Wading into the Climate Change Quagmire

Mr. Global Warming, whoops, I mean Climate Change, himself

Today the President tweeted “Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been my mental stability. and being, like, really smart.” Did he really say, “…and being, like, really smart”? I thought he grew up in New York and not in the California valley. Oh well, my position remains unchanged. This administration is doing very good things for the US economy, and the workforce overall. While the recent tax plan will cost me and many of my friends more money, I believe most of us support the desire to help those working families who will indeed be assisted by the recently passed legislation. 

Enough of that. Let’s look at this cold wave that has hunkered down on much of the country over the past week. 

Many of you are fixin to get mad at me. You are climate change believers. Well, you can simmer down, because, you see, so, like, am I. Wait, what, did I just say that. Yep, I did.

Anyone in his or her right mind cannot possibly deny the fact that our climate changes. The twist, folks, is exactly why it changes. And, the bottom line is that no one has been able to prove that the reasons for a hotter and colder earth have to do with anything other than solar radiation levels and plate tectonic activity. If you want to read a short explanation for earth’s dramatic temperature shifts over the millennia, just click here. I know, some of you are aghast and agog! I can’t possibly believe that climate change is purely a result of natural phenomena, can I? Ummmm, yes, I can. No one, and I mean no one, not even Al Gore and his legion of sycophants, or any other alleged “top-notch” scientist (whose studies are inevitably funded by leftist think-tanks) has proven anything to the contrary. 

You see, the discussion is a classic red herring. The climate changers make one want to believe that anyone who questions them is a flat-earth believing moron. The actual issue is lost in the recriminations. The question is not whether there is climate change. We all know that our climate changes. The quandary is what actually causes climate change. Science has established the natural phenomena discussed in the above referenced article directly impact the warming and cooling of our planet. There is absolutely no reason to believe that some future generation won’t be dealing with a severely cooling planet. History is not predictive, but it surely is instructive! 

Science has NOT proven that man is irreversibly affecting the climate and radically altering the natural order of things. Now, just pause for a moment and put those pieces together. What they say, when neatly placed in the puzzle, is that there has always been and always will be climate change. There are natural forces at work that make that statement irrefutable. What they don’t say, even after hundreds of millions, if not billions, of progressive dollars thrown into the bottomless pit of preconceived questions that demand prescribed answers, is that man has altered that which occurs very naturally. There are only theories. 

Al Gore’s sky is still falling. I suspect it will for decades to come. Maybe there will be a scientific break-though and I will repent at some point down the road. But for now, I look at the majesty and miracle that is this planet earth, and I rest comfortably that there are natural forces that will dictate whether I get to pile wood into my fireplace in Houston, Texas  on a cold winter night. 

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  1. Quirk says

    Your Mother, God Bless Her Soul, would say “Jimmy not natural forces but the Hand of God “. . Great column. Best Cousin Quirk

  2. Jonathan Helitzer says

    The most frequent argument I hear in return for my utter disbelief that we humans have much to do with what has proven to be a perfect track record of zero predictions coming to pass is that I don’t understand the difference between “weather” and “climate”. I do however notice that virtually every time there is an “extreme” (another subjective term) weather event, it is always characterized as “climate” but when there is record- breaking cold that is its poor sibling of only “weather”. Poor poor weather.

    And, please note that our accurate temperature data is maybe 30 years old – and with that we are supposed to predict climactic change, which are in 10,000 year cycles?

    Finally, and as tragic and devestatimg Harvey and Irma were, we are on track to have the lowest decade of hurricane frequency affecting the mainland US ever – going back approximately 150 years. I’’d be inclined to be marginally less skeptical if one, just one prediction had come true. But not one has – the ice caps haven’t melted, it still snows out, and i’ve yet to see palm trees or Long Island Sound in my backyard in northern Connecticut, aa promised.

  3. John Boyer says

    I think the “weariness” is in the constant barrage of dramatic “warnings” that have usually been proved to be the opposite of reality. What is important to realize this is just another method to gain control without the consent of the people. They hope to wear us down so we won’t pay attention to the “man behind the curtain”. I think that the very phrase, “consent of the people”, drives the Left into all kinds of fits.

    • says

      Thank you for this. I think most of the apostles of the left would be horrified by your comments. They are true believers and not cynical enough to see what the progressive elites are really trying to do. It is one form of redistribution or another in various guises. Scary, to say the least.

    • says

      Well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying he has “thrown in the towel.” He has simply changed the nomenclature because the first narrative was even more divorced from reality!

  4. Elizabeth Wise says

    Jim, whether mankind or the Divine Architect is the cause of the ups and downs in our Weather/Climate, there’s one thing that is indisputable: we should all be doing what we can to reduce our own, individual impact on long-suffering Mother Earth. Noone can tell me that plastic bags and car exhaust is good for the planet. And since there are so many more of us crowding on to it, we each need to take up less space. Period.
    Can we all make that our new year’s Resolution?

    • says

      Yes we can. Nowhere and at no time have I suggested that man’s abuse of our planet is in any way, shape, or form, justifiable or sustainable. I merely make the point that the cacophony of climate change doomsday prophecies have yet to be proven to be anything but, sorry, can’t resist, a bunch of hot air.

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