ to lose, and darn if we aren’t doing just that! What a national tragedy.

I want to be very clear. I will vote for the Republican nominee, no matter who that person is. We simply cannot afford 4-8 more years of this unmitigated national nightmare. I will hold my nose and pray, but the vote will be for the GOP. As we have clearly seen and as evidenced by my being wrong, wrong, wrong, I fear I will be in the minority. The votes we need (the independents, the Hispanics, more African Americans, the millennials) will either stay home or vote for Hillary. Folks, the numbers don’t add up. We could be headed for a Johnson-Goldwater debacle. If you are a Republican and care about your country, I implore you to commit yourself to stopping more progressive leftist destruction. To not vote is to open the door for Hillary.

Then there is the Convention. The talking heads cannot get enough of the Convention conjecture. Well, I am not going to be wrong about that because I am here to tell you that I have no earthly idea what will happen when the Republican rank and file congregate in Cleveland. There are any number of scenarios; my point is that none of them are very good!

So here I am, Mr. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and I’m here to tell you to expect more of the same. I mean, anyone who has been so wrong so often for so long has absolutely no reason to believe he will start being right anytime soon!

But before I leave you, let’s see if we can depart with a smile on our faces. So check out this video of Jimmy Fallon (playing Donald Trump) talking to Ted Cruz…It is funny!

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The Rape of Dignity and the Rise of Bread and Circuses

Trump in NHWhat hath we wrought? How deeply must we plunge the knife of ignorance into our national gut? Will we die before it’s too late? Is it already too late? Is ours the greatest societal suicide story ever told? Say what you will about Jeb Bush (and many of you no doubt will) but here is (was) a dignified statesman. This was a thoughtful candidate whose sound judgment could have steered a necessarily sober path through the economic and foreign minefields that have been strewn in our path. He is gone, and we are left with a “bread and circuses” campaign. Let’s face it; the lowest common denominator has won. The manipulators of public fear (on the right) and envy (on the left) now rule the day. Mother Dignity has been disgraced and is no longer valued as an American virtue.

The pundits have already sliced and diced the rise and fall of Jeb Bush’s campaign. Even here on the American Thinker pages the common refrain is touted. Jeb and his team “were unable to adopt to the changing political landscape and were crushed by their own hubris and incompetence.” American Thinker Article

Let’s accept all arguments regarding the reasons for Jeb’s failed campaign. We’ll take them at face value. The point is this; it’s not the point!

We stand on the precipice of something momentous. We are fighting for the very soul of our nation, yet the vast majority of Americans seem wholly oblivious. There are so many anomalies occurring at the same time that one struggles with where to start in decomposing this moment in time in which we find ourselves. Shall we start with Donald Trump?

Who are his supporters? This article provides some solid information. Real Clear Politics on Trump Supporters The more things change, the more they appear to stay the same. Watch this video of Archie and Edith Bunker. Archie Bunker on Washington politicians

Can you honestly tell me Mr. Trump is not exploiting today’s Archie Bunkers? Mr. Trump is not a Republican. Mr. Trump is running a campaign based on fear and loathing. His greatest applause line now involves getting his audiences to respond to his question regarding who will pay for his wall with a resounding chant of “Mexico!” Trump manipulates crowd on border wall You can’t make this stuff up, and if you did, no one would believe you.

Mr. Trump may well be the Republican nominee. Since this author has been singularly wrong about just about every political turn of events for the past eight months, the reader will not see any predictions in this article. Suffice to say we are in uncharted waters and something very big and very different needs to continue happening if Mr. Trump is to have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the Democrat nominee. The lessons of the last half-year are that maybe something that improbable may just happen.

Let’s not forget Ted Cruz. He is a Constitutional originalist who bends from time to time to stay relevant. His is a campaign of rebellion. Washington is the enemy. This campaign speech sums it up As angry as we are at President Obama for his intransigence and refusal to negotiate anything with anyone, why would a rationale voter think Ted Cruz would be any better? Gridlock driven by the right is no better than gridlock controlled by the left.

The Republicans don’t own all the craziness. What has happened that millions of millennials now think socialism is cool? How can we have degenerated to the point where the promise of free stuff becomes a sustainable political platform? In one of Margaret Thatcher’s last stands in Parliament, she tackled the issue of socialism head on. Thatcher tackles socialism in Parliament Where are our leaders today? More importantly, do we even have the intellectual capacity to listen any longer to common sense?

Would Bernie Sanders have been given a moment’s notice in campaigns over the past century? Is it conceivable that he or anyone similar to him would ever have been more than a blip on the political radar? This is the man who says “”If Wall Street does not end its greed, we will end it for them!” See Sanders speech here Yes, this man has mastered the politics of envy.

