The President is now in Walter Reed Hospital. Surely, we all wish him well, right? Well, no. Zara Rahim was Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson. Last night, immediately upon hearing that the Trumps had tested positively, she tweeted “I hope he dies.” You don’t believe me, do you? Click here to see for yourself. Hard to imagine, right?

I have been very consistent for years. Some of you readers fall way to the right of me and many way to the left. That’s ok. All I have ever sought to do is get people to think. The reactions to the President’s illness from many on the left are disgusting. They are vile. There are no nicer words. This woman was part of Hillary’s inner circle. God help us.

I suppose today’s blog title could easily apply to this week’s debate. Sorry to my ultra lefty and righty friends who think the debate was a wonderful result for their respective candidate. It was horrible. Both men were small. A rational, educated, thoughtful viewer could not stomach that debate. Why do I say that? Go ahead and take some time to read the entirely civilized, thoughtful Lincoln-Douglas debate papers. Those, my friends, were debates. Click here to remind yourself when civility, intellect, and coherence used to matter.

Now more on the debate, albeit briefly. When Chris Wallace asked if the former Vice president would condemn Antifa, Mr. Biden simply said “Antifa is an idea.” Ummm, no, Mr. Biden, Antifa is not just an idea. It is a movement. Even the NY Times admits that. On September 28th 2020, it wrote, “Antifa members campaign against actions they view as authoritarian, homophobic, racist or xenophobic. Although antifa is not affiliated with other movements on the left …its members sometimes work with other local activist networks that are rallying around the same issues…” Here is the irony. Antifa is, in theory, dedicated to fighting Facsism. Are you kidding? Their front line leaders are the latter day Nazi brown shirts! It’s their way or the highway. Give me a break! So why would the former Vide President refuse to condemn the violence and destruction they have brought upon numerous US cities? Well, go ahead and access their website and see what happens. Please, do it now. Just search . Well, what do you know?! I’m not going to give you the answer. You need to do it for yourself.

Since the topic is “Anarchy”, we cannot possibly ignore NYC. I remember the 1960s and 1970’s. NYC was a lawless hellhole. Decades of liberal leadership had destroyed the greatest city in America. By the end of the 70’s, it was bankrupt, and the Fed actually had to bail it out. Enter Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. Their conservative fiscal policies and reliance on law and order saved New York, and restored it to the pre-eminent urban center in the western hemisphere. Alas, all is lost. New Yorkers have twice elected a hopeless socialist; one who believes the answer to all ills is to blame the producing class, tax it, and give his view of the “underclass” a hall pass. Mayor De Blasio has, in a heartbeat, destroyed New York City.

Covid-19 and the Antifa/BLM inspired riots and destruction only exacerbated the destruction of this great city. The Mayor refused to step up and lead. The Mayor refused to condemn violence and destruction. The Mayor refused to stand behind and defend the men and women in blue. Folks, all you need to see is this video. It happened today. Actor Rick Moranis was senselessly knocked out. Click here to watch. This is what happens without leadership, and without law and order. The unidentified thug did this because, well, why not? This is beyond vile. And guess what? Even if he ends up caught, the Mayor’s new rules put him right back on the street.

When do Americans stand up and say “no more”? We are losing our country, and we are losing it at warp speed. You may not like President Trump. If you read this column, you know I don’t. But my commitment to voting for him gets stronger by the day. The left is hell-bent on destroying this country. (And don’t even get me going on Mr. Biden’s proposed tax increases!)

Folks, the crisis is real. Put your personal dislike of the President aside. Our country’s future is on the rails, and the train is steaming full speed ahead in our direction.

Did you notice I didn’t even talk about Amy Coney Barrett? I don’t need to. She is a rock star. The irony of the women’s movement is laid bare. To oppose her is to make a mockery of the entire equal rights movement. Unless, of course, you subscribe to the notion that equal rights only apply to women endorsed by the left. Ummm, enough said.

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  1. Ralph Mucerino says


    I agree with your perspectives. Once again, it appears we are confronted with the choice of the lesser of two evils. That said, the election of Joe Biden would lead to an economic, moral and social apocalypse. Our major cities are being overwhelmed by violence, crimes against society and property and rampant homelessness. The quality of big city life has deteriorated. Talking specifically about New York City, it is in an abyss. Mayor DeBlasio despises wealth creation and cares only about wealth destruction aka, redistribution. It’s amazing how political hacks are the decision makers on what constitutes a “fair share”. That isn’t the American way that I know that encourages and rewards success. Governor Cuomo is a bully who chooses to do nothing to control DeBlasio other than threaten threaten him impotently. They both are doing their best to destroy the city’s economy to support the Biden candidacy and radical social democrat rhetoric.

    So, in closing, we have a profound decision to make that will impact our future profoundly and while Trump is deeply flawed, he is definitely, once again, the lesser of two evils. By the way, the fact that these two candidates are in play is an indication that our two major political parties are intellectually bankrupt.

  2. Ross Curtis says

    When we say the US is on a path to becoming Venezuela if the left’s agenda is nationalized, many of my liberal friends respond , “It can’t happen here.” NYC is proof-positive that it can happen here, and very quickly. What the Democrat leadership wants to do is export the failed policies of NY, CA, IL, CT, etc. to the rest of the country AND ensure that they will retain permanent power (N.B., legal vote harvesting, adding DC and PR as states, abolishing the electoral college, packing the Supreme Court, etc.). Bernie Sanders says his ideas, which not many years ago no one would pay attention to, are now “mainstream.” It can and will happen here if people with TDS don’t wake up. My personal issues with the President’s style are minor in comparison to seeing the greatest country in the history of civilization destroyed.
    And it’s not just NYC. Check out this shocker.
    “They know not what they do.”

  3. J. Gary Shansby says


    Both thumbs up. Your article hits all the key points. Unfortunately, the media is less than honest–they have destroyed journalism. It is very sad any American would wish death to our President. He is far from perfect, and certainly difficult to love, but his actions are closer to America’s way of life than Joe Biden. Our country will fall further if the far left led Biden somehow prevails. Let’s get President Trump reelected, and then fix both political parties. We also need to find a way to make sure so-called leaders like Pelosi and Schumer are never put in key positions ever again..

  4. says

    You make some good points but why talk about biden not condemning antifa amd not when the president was asked to condemn white supremacists all he could choke out was stand down and stand by? I’ve always been a vocal proponent of a third party. Most people always tell me that’s a waste of a vote but our vote is our voice. Unless people start voting for a candidate they can get behind instead of just against the other one our problems will never end and we will stay stuck in the status quo. If not now, when? I can’t imagine a majority of Americans actually support either of these candidates. There might be a majority that is against one of them, but what kind of system is that?
    -Will Shiverick

    • says

      Thanks for writing Will. The President has hardly been his own best friend on the issue of white supremacy. That said, he has repudiated white supremacist groups repeatedly; in fact, ad nauseam. Yet the main stream media ignores all that, and harps on the moments when his choice of words or perceived reticence is interpreted as being “racist”. One has to really dig into what is actually happening to get to the truth. Nothing is as it appears to be.

  5. uncle roger says

    Holy Moly, I can’t find one thing wrong with this blog and that is really saying something.
    I can’t stand when one side or the other starts saying they are leaving this GREAT COUNTRY (even with her faults) if their candidate does not win and they never leave. We need to stop whining and start loving and helping our awesome country.
    Love you kiddo.

  6. Cousin Quirk says

    Jimbo- well said. The great news is that in 30 days this current silly season will be over. If you are like me and have more confidence in The Common USA Citizen than the ability of Bezos et al to brainwash it will be a happy day. soon.

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