Jim Pierce

Pierce Wire is your home for information on social, fiscal, and political matters in the United States.

While I am an unabashed Republican, my goal is not to preach; it is to inform. We Americans have no greater right than our right to vote. Shame on each of us if we enter the polling booth without the necessary background information to make an informed vote. If you visit Pierce Wire on a regular basis, you will be informed. What you do with that information is your business. My job is to give you the ammunition you need.

Politics are neither my vocation or aspiration. I write because I care, and I desperately seek the restoration of a United States that provides an opportunity for my children to know that if they work hard, they can enjoy an even better life than the one which I have truly relished.

Every human has defining moments which guide and direct the steps taken thereafter. One such moment for me was 9/11. As can be seen from the interviews posted on this site, 9/11 changed my life and priorities. I realized:

—we were engaged in a new kind of war (the enemy does not wear uniforms and goose-step down the Champs-Elysees) that will likely never end, and

—the destruction of those towers in southern Manhattan would change not only my life, but my childrens’, in ways neither I nor they could even imagine.

Pierce Wire is a platform for opinion and education. It is hybrid venue for all forms of political thought, albeit with a Republican “leaning”. Pierce Wire is about more than any one election. It is a about a way of life. If we can collectively help the United States recognize (once again) its exceptionalism, and take the necessary steps toward rebuilding a country in which our children can live their dreams, then we all will have succeeded in the long run.

Enjoy the website!