And then there is Hillary. What can one write that hasn’t been written? Not much. So let’s just say this. This is one flawed candidate; one who is completely out of touch with mainstream America, and whose stilted, scripted performances are painful to watch. Then there is the honesty issue. Folks, there is a reason people do not trust Hillary. Compilation of Hillary Misstatements

The bread is baked and the circus is in full swing. Dignity has no home and statesmanship a thing of the past. Lord help us.

When Fiction Blurs into Fact, and No One seems to Notice

Saul AlinskyPierce Wire provides data to help you understand the shifting dynamics that ultimately dictated the outcome of the 2012 election. In doing so we hope to provide enough information to empower you take steps to prevent a repeat in 2016! Data is data and facts are facts. This article, however, is about something more insidious. I write today to help you understand the philosophy that has guided the Obama administration since well before its inception. This is a win at all costs strategy, and if the truth must be sacrificed to gain an advantage, then say goodbye to the truth. Indeed, in this administration, fiction has so often been blurred with fact that it is simply impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins!

To understand what drives the President and his closest advisors, one must start with Saul Alinsky. He was born in 1909 and died in 1972. In that short 63-year span, he became one of the most famous proponents of progressive politics in the world. He was a community organizer and political activist. Perhaps not surprisingly, he grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Chicago. He was very popular with the anti-establishment crowd that developed in the late 1950’s and carried on until the Reagan Revolution.

Some of Alinsky’s best-known strategies were:

–“If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a   positive.”

–“A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

–“Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.”

–“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Read between the lines. Alinsky was smart enough to know that the cynical politician could manipulate his “base” by developing themes that appeal to the mass populace and simultaneously demonize the opposition. Community Organizer, Senator, and ultimately President Obama lauded Saul Alinsky. Look at the quotes above one more time, and think about how Barack Obama’s core campaign (the one that never ends) strategies were (and still are) drawn from those thoughts. Truth is wholly irrelevant; victory is the goal. Most important is to “freeze” and “ridicule” the opponent, while pushing the “negative hard enough” so it will “become a positive”. In other words, President Obama and his Chicago based team learned from the master. They did not (and do not) let facts get in the way of their use of fiction to pursue their agenda; all under the illusion of fact-based truth. While I could detail a laundry list of examples does one really need to look further than the current IRS scandal?

Ardent Obama supporters are activists in their own right. Without exception their implicit mantra is “the end justifies the means.” This comment is not made lightly. We are in uncharted waters with this administration, and it’s important that everyone who seeks knowledge appreciates this fact. If you are old enough to remember Richard Nixon and the Watergate fiasco, you will remember that hubris toppled the Presidency, and both parties in Congress lined up in opposition to the offending President. What a stark contrast to our present state. Today we have witnessed an unprecedented assault on the core values the majority of Americans (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, men and women) still hold dear.

History will remember the Obama years as some of the most bitterly partisan in our history. There is a reason. The President was never interested in compromise. His agenda was set, and he has spent (and will spend the balance of) his time in office pursuing his goals. The President believes the fabric of American society is woven unequally, and the only way to balance the weave is for government to make the rug.

All readers must make their own minds up about the role they believe government should play in their lives. The President fervently believes in legislated outcomes. I believe in minimal government involvement in our lives, and when government legislates it should do so in order to ensure the playing field is level, but the actual result (outcome) is left up to the participants; the American workforce.

One of the more disturbing features of this administration is its oft-repeated proclivity to simply “make law”. The Constitution makes it clear that Congress is responsible for making law. President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder clearly decided on day one that if they could not impose their will on Congress, they would ignore the law and pursue their agenda: all the while blaming Congress! (“Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.”)

This article is not written to implore the reader to reconsider his or her support for President Obama’s policies. I only ask you to understand his background, vision, and motives. To understand his agenda and roots is to better comprehend his rhetoric and actions. If one digs beneath the surface on matters ranging from the deficit debate, debt ceiling, Benghazi, Syria, Ukraine, IRS abuse, VA scandal, Keystone Pipeline, Fast and Furious, NLRB shenanigans, and the prisoner exchange of five murdering terrorists for our lone soldier, one will see a constant pattern of prevarication and obfuscation. In every crisis, the President invariably feigns initial surprise and dismay, which is then followed by a period of silence, and the circle is ultimately completed by a display of contempt and dismissal. “Ridicule” is a core component of the contempt and dismissal phase.

So when is enough enough? I would suggest enough is more than enough when Fiction blurs into Fact, and no one seems to notice.