The GOP is a Hot Mess, but the Dems are Bonkers–A Guide to Republican Victory in 2022

What a year. And it ain’t over yet. 

Inflation hit a 39 year high today. Yet the White House, surpassing all ostrich-like political shenanigans over the years, continues to see this trend as a transitory situation. Herewith is a very simple roadmap that, if adhered to, will secure Republican control of both houses of Congress.

Every candidate on the coasts and in the heartland should stick to three issues; not two, not four or five. Three. 

Candidates along our border with Mexico get to add an issue.

The three core issues are:

—The economy

—Law and order, and


Our border candidates can add Border Security as issue number four. 

That’s it. Do not waver. Do not expand or contract. Do not prevaricate.

The Democrat party has abandoned a fundamental charge we bestow upon our elected officials. We expect them to be stewards of our economy and encourage growth. We expect them to keep us safe. We expect them to do everything possible to put our children first and give them a great education. And, for our border states, we expect them to protect our border from those who would attempt entry (of product or people) into the United States through other than legal means. 

The Democrats are hopelessly leaderless and simultaneously feckless in all these endeavors. Let me count the ways. 

They are hell bent on punishing success, and diminishing the role of capitalism. They steadfastly embrace the ludicrous idea that economic success in the United States should be predicated upon the notion that everyone deserves an equal outcome. We all know that one of the reasons this country is so great is that people for centuries have been given equal opportunity to reach for the stars. Outcome has never been a guarantee. 

Their position regarding fossil fuels bears witness to the absurdity of their policies. They shut down further construction of the Keystone pipeline. They banned drilling on federal lands, and basically took Alaska off the map in terms of hydrocarbon exploration. They have nominated people for senior positions in the Biden administration who have publicly stated they want the entire energy industry to go bankrupt. Lo and behold, production is slowing down, because exploration is slowing down! Remember studying supply and demand in Economics 101? Where there is demand accompanied by scarcity, prices go up! And what is the President’s response? He asked the Saudis to produce more oil, and he released millions of barrels from our strategic reserve. This is idiotic. Has anyone else pondered the irony of using our strategic reserve as a foil against really bad strategy? They treat the oil and gas as though it is evil. Oil and gas are the engines of our economy. The energy transition is happening. Some day we will rely much more on solar, wind, hydro, hydrogen, nuclear, and more. But that day is decades away, and requires a rational evolution. To treat hydrocarbons as a pariah and then blame the industry when consumers are getting wacked at the gas pump is just plain ludicrous. 

The Donkeys have abandoned the notion that they are responsible for keeping us safe. They have painted law and order with the broad brush of racism, and systematically dismantled the administration of justice in cities from coast to coast. For them, the requirement to post bail is racist. It just isn’t fair to all those poor criminals. So in the name of fairness (and, of course, equity) countless hardened criminals are caught and released, only to commit more heinous crimes in short order. Can you imagine creating legislation stipulating that as long as one doesn’t steal more than $900 of goods when out on a daily shoplifting spree, one cannot be prosecuted? This is actually the case in some of our west coast cities. It is a head scratcher; until you realize that the people making these laws think it is only fair to allow the criminals who have less to gain access to the things possessed by those who have more. 

The obligation to keep us safe extends beyond out borders. It is very easy to see that Bad Vlad Putin and Chinese President Xi are not quaking in their boots. While our Democrats fret over the right of children to decide what sex they want to be, or defunding the police, Putin is massing troops on the Ukraine border, and the Chinese are killing or imprisoning anyone who they deem to be a threat to their authoritarian control. Rome burned; Nero fiddled. The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

On the education front, I will do you, the reader, a favor and avoid the Critical Race Theory discussion. I am sure you have your views, and you would have to have been burrowed into one of Bin Laden’s caves to not have followed this topic over the past few months. Rather, let’s focus on where the Democrats’ bread is buttered. Can you say teachers unions? How can the party that professes to be the party of the people not support charter schools? The jury has deliberated and the verdict is in. Charter schools are our inner cities’ best hope. Our public education system is corrupt and not serving our most troubled and challenged communities. The Democrats say one thing and do another. Their position on education issues alone is reason enough to not vote for them.

Regarding our southern border, have you asked yourself how all those people who legally emigrated to the United States must feel about the Biden-Harris dream team blithely turning a blind eye as millions (yes, millions) of illegals have poured across our border? And how would you like to be a border patrol agent? Our border agents put their lives at risk to stop the illegal importation of people and drugs. They must feel great after apprehending a group of people only to be told by the Feds to release them on our side of the border. 

I could go on, but that is not the point. GOP candidates take heed. Study up on these issues. Stay on point. Do not waver, and you will win. I guarantee it.

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