Batshit Crazy

When does the madness end?

In 1933 the Nazi’s organized a campaign to burn books. Yes, books were written by intellectuals, and intellectuals