Time to Go

Alas, Mr. President, it is time to do the right thing. There is a time honored tradition in the United States, and you are not exempt. Exit stage right, and do so with grace and dignity. Please.

To be clear, just today I signed a petition for a recount in several battleground states. Do I think this was a clean election? No. Do I think voter fraud is a clear and present danger? Yes. But do I think there was such rampant fraud that SCOTUS (because that is where all roads would lead) would have enough evidence to declare the election results null and void? No.

These blue states need to get their acts together. Allowing ballots to be postmarked up until election day is a sham. Closing ballot stations off and counting ballots in secret is appalling. Ballots should be received by election day, full stop. Election day is election day. By the next morning, there should be a winner and a loser. This isn’t rocket science. Pennsylvania set itself up to be a laughing stock and it did not fail in achieving that outcome.

All eyes are (or should be) on Georgia. My guess is that we will see hundreds of millions of dollars poured into what appears will be two US Senate run-off elections. On the outcome of those races hangs the balance of power. On the outcome of those races hangs the only hope for checks and balances in the next several (well, two, for sure) years.

The Democrats will stop at nothing to achieve a 50-50 split in the Senate, so Vice President elect Kamala Harris can swoop in and break all tie votes. Folks, if the GOP doesn’t hold the Senate, Katy bar the door!

Let’s just reflect for a moment on what an actual blue wave will do to this country. In short, we will witness an all out effort to 1) re-regulate American business, 2) eliminate right to work states, 3) impose higher personal and corporate taxes, while restoring tax breaks to all blue states-oh, the irony- 4) eliminate the presently favorable death tax structure, 5) resurrect the Paris climate accord, 6) destroy energy independence by attacking fossil fuel exploration and development, 7) attack the men and women in blue, 8) re-engage with Iran, 9) make Palestinian agreement a prerequisite to any further Middle-Eastern peace agreements, 10) “pack” the court, 11) add DC and Puerto rico as states, and 12) generally attack our entire history and all that has made this a great country. I kid you not. They do not like us.

Let me be clear, lest someone attack me for saying “they do not like us”. “Us” is every hard working American who believes in equal opportunity and not guaranteed outcome. “Us” is white, black, brown, purple, I don’t care. “Us” is straight, gay, LGBTQ, I don’t care. “Us” is us. OK?

Let’s also hone in on my points above. I am not worried about Mr. Biden. And that is the point, see? Mr. Biden has little chance of being a strong leader. He is surrounded by power hungry haters; people whose entire careers have been predicated on sowing seeds of racial and economic division. And therein lies the irony. They successfully ran a campaign based on one thing; their detestation of Donald Trump. They said he is a racist. They said he is the most divisive President in US history. As my mother used to say, “Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!” The entire progressive movement is based on sowing seeds of anger, discontent, jealousy, and divisiveness. It is alarming, and it is shameful.

So no, this election is not over. it’s now very much centered in Georgia. But for you, Mr. President, it is over. We know you don’t like it. We know you believe you were cheated. Its just not going to come out that way in the wash. When all is said and done, the result will be what we know it to be today. So it’s time to go, and I’ll say it again; it’s time to go with grace and dignity. Please.

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  1. Jonathan Helitzer says

    It won’t be six months into the Harris/Biden administration before all the multitude of identity-driven victims turn on each other due to the “inequality” of what they’ve been pandered to, I meant promised. And they will tie themselves in knots to adhere to using PC accepted forms of address and language.

    Having elevated all to victim status and appeased their feelings, Kamala & Joe will be surrounded by Veruca Salt’s and will have no choice but to repeatedly agree how unfair life is and how much their feelings have been hurt.

    Should be a good show.

  2. Peregrine Towneley says

    Not being an American, but having a deep respect for and love of so much of your country’s characteristics and idiosyncrasies I am optimistic that your heart felt expressions of dismay below will not come to pass but that we will indeed see a broadening of the debate and an inclusion of and representation in the new administration of differing political views. I hope so anyway, as this should create a more rational and unified approach. Until then my hope is that everyone, especially commentators, hold their breath to cool their porridge. If the cards fall as Jim suggests then all hell might well break loose and I will be proven wrong. I pray not, and I pray that having said for some time that the character of a leader matters, this is now proven to be the case. Alea iacta est as Julius Caesar might have said.

      • Patricia McCarthy says

        I’m going to disagree, not so much with your assessment of where we are, the need to move forward, echoed in these responses, but the timing of your suggestion.

        Donald Trump is still currently the leader of the Republican Party. With the very plausible claims of voter fraud, not withstanding deeper dives into such rich reflections on topics like Cloward-Piven, the possibilities for interference in our election seem to grow every day. We have states called by media with 94% counted alongside others that seem frozen. at 99%. I won’t continue lest it be labeled more conspiracy drivel, but I feel strongly that this is cause for at least pause.

        The swamp has an unenviable way of operating and will continue. If we continue to tolerate, dismiss or discount their hubris driven abuse of power then we are cowards.

        I agree with your prediction of how this will end, and share your desire for DJT to show some professional class, but for now he is the heart and voice of a nation who has just experienced a betrayal of trust unlike any before.

        Personally, I am filled with confusion and fear. The very last thing I want to participate in is to be muted and surrender.

        • says

          I get it…and I did not mean to imply he should stop his efforts for legal recourse. I am just of the belief that all these rumors we have heard will not pan out, and there will not be enough “there, there” overturn the outcome. I don’t have a lens into the future. I completely understand your feelings. I feel them too.

  3. trevor vietor says

    It won’t happen, but here is what SHOULD happen:
    Trump agrees to concede defeat, unconditionally, but with one one pre-condition: That a thorough and bipartisan investigation of election fraud be undertaken, and steps taken and agreed by both parties that will prevent future fraud from occurring, and basic election standards are agreed to by all states (such as no late voting etc) that cannot be overwritten by another covid. His message is the same as the Russia collusion : “this should never happen to a future president (election) ever again” – voters need to be assured that elections are fair, and today, 50% are not at all sure.

    This wont happen for 2 reasons :
    a) Trump’s ego will never let him do it
    b) the Democrats would never agree to it

    but if he offered it, he could go down as the one-term, self-less (!) President who saved democracy

    • Patrick lemp says

      Well written and said Jim. The problem is the Rs keep screaming “fraud fraud” there is Zero concrete irrefutable evidence of any fraud…zero…could there have been fraud…sure it’s possible…it likely happens in every election on some minor basis.
      It’s time for trump to go…then hope that Georgia votes for the republican senators

      • says

        Thanks Pat- This is why I maintain that Biden will be the President, but feel strongly that those who insist there was fraud of such scale as to tip the balance back to the President be given their day in court. That is the only way the vast majority of the electorate will be satisfied the outcome was fair. There will always be a noisy minority that will never accept the outcome. In 2016, on could argue it was a noisy majority of democrats who never accepted the outcome. And yes, Georgia is huge.

  4. Ralph Mucerino says

    Jim, I think we would all like the “move on” but there was a stench that began with the selection of Joe Biden as the candidate, his lack of visibility throughout the campaign and the complete lack of journalistic scrutiny of his campaign. The stench became more aromatic as the mainstream journalists became the communication arm of the DNC. It continued as blue state governors did whatever they could to undermine the election process by changing voting rules in the name of Covid prevention. This last bit was ludicrous when you look at the hours long lines in many polling stations. So much for social distancing. Finally, while I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, I don’t the urge that it was a confidence that the lat arriving ballots were so overwhelmingly in favor of Biden. Circumstantial for sure, but I support Trumps efforts to take it to the limit.

    One other thought. We hear all these calls for unity. Where were the calls for unity by Democrats when Trump was elected? All we saw was the formation of the resistance. Buttigieg today said the McCormick has a big decision to make relative to supporting Biden’s initiatives. Where was Pelosi’s support of the Trump agenda. Jim, you described Biden’s agenda in your statement and it would take us into the bowels of political, social and economic hell. As it is, Biden is low energy and a prop for the DNC who realized that none of the other candidates in the primaries were electable although I think Bernie would have made a good run and I would have respected his effort more than the hide and seek Biden effort.

    So, my simple reaction to your call for Trumps confession is one of mixed emotion. We all want to carry on but at what cost to the country?

    • says

      Thanks Ralph. These are points well made. I completely accept your point about the endless double standards applied by the Dems. As I said in an earlier article, for them, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander!

  5. elizabeth kiernan says

    One of your best Jim. Thank you for this. So scary.

    Regarding tallying votes, a friend reminded me that the television show Dancing With the Stars tallies tens of millions of votes overnight. Anyone want to call ABC?
    Cultural commentary!

  6. Bolivar Andrews says

    Your thoughts about the late election are valued and important. However, you seem to have forgotten a famous SCOTUS decision about which you have great familiarity; ie., Bush vs. Gore. So, it is not possible for you to now know the kind, quality or quantity of evidence that would ultimately be before the Court for adjudication in this election contest. It is simply asking too much for a man to give up the Presidency before having his claims lawfully determined. Also, the Democrats have had four years to accept the lawful outcome of the 2016 election and they have done everything they could dream up but that. I suggest the Democrats and their allies be admonished to play by the same rules and peacefully. When it is over, you know damn well President Trump will engage in a peaceful transition. Finally, be sure and read the Op Ed in the WSJ this weekend.

  7. Cousin Quirk says

    Bush v. Gore 36 days. We are just beginning. Like George W. strength and perseverance will win the day. Trump will win in the end. Important we have one vote per person elections. We are not a 3rd world country no matter how hard the radical Democratic Party tries. Please join me in sending a donation to the joint Trump/RNC fund to support the various lawsuits. Trump like George W. is strong and will not bend to the cabal. Thank the Lord for the strength and wisdom he has given Donald Trump.

    • says

      Quirk, I don’t see it happening that way, but you, as well as a few others on this comment section, beg to differ! Time will tell, and if you are right, I will certainly own up to my being wrong!

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