Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong

Trump and CruzWrong, wrong, and wrong-that is what I have been for the past ten months. When it comes to politics, I have never been so wrong, so often, and for so long. As I prognosticate my way to November, all I can say now is that I hope I actually am wrong, wrong, wrong. That’s because I no longer see a path to victory.

Now don’t get me wrong! I have sensed the outright anger amongst the electorate and written about it for years. But I completely missed how this anger would manifest itself. How could anyone have possibly predicted:

–an avowed socialist is giving a completely untrustworthy, manipulative career politician a run for her money for the Democrat nomination, and

–a blowhard reality television star and self-declared business mogul is vying for the Republican nomination with a renegade Texas senator best known for reading “Green Eggs and Ham” while he single-handedly protested “Obamacare?”

The anger has not forged the band of Republican brothers united in a single cause; i.e., the defeat of Hillary Clinton to ensure (among other things) the:

–salvation of our economy,

–restoration of a cogent platform from which we will conduct our foreign affairs, and

–nomination of a Supreme Court justice who will ensure the Constitution will not be abused by decisions made by a 5-4 liberal majority intent on making new law.

No, instead, we have witnessed palpable anger that has rejected any Republican candidate (but perhaps for Governor Kasich) who can even remotely be associated with the “establishment” (whatever that is) and has gravitated instead toward unelectable blowhards.

Now, remember, I have been wrong, wrong, wrong, so logic would dictate that as I write I am wrong, wrong, wrong! That notwithstanding, I am pretty sure I am right, right, right that if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, Hillary Clinton will be our next President. This election should be the Republicans’ to lose, and darn if we aren’t doing just that! What a national tragedy.

I want to be very clear. I will vote for the Republican nominee, no matter who that person is. We simply cannot afford 4-8 more years of this unmitigated national nightmare. I will hold my nose and pray, but the vote will be for the GOP. As we have clearly seen and as evidenced by my being wrong, wrong, wrong, I fear I will be in the minority. The votes we need (the independents, the Hispanics, more African Americans, the millennials) will either stay home or vote for Hillary. Folks, the numbers don’t add up. We could be headed for a Johnson-Goldwater debacle. If you are a Republican and care about your country, I implore you to commit yourself to stopping more progressive leftist destruction. To not vote is to open the door for Hillary.

Then there is the Convention. The talking heads cannot get enough of the Convention conjecture. Well, I am not going to be wrong about that because I am here to tell you that I have no earthly idea what will happen when the Republican rank and file congregate in Cleveland. There are any number of scenarios; my point is that none of them are very good!

So here I am, Mr. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and I’m here to tell you to expect more of the same. I mean, anyone who has been so wrong so often for so long has absolutely no reason to believe he will start being right anytime soon!

But before I leave you, let’s see if we can depart with a smile on our faces. So check out this video of Jimmy Fallon (playing Donald Trump) talking to Ted Cruz…It is funny!

More to follow-


  1. Cousin Quirk says

    Have never watched the Apprentice so don’t know about The Donald and his TV career. Do know highly successful businessman, employing thousands of people all whom appear to respect and adore him. So worry not, you and I may not be big on the orange hair and we like the Jupiter Island Club more than Mar-a-Largo , Trump will destroy whom ever the Dems nominate. After McCain and Romney we actually have a candidate that wants to win and knows what it takes to win. Yes we all wanted Jeb but sadly did not happen, so cheer up and put a Trump sticker on your bumper and enjoy the ride. Best DQH

    • says

      Not gonna put a bumper sticker on, and not going to enjoy the ride. I only pray you are right about the outcome, because all demographics point to a very different result. Only time will tell. Thanks for writing, Quirk.

  2. Cheryl tucker says

    I fear you are right right and right in your being wrong wrong and wrong. Such a strange election but I join you in voting republican, regardless. bc the alternative is unfathomable. Thanks for the good laugh.

  3. Jim E. says

    Jim, these are indeed troubling times for us, but no matter what I think of Hillary, I just can’t imagine pulling the lever for as appallingly unqualified and irresponsible a candidate as Trump. The only reasonable choice increasingly seems to be to either not vote, or perhaps consider a move to Canada!! Best, Jim E.

