Where’s the Beef?

Some, alas not all, of you will remember the famous Wendy’s ad in the 1980’s, where America’s grandmother (Clara Peller) was seen mocking the diminutive stature of the average fast food burger. If you don’t remember, weren’t alive, or just want to laugh again, here it is..click here

The ad ended up in the political arena when in the democratic primaries Walter Mondale asked Gary Hart about his policies by saying “Where’s the Beef?” In retrospect, it may have been the highlight of Mr. Mondale’s campaign.

Fast forward to present day phantasmagoria, and we have arrived at our own “Where’s the Beef ” moment. 

I feel like I have to qualify every post these days with the statement that I am not a Donald Trump supporter. I think he diminishes the Office of the President in myriad ways. But that does not make him a crook, and there is absolutely no Beef in this entire impeachment charade. Otherwise rational, smart, thoughtful people detest President Trump to the point where they are completely blinded by the hope that he can be made to disappear via an impeachment process.

News that isn’t news is conveyed daily. Take, for instance, this Business Insider article about salt and pepper shakers! Yes, you read that right, and now you can read the article! This is a perfect example of how all perspective has been thrown overboard. Yes, he has a ridiculous ego. Yes, he can be offensive. Yes, he does things that embarrass you and me. But no, that does not make him guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors!   To date, there is not an iota of evidence that he has done one thing while in office that is actually impeachable! 

I spoke with a well respected constitutional lawyer who has little time for President Trunp’s antics. His take is that even if it were established that there was a quid pro quo regarding the release of aid to Ukraine, it is far from clear that the decision in and of itself rises to the level of impeachment. And let’s be honest, the democrats have not even come close to making their case.

The bigger question is if, in the absence of any beef, this grandstanding by Mr. Schiff, and now Mrs. Pelosi, will end up disadvantaging the democrats? There is a very good possibility their behavior is markedly improving the President’s reelection chances. We are really witnessing real time parallel universes, not only on Capital Hill, but across the country. Lines have been drawn in the sand, and unlike Mr. Obama’s fictional line in Syria, these lines are real. Once again, the 20% in our middle (the independents and actually undecided) will dramatically impact the 2020 election. The outcome will boil down to how things go in states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  

The democrats continue to drift to the left, although the recent entry of Mr. Bloomberg may make things interesting. History tells us he doesn’t have a prayer, and that is before taking into consideration his crime of being an old white rich guy. 

The next few weeks will no doubt be interesting, but let’s not forget the real malfeasance here is that the business of governing has been sidelined. Meaningful legislation such as the United States-Canada-Mexico Trade Agreement sits languishing in the corner because the democrats are too busy trying to crucify the President instead of focusing on bills that will help their constituents. It is unpardonable, inexcusable behavior.

Time will tell, folks, time will tell.

More to follow-


  1. Russ Corser says

    Sad state of affairs indeed. The Dems hijacked the local elections here in Virginia with the help of George Soros. It will be tough with Gov Northampton, and Democratic House and Senate. Our Muslim Delegate won election this Fall with financial backing from Hamas.. 30 local seat went to the Dems unopposed in November. Unbelievable. Hope that Texas doesn’t get hit by the Blue Wave. Merry Christmas. My niece is graduating from Kenyon in May.

  2. John Duffy says

    Hi Jim
    Spot on. Clear accurate article.

    I am struck by Pelosi, a smart wise leader heading to what I agree with – helping a reelection. I read an article, forget by whom unfortunately that posed her motive might be to stage a Senate win. She must realize the fact that no work is getting done in the House will be used against the dems will be a problem for the dems.

    But what if… This is a calculated risky strategy footed on leveraging a hoped for disgust of the American people watching the Republican controlled Senate acquitting the President. Taking the Senate to control the crazy President and toss out the criminal Republicans her planned theme. What do you think?

    Bloomberg is an intriguing entry into the race. A real long-shot; I would support him.

    He is smart and has unlimited funds to push his candidacy and those dems he wishes to help. I just can’t see him winning the nomination.

    2020 will be fascinating.

  3. Lance Gilliam says

    As you know, I am not a fan of our President I think he has hurt our country and, more importantly, he has hurt the office of the Presidency. I did not vote for him and will not vote for him. That being said, if the Democrats offer Sanders, Warren or a policy-alsigned peer as their candidate, I will either undervote or write-in.

