The Fat Lady Sang Nearly a Year Ago

fat ladyPlease don’t tell me you believe the recent spate of polls showing this Presidential race tightening. Folks, the fat lady sang, and she sang nearly a year ago. Seriously, most of the remnants of the Big Tent that was the Republican Party have been deluding themselves for at least a year. We live in strange times. The Democrats have nominated the most flawed, dishonest, disingenuous, elitist candidate possible, and yet their nominee will win. The election was over the day it became clear Donald Trump was going to wipe the Republican slate clean during the long, convoluted, mindlessly self-defeating primary process. Indeed, we have met the enemy and he is us.

Readers of Pierce Wire will know I am no fan of Donald Trump. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am voting for him. On the issues of taxes and the Supreme Court alone, he gets my vote. She (whom I cannot call by name without summoning bile) is simply so bad it defies the imagination that she will be our next President. Alas, barring a cataclysmic event, she will be our next President.

It could be so bad that we actually cede the Senate back to the socialists; whoops, I mean democrats. Even the House of Representatives may drop to a single digit majority. Woe are we. The ultimate woe would be losing the House too. Then even Katy won’t be able to bar the door. The horses will be out of the stable and you can kiss what we grew up knowing as “American Capitalism” goodbye. I’m not kidding. You’ll need to buckle your seat belts and get ready to take a ride on the redistribution express. She would make the O-man look like a novice.

From the ashes we will have to determine whether we want to rebuild the fire that was the Republican Party. We will have to figure out whether there are enough people “out there” who care about:

–celebrating traditional values,

–policies that help people lift themselves up,

–the notion that hard work should be rewarded, not taxed into oblivion,

–consistency and strength abroad, and, perhaps with tongue slight pressed into cheek,

–calling Islamic terror what it is without worrying about PC recriminations!

In short, we need to ascertain whether or not we can coalesce around the notion that we are the party that cares most about those who have been left behind, and it is the Republican economic platform (not Donald Trump’s inwardly focused deception) that will provide our great population with more chances to succeed.

We’ll need a new generation of leaders. Tom Cotton from Arkansas comes to mind. Click here to learn more about him.  It will take smart, dedicated public servants with an ability to connect with every day folk for the Republicans to emerge from the depths of the swamp into which they have willingly hurled themselves.

The tryouts for the opera and the opera itself were one and the same. Our chances of victory began and ended in the primaries. The fat lady sang months and months ago. It’s over.

Have I cheered you up?

More to follow-


  1. Douglas Holmes says

    Last time I checked election day is Tuesday 8 November – yes I know a good portion of voters vote early – so don’t be bringing out the the weight challenged person just yet. You may not like Trump but he is the front end of a Movement, – a really HUGE Movement – that just might bring down the corruption of Washington this November. Please everyone get out and vote for Trump to stop the Clinton Crime Family. Not over yet…Best Q

  2. Artie says

    The process was a mess from the start. The head of the RNC needed to manage the process better. 17 candidates bashing each other in separate debates? Whose idea was that. The chairman needed to tap some of the candidates on the shoulder and say, “This is not your year. You are clouding the process. Go out, do a good job and come back to us in four years.”

  3. cindi cronk says

    I am sick to my stomach over all this. I can barely watch the news; am in agony every time I log into social media and literally wish I could crawl under a rock until it’s all over. With “her” in the big white house; I will likely want to stay under that rock until January 2021. She just disgusts me. Trump may not be perfect, and he has certainly committed every faux pas a candidate could muster, but he is, for all intents and purposes, our republican candidate and therefore, he is my candidate. There is good in many things he has said; at least when he keeps his foot out of his mouth long enough to stick to the political agenda.

  4. says

    You are spot on, but I hope that you are wrong about the election. I , too, voted for Trump, but he is no gem. I just see the Clintons self-destruct more each day, and I hope that it comes to a crecendo right before the election. I do not want Hillary nominating up to 5 Supreme Court Justices who our grandchildren will have to live with for their lives, when they inherit trillions in debt and are 29% of the population as opposed to 51% Latino, who will more than likely run the place .

    • says

      I wholeheartedly and I have friends right here in H-Town who are so blindly loyal to the democrat party that they refuse to see her for who she is and what she represents…

  5. says

    #HappyHeart, Jim. As Emma as reminded me from Florence + The Machine , “it’s always darkest before the dawn.” Hopefully this is the wake-up call the Republican Party needs. We’re looking forward to and you’ll be invited to a TGIO Happy Hour on Friday, 11/11/2016 … I’m buying. Lance

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