The Hypocrisy of the Left

I wrote an article a few days ago that managed to anger many readers who lean to the right, and (not surprisingly, I guess) please those who lean left. In the aforementioned article, I saidTo be clear, just today I signed a petition for a recount in several battleground states. Do I think this was a clean election? No. Do I think voter fraud is a clear and present danger? Yes. But do I think there was such rampant fraud that SCOTUS (because that is where all roads would lead) would have enough evidence to declare the election results null and void? No.

My main point was that when all the election litigation is said and done, my guts tell me Mr. Biden will still be the President-elect, and I implored Mr. Trump to exit with grace and dignity.

If I am wrong, and Mr. Trump’s legal team actually has enough compelling evidence to reverse the results of the election, then I will own being wrong, and I will be the first to resoundingly say “the system works!”

Now hear this. The left is borderline apopletic over the idea that Mr. Trump wants to contest the results in several battleground states. Attorney General Barr has now authorized his Justice Department to investigate all “valid” claims of fraud and/or miscreant behavior. The horror!

What an utter load of manure. A considerable portion of the left never (and I mean never) accepted Donald Trump as a duly elected President. They then spent four years trying to de-legitimatize him. They stopped at nothing. They lied. They fabricated an entire Russian hoax. The scandal went all the way into President Obama’s circle of knowledge, and included the sitting CIA Director, and, of course, Hillary Clinton. They have never been held accountable.

We live in a world of double standards. What should be abundantly clear to all is that there is a progressive narrative and it is almost unilaterally supported by the main stream media. It is virtually impossible to get to the actual nub of any story. Media reports today are based upon layer after layer of subterfuge. It is embarrassing. It is scary.

I am not ready to say I was wrong when I wrote that the net result of all this litigation will still be the election of Mr. Biden. But I am ready to say I should have given more time to acknowledging the stunning hypocrisy of the left. Even Mr. Biden has morphed within a week from saying that every vote must count to saying “The people of this nation have spoken. They have delivered us a clear victory. A convincing victory.”

Ummm. There is nothing “clear” or “convincing” about last week’s election. That is the stuff of cloud-cuckoo land.

The attacks from the left have already begun. It is very reminiscent of the Nazi Brown Shirts in the 1930’s. AOC is sending tweets threatening to keep lists of all those who supported Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi is refusing to repudiate socialism. Hey, folks, you get what you pay for!

As George W Bush said in his statement over the weekend, “President Trump has the right to request recounts and pursue legal challenges, and any unresolved issues will be properly adjudicated. The American people can have confidence that this election was fundamentally fair, its integrity will be upheld, and its outcome is clear.” I agree, and the fact that millions of those who lean left think it is outrageous that the President hasn’t yet conceded, is, well, hypocritical! I guess we shouldn’t expect any other behavior from them. It is their way or the highway and it has ever been thus.

To be clear, I am writing solely about the integrity of the American election process, without which we are nothing. Nada. Zippo. All Americans should want to know that all (and only) legal votes have been counted. The last thing Mr. Biden should want is the knowledge that he would take the oath in January, and a minimum of 70,000,000 people think he won by crooked devices. Joe Biden should be first in line to advocate for a clear and decisive victory. Where we stand now is anything but that.

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  1. uncle roger says

    My dear friend, your last post was absurd/wrong/pathetic (I can go on for hours).
    Hold your horses, let it all play out and then we can talk all you want.
    It is NOT over yet and let’s not jump into conclusions.

    I am also done with FOX.
    Starting a new network; TNN: Trump News Network (TV, Radio, Print), where you will get TRUE and Conservative news

  2. Aage Figenschou says

    I guess we are all hypocrits from time to time.
    This was the Republican position in 2018
    Now it is the opposit. Memory in politics is very short.
    The election showed that the voters din not reject republican policies, but they did reject Trump.
    The republican party should get over Trump and his lost election.
    I admit my perspective is from Europe, but some distance often gives a different perspective.

    • says

      Thanks Aage–that is why I try to be very clear at the conclusion of my article that my concern is with the integrity of the election process. Our country must ensure the results are honest and fair, and not look the other way just because some do not like the candidate.

  3. elizabeth kiernan says

    Of course if Democrats believe the election was legitimate they should applaud the “recount”.
    It is all gaslighting by them and the media !

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