    • says

      Jimbo, I understand your dilemma, and of course, you are not alone. While I will hold my nose and vote GOP, I will do so knowing that it is a lost cause. I also will be able to do so with at least a modicum of conscience, as one thing we do know is that he will address the runaway tax structure, and also fix the ridiculous corporate tax situation which is making us the least competitive environment in the western hemisphere. So, warts and all, for that alone, he gets my vote over Hillary.

  4. Christy McGraw says

    Jim – you took the words right out of my mouth. I am completely horrified by ALL the candidates ( sadly, Kasich doesn’t have a chance, so I don’t include him). However, I, like you, will vote republican no matter who the candidate. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will make any difference. I think we will be stuck with that corrupt, strident witch for the next four years….

    • says

      People are so incredibly divided. As I said, this election was the GOP’s to lose, and it is finding a way to do just that. It’s all so sad, and the American people will be the ones who take it on the chin. Thanks for writing.

  5. says

    How could you agree to vote for whomever is the GOP nominee?! If it’s The Donald you would then be condoning his absurd and often vile rhetoric. And while he probably won’t be electable, given the history it’s still possible. Thus, if he is elected you help to send the USA into a HUGE quagmire of international and national unrest. That is not responsible. I understand you not liking Hilary, but wouldn’t it be better to vote for someone who at least understands the basic Constitution as well as international politics than one who is completely self-possessed and acts more like a selfish and childish king?

    • says

      There is no doubt it is the devil’s choice…there is no good outcome. I do know that he will tackle our runaway tax situation, and work on making US business competitive again. And while I do not agree with some of his protectionist stands, just addressing our economy (which she will not do and in fact is making promises that will only make things worse) is a huge step forward. As for his unbalanced commentary, one can only hope he moderates himself and also surrounds himself with smart people. I think I have been pretty clear that I do not like this man. But I love this country, and 4-8 more years of democrat attacks on capitalism and all that has made us prosper for 250 years is something we cannot afford. As I said, I will hold my nose, but I will vote GOP. Thank you for writing. I totally understand your angst.

  6. John Duffy says

    Solid write up. Disappointed that Kasich never got traction; liked him from first debate.

    What is your take on Koch’s comment about GOP and perhaps preferring the Hill?

    As for the Donald, unelectable in my opinion; white male vote will not get it done. If he were elected I expect he would pivot the outrageous commentary and do a credible job, especially, as you point out, for making USA more competitive. Too bad he just seems incredibly tone deaf regarding more dumb comments than I could count.

    Be well,


    • says

      Well, I don’t see how he can win, given his enormous unfavorables with women and Hispanics…but then again, I have been wrong, wrong, wrong! I will vote for the GOP nominee, full stop. But really, how on earth did we get to this moment in time? Re Koch, I can’t believe he would vote for HRC…

  7. John Johnson says

    Hey Mr. Pierce,

    As you have probably seen Kasich and Cruz both decided to suspend their campaigns today. It is still possible (but lets be real) that we could make it to a contested convention. However, I believe it is a catch 22 for the party.

    (Trump wins with more media attention on the party or Take away the public opinion from the people)

    Note: I believe the Republican party recognized that going to the convention being down a ‘YUGE’ amount to Trump would cause a media frenzy. Which will ultimately bring you more trouble than accepting Trump won this thing lets move on.

    Now my question/request..

    Could you outline some things that would give me some comfort in voting for Trump? Either here or in a future post.
    ° Excluding me not wanting to giving the reins to hilldog.

    I have one, and it is only good when used in moderation* (Not sure if Trump knows what that is):
    I believe he is resourceful. Ex. I believe that the media won him this election and I don’t think it was on accident. Maybe I am wrong about that, but I do believe Trump saw the power the media has had the past 4 years and took advantage of the situation. Pretty smart, kinda scary.


  8. Charles Kingery says

    Hey Jim,
    I have waited a while to respond to see how things might pan out. Well, you were right, we have two terrible choices in the coming presidential election. A blowhard (Patriot) and a corrupt, scheming politician who would sell her soul to get back into the WH.

    I will hold my nose and vote the GOP. I Can’t vote a criminal who compromises American lives into the WH.

    My best to you and your family.


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