    That being said, I think you’re posing an interesting question, “if, in the absence of any beef, this grandstanding by Mr. Schiff, and now Mrs. Pelosi, will end up disadvantaging the democrats?” I have listened to or watched many, if not most, of the impeachment hearing(s). Although I likely agree the President is guilty of an impeachable offense, the process has been so terribly managed and presented, it’s almost unimaginable to me that it has been helpful to the Democrats and their election prospects.

    But, you’re also right,” the recent entry of Mr. Bloomberg may make things interesting.” I’d vote for him.


  4. EDW says

    Agree. I wish they’d all get on with governing so voters would have good reason to vote for candidates whose aren’t Trump.

  5. Roger says

    My dearest Jim, you amuse and surprise me – if you love this country (and you do) how could you say that you don’t like President Trump – it is unfathomable to me. PLEASE, please don’t let Bush bias cloud your judgement – you are a very intelligent person. He puts our beloved USA first and that is enough for me. I think you want a polite globalist politician who sounds proper but does nothing. Trump is the BEST thing happened to this country since our independence.

    See you at our favorite place for lunch in December. Love you kiddo.

  6. Aage Figenschou says

    Dear Jim
    You may not remember, but we had dinner in Oslo long time ago thanks to the introduction made by the late Matt Simmons. I am reading your blogg with interest.
    I have followed the hearings and the facts with interest from a European perspectiv.
    I am surprised that the Republicans do not comprahend ( excuse my spelling) the situation of Ukrain when the president of the US asks for a favour. Ukrain is locked in a mortal batle with Russia whos only goal is to keep it out of western influence. The support of the US means very much, both politicly and militarily. We do not know what the Ukrainians really knew in late July. Cleary there was a lot of talk and leackage by people involved. The help was on hold to have a leaver on Ukrain. When you are then asked to do Trump a favour it is almost as a command. He dragged his ffet not to become embroyled in smearing Biden. What if a democrat won the election. The Ukrainian president can today of course not take the risk of really needling Trump by saying he felt this was extorition for domestic political reasons. What if Trump is reelecetd ? How can US republicans dumd down by taking his statement as anything than Ukrainian foreign policy ? Trump mention investigating Burisma once and Bidens two or three times. One must be stupid not to understand what is asked of you. The help was relased, yes. But after the cabal was public and holding it back would have been impossible. The pressure was for now off Ukrain.
    From a European perspective to use foreign countries to enhance your domestic political prospects is in my book morally criminal.
    What has saddended me so much is the lack of “civil courage” shown by Republicans. The willingnes to pretend that what happened did not happen. Had this been a criminal court one would have been far beyond reasonable doubt.
    If your position is: Yes he did all these things, but using foreign countries to win a domestic election is OK, so it is not an impechable offence, that would have contained logic and open eyes. We could disagree but pretending it never happened is not a position possible to discuss because it defies reality.

    Maybe it is easier to see how untennable such an argument is because we over here do not worry too much if a democrat should win in 2020. We care about a stable predictable foreign policy, fostering trade and economic growth, and of course a stronger Nato. When I was in the military we used 3,5% of GDP on the military. Today it is less than 2% and here Trump has been quite effective in waking up Europe.

    The politicians of the 19th century described in “Profiles in courage” is today totaly absent. And that is sad.

    Best withes for the USA which many of us in europe still love very much and have so much to be thankful for.

    Best regards

    Aage Figenschou

    • says

      Aage, of course I remember you! And I am sure you miss Matt as much as I…thank you for your thoughtful comments. If in fact Ukraine leadership was indeed leveraged for personal political gain, it is unpardonable. I just don’t see that as something that has come close to having been proven. The democrats detest this man so much, they will stop at nothing. Again, there is much to detest! (That will make some of my readers angry, as you can see from other comments on this blog.) The whole swamp looks bad on this one, and I am not exempting the White House from the swamp!

  7. Douglas Holmes says

    Jimbo, The Midwest is Trump Country – us lug heads love him; finally someone gives a hoot about the Forgotten Man. Dems are in complete chaos and thus perhaps they win 5 states against Trump(VT, RI, CT, CA, MA), we retake the House BIG and add in the Senate. We are not socialists. Pelosi is truly insane – very rich (her Father was one of the most corrupt politicians in Baltimore history a town known for corruption and her husband has been feeding off the public for decades – classic swamp) so she can survive. She of course is not effected by her insane policy ideas. Thus the BS theater in Washington is good stuff for the Grand Old Party!! We are witnessing the destruction of the Democrat Party. All because President Trump stands up to the Swamp and is slowly draining it….Best Cousin Quirk

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