Enough is Enough…Energy Self Sufficiency = National Security

How much longer can this clown show continue? Is it possible to have so many Ivy League educated dreamers operating at the highest levels of our Government? Alas, the answer appears to be a resounding “yes”. These people seem hell-bent on destroying the American way of life. To them, American Exceptionalism is something to be scorned. Shame on them. So let’s take a look at where one year of this progressive gibberish has landed us.

While many did not like (in fact, they detested) Le Grande Orange, at least he was surrounded by capable public servants. His policy decisions, by and large, improved our economy, enhanced our courts, and kept our enemies on their toes.

What did the 2020 election bring us? Well, let’s think back to an executive order signed before Biden’s seat was even warm in the Oval Office. His lefty staffers couldn’t wait to cancel the Keystone Pipeline, and they wrung their hands with glee, as the newly elected President made that disastrous gesture one of his first moves. (If you want to see what a democrat looks like when gleeful, click here to see.) Since that fateful stroke of the pen in January of 2021, the administration has moved steadfastly to disable the US oil and gas industry. They are mighty proud of themselves. In addition to halting the Keystone pipeline, they have blocked all Federal oil and gas lease auctions (on and offshore) and prevented a pipeline being built from Pennsylvania to the east coast. They continue to find ways to make the use of oil and gas more painful and expensive. Incidentally, this inane behavior extends beyond D.C.. New York State has never allowed exploration and development of massive reserves in its western half. Development of those reserves would be a game changer. Alas, it won’t happen until the GOP controls the Governor’s office and legislature. I would bet first on that proverbial cold day in hell.

While China consolidates its power and imprisons all dissenters, and Russia continues to stifle the free press and murder thousands of civilians in Ukraine, what exactly are we doing? Oh, I see-we are using Russia to help us jumpstart the moribund nuclear talks with Iran and open long-closed doors of conversation with Venezuela, while simultaneously closing our eyes to China’s increasingly aggressive posture toward Taiwan. We are┬ápositioning ourselves to literally beg our long-time enemies (countries that do not like us) for oil while pleading with Saudi Arabia to help a brother out. All this and yet still turning a blind eye to our own reserves.

Our policies have pushed Russia and China together to the point where they are now veritable bosom buddies. For those not sure, that friendship of convenience has not existed over the centuries. But they are partners now. This author wonders whether supreme despot Putin and grand poobah Xi have a daily chuckle over the insanity that is US policy. While they rule with iron fists, and continue to sweep though Africa, Asia, India, and Latin America, we here in the US are far more concerned with getting our pronouns right before addressing each other on how many miles our new Teslas get between charges.

No nation survives and thrives without an abundant source of two things; water and energy. We are blessed with both, but seem hell bent on destroying the latter.

Mr. Biden, your State of the Union address was woeful. You talked tough on sanctions, yet refused to put an end to our importation of Russian oil. How can you take yourself seriously? I know you must be frustrated at the lack of confidence nearly 70% of America has in your ability to lead our country. Here is a helpful hint. Send a message to the American people that you acted precipitously when assaulting the American oil and gas industry. You didn’t realize you were hurting the American people so much. You now realize the energy transition and oil and gas development can co-exist. We can still be a leader in green energy without crippling our economy and national security. You see, you have created a monster. But if you show the people you are human, and back off the suicidal steps taken to date, they will respect you for your humility and ability to admit you made a mistake.

On the other hand, Mr. President, if you truly want to make sure that Jimmy Carter meets his maker knowing he now is not the worst President in modern history, well, you just keep on keeping on. Because you will win that contest hands down.

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