Endless Drivel

I took a break. It was necessary. I know some of you are upset that I spoke early and encouraged President Trump to exit with grace and dignity. Alas, I have not changed my position, and, unfortunately for our country, neither has he! Look, there clearly were shenanigans in various states that should not have happened. Why does it always seem to be the Democrats behind this nonsense? Rhetorical question, I guess. But the point remains that the Trump legal team has not been able to prove (in any state!) that those shenanigans (alleged or real) were of enough importance as to actually impact the outcome. Bottom line, for the sake of our country, Mr. President, do the right thing. Help our candidates in Georgia secure the Senate. Fight for years to come to make our elections fair, and ensure that election day means just that; election day, not election week, or election month, or however long it takes to get the desired outcome!

I write today about an even bigger threat to our Republic than Democrats stuffing ballot boxes. Our existential right to exist as free people and free thinkers is under attack. The assault is endless. It is literally 24/7. They are wearing us down under the theory that if they never stop, and they attack everything, soon enough, over the years, we will begin to accept the new normal. Groupthink will be the norm. Vomit.

Who are they? Well, they are the progressives who now dominate the media, the Democrat party, many large businesses, the World Economic Forum, etc. You get the picture? There are millions of them. They do not like the United States I love. The want to eradicate everything, and I mean everything we hold dear. They look at our 250 years of incredible growth and success as the most noble experiment in the annals of man, and see nothing but maladies all created and perpetrated by white, Anglo-Saxon males. To the haters, the United States of America is a horrible place and the entire socio-economic and political structures need to be tossed in the rubbish bin, and replaced by a new normal. That new normal, friends, sounds an awful lot like socialism. Worse yet, I think some of these nutjobs actually believe what they are saying! If it were simply jargon being used as a pathway to power, well, the cynic in all of us could understand. No, this is worse. We are being besieged by ideologues who actually believe the vitriol spewing forth from their oral cavities (or some cavity).

Poor Rudolph! That’s right, even Rudolph and his creators are being thrown under the bus. Click here to watch this absurdity.

Can you believe it? Next will be assaults on Santa, (fat old racist white man) the Easter Bunny, (a Protestant hoax to covertly promote a false Christian narrative), and Halloween (using white ghosts reminiscent of the KKK to propagate a white supremacist world for perpetuity). That is ridiculous, right? Wrong. Does anyone actually think these attacks will stop? If you do, Lord help you.

Ronald Reagan may not have been a deep thinker or one to get into the weeds on policy details. But he had a vision, and he knew right from wrong. He summed up where we are headed in these 45 seconds.

Friends, the threat is real. It is happening. Retain those Senate seats in Georgia. Win the House back in 2022. Show the elites who matters. I guarantee you they don’t think you do.

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