What Happened Last Night?

DEBATE TAKEAWAYS: Round 2 highlights policy over petulance | Pittsburgh  Post-Gazette

Last night, Donald Trump actually behaved himself. That doesn’t mean Trump haters did not find reasons to consider him insufferable. It just means what it says; he was not a boorish ass.

If the debate were a boxing match, there are two things to note; 1) The fight went the distance, and 2) Trump won on points. Based on how tired and confused Mr. Biden looked by the end of the event, if he really were a boxer, he most likely would have announced his retirement.

So does it mean anything? First, let’s look at the numbers. In 2016, some 55% of eligible voters cast a ballot. That amounts to approximately 138,000,000 Americans. (Well, let’s be optimistic and assume they were all Americans.) This year, 47,000,000 Americans have already voted. That is fully 10,000,000 more people than had voted early at this point in time 4 years ago. To extrapolate that number out, it could mean that the number of people who vote this year may approach 175,000,000.

So you see, that is what people can do with numbers! 175,000,000 Americans probably won’t vote, but something is happening. The exit polls are bi-polar. On one hand, they indicate that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and there is a motivated democrat base that is turning out to vote solely predicated on its detestation of the President. On the other, there are indications that the numbers of people who turn out for President Trump will even exceed what we witnessed in 2016.

General consensus is that somewhere between 5-7% of those who intend to vote are still undecided. While that seems small, when one considers that Biden leads Trump in most battleground states by margins of 4-6%, that undecided voter population suddenly becomes very important.

My takeaway on the debate is that Mr. Biden and his advisors have decided they are so far ahead that there is absolutely no reason to take chances of messing thing up by actually going out and campaigning! Last night, it was clear that Mr. Biden wanted to impart the message that the election is about character and integrity. Hmmmm, interesting. The problem for Mr. Biden is that for those who take the time to study this man, character and integrity are not words synonymous with Mr. Biden’s record. The former Vice President has been caught out distorting the truth about his accomplishments on numerous occasions over his career, and let’s not forget his infamous Neil Kinnock “lapse” back in 1988. (Click here if you have forgotten!)

So if character is the lynchpin of his campaign, will his past, the Hunter Biden laptop and Navy Lt. Tony Bobulinski’s (a lifelong democrat) revelations make that 5-7 per cent undecided group think twice about a vote for Biden? Don’t answer me if you have already voted for Biden or plan to. I know you are not changing your mind, no matter what inconvenient facts are surfacing on a day to day basis. But if you are undecided, I would like to hear from you.

Last night, Mr. Biden flat out lied twice. Well, I know of two mistruths. He said he has never come out against fracking. That simply is not true. He challenged President Trump to prove it. This morning the Trump campaign released a short video showing Mr. Biden saying (multiple times) he would ban fracking. (See Newsweek article here.) The Trump campaign needs to make sure voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio understand what Biden’s policies mean to their states.

On the issue of his son’s laptop, he had the opportunity to take the high road, and say he has never been involved in any untoward foreign transactions, and move on. Instead, he blamed the Russians! Will the main stream media actually continue to support that charade? It was a weak, weak moment. He should be held accountable. The Director of National Intelligence (corroborated by the FBI) has already confirmed their is no evidence of any connection between Russia and the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The China story is not going away. It may not pick up steam until after the election, but we will learn more at some point down the road.

On Covid-19, I think all of us watching the debate grew weary of how much time was taken talking about the virus. Here are the two take-aways- 1) Joe Biden attacked and attacked but could not say how his administration would have done anything substantively different, and 2) the President made it very clear we must re-open the economy and schools as a top priority, and the former Veep not only promised a dark winter, but did not close the door on the possibility of shutting things down again. Unlike Mr. Biden, Americans cannot afford to stay in their basements forever.

We don’t know how this will turn out. Things don’t look good for the President or, for that matter, the GOP led Senate. But stranger things have happened. It will be an interesting 10 days.

As always, please let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Douglas Holmes says

    What Happened Last Night? We saw the last of Joe Biden. The undecided saw a tired, old, confused, sleazy Washington Swamp Creature – 47 years of corruption. “Things” (Perry Lentz would not approve of your use of this noun) look great for President Donald Trump and for the GOP keeping the United States Senate. The President will win because of a substantial increase in votes from Black males and Hispanic and an increase in suburban women who care about law & order. Now everyone must vote – if you are voting GOP – and like me vote early and often! Best Cousin Quirk

  2. Enzo says

    Spot on. Judging by this morning’s news, the main stream media will continue not give the Hunter Biden computer story any play despite yesterday’s developments. The Election Day vote will break to Trump but the already cast/mail-in vote will eclipse it and Biden will win. We will have a POTUS with ever declining mental capacity.

  3. Peregrine Towneley says

    As always Jim, you have shown fairness and perspective. But I wonder whether the right question is being asked (by either party) which is – if character matters, as I surely believe it does, particularly in our leaders, how come you are choosing between these two? As an interested but relatively unbiased foreign observer it is a conundrum those of us on the outside have been puzzled by for a while now. Not that our own choices of leaders are much more enlightened..

    • says

      It is indeed a fair question. I am biased, but I fear we shall never see so talented and dedicated a public servant as George H W Bush rise to the Presidency again. The process is absurd, and it has lent itself to the extremes in both parties having way too much control over the nominating process. In short, it is deeply flawed, but then again, so are we!

  4. M'liss C. Chapman says

    Absolutely spot on, Jim. It will, indeed, be an interesting ten days (desperate times call for desperate measures) but I believe this great experiment is not over and America will live to fight another day. Of serious concern is the fate of the Senate but the blow will be softened if Judge Barrett is confirmed prior to 3rd November.

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