Twilight Zone Redefined

So here we are, wandering around in the mist (dense fog?) of reality (yes, somewhere between the sublime and the surreal in our redefined Twilight Zone) trying to figure out exactly what we have got ourselves into! Yesterday’s presser was a gem! Have you ever seen anything like it? (Click here to see an excerpt.) Fasten your seat belts because the ride has just begun.

Readers, this much I know. The mainstream media and the progressive left are beside themselves. They literally cannot come to grips with our 45th President. They are convinced he is ga-ga. The best I can tell, he is just himself. This President is perhaps the most villified, detested man to ever enter the office. The honeymoon was over before it began, right? Wrong!

The honeymoon was over in the eyes of the elite on both coasts, and those in some of our bigger cities across the land. The honeymoon never began in our college classrooms and in the editorial rooms of virtually every newspaper and news show in the country. But the honeymoon is alive and well with the “irredeemable deplorables” who voted Donald Trump into office! Donald Trump is speaking to everyone who supported him, and anyone else who will listen. He is acting quickly and unapologetically to fulfill as many campaign promises as he can. The left simply hate this man, but he is not crazy. He may may obnoxious, arrogant, factually challenged (!), in your face, unattractive, and the list could go on. But he is not cra-cra! 

Long story short, he is strengthening his base, and the base likes what it sees. The left is so out of touch and find his tactics so deplorable (a touch of irony there) they simply cannot fathom what is happening. 55% of Americans approve of the job he is doing! If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself by clicking here.  If one were only to watch the mainstream news outlets or read the New York Times or Washington Post, one would conclude his administration is imploding and his days in office are numbered. It simply isn’t true. 

And that is where I bring this brief tome back into its title. We really are living in parallel universes. The mainstreamers continue to vent wildly about Trump, and Trump continues to talk directly to his supporters. The conversations are completely disconnected. Wow. Do not remove those seat belts. It is not yet safe to walk about the cabin.

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  1. Cousin Quirk says

    Great analysis. The Left did this to Presidents: Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Bush, Bush and now Trump. Nothing new. The Left only knows hate and personal destruction. Fortunately the State media did not create Trump and thus they can not destroy Trump. Only Trump can destroy Trump but as long as he builds the wall, cuts taxes and cuts regulations he will serve 8 wonderful years.

  2. Ros Curtis says

    Jim, You are right on target with this post. This is the same Donald who lit up his primary opponents. We may not like the style, or enjoy his obvious character flaws, but there is nothing new in the approach post-election other than the swap of targets. When you see the headline in yesterday’s NYT that the Republicans have made “meager gains” in their legislative agenda when Trump is less than a month in office, it’s not hard to understand where he is coming from.
    On the other hand, the President needs to spend more time explaining and selling his plans to the public, and less time re-visiting the campaign.

  3. says

    He may be speaking to his base but he’s forgetting that he’s President to the rest of the nation. And he’s already won the presidency so wouldn’t it be better if he just got on with the job instead of whining and repeating how much he ‘won’ by, etc…..? And his actions do not make the rest of us feel like he’s doing anything to keep our nation safe. God forbid something happens while he’s checking his ratings. Trump is all about Trump.

    • says

      Thanks Elizabeth. If you read my blog, you know I am no Trumpster. And I will not argue with anything you say above. I make one point, and it is that a lot of Republicans (people who aren’t at all deplorable) spent the last 8 years being completely ignored by a President who could have cared less what they thought. He was no more a President for the “rest of the nation” than what we have now; he was simply less viscerally objectionable on the surface of things!

  4. Sherry Tanner says

    As usual, Jim, I think you are right on! And I think it is going to get a lot uglier in our beloved country before it ever gets better while Pres. Trump is in office. I am also no Trumpster, but he is our President and I think if we will let him, he will indeed make our country great again!

  5. says

    How about the ‘deal’ that Republicans made when Obama was elected to do everything in their power to obstruct him?
    Honestly, if EVERYONE would just do their jobs and stop whining, worrying about their reelection fund raising, talk to each other, perhaps even have drinks with each other, look out for the nation as a whole, consider telling the truth, even when it’s not to one’s advantage, then I don’t think anyone would have to worry about their job ratings and, hence, reelection.
    I am a democrat, as you know, though a very moderate one, and a fiscal a conservative. This President should not be acting as if he’s the CEO, COO, and CFO of a private company while at the same time a reality TV personality. He’s heading down the road of George III. Thankfully we don’t have to sit around until he dies.

  6. Gary Shansby says

    Your analysis is accurate as always. Very few of us truly like The Donald, or agree with everything he says, but he is certainly moving quickly ahead consistent with his campaign promises. The market is up and continuing so far to climb. the Republican Senate is being generally supportive, The House and Speaker Ryan are demonstrating agreement and strength, and the President should and could care less about the left and the mainstream press. Hopefully the party will push through the nominee for the Supreme Court expeditiously, and not wait to reach the 60 votes too long. A stronger defense, immigration controls, more jobs, support for our police, elimination of Sanctuary Cities, and improved prosperity must remain priority goals.

  7. Ralph Mucerino says

    Jim, I am concerned about the organized efforts to disrupt the town halls of members of Congress. If you read the training manifesto, there is a concerted effort to hijack these meetings and distort the “will of the people”. I think POTUS needs to continue his personal visits and rallies across the country. He should hit a broad cross-section of states but focus on the “blue” states that voted for him in an effort to drive out the incumbents. The 2018 mid-term elections should be a rallying point for his job, health and security initiatives. Consequently, “stuff” needs to happen now.

    • says

      One interesting difference between the left and right is that when democrats win, the right goes to work every day, and may write about it or moan over a beer. The left goes to the street, destroys property, and disrupts the daily affairs of man. Bizarre. I agree, the President needs to keep taking it to the people, and it appears that is exactly what he intends to do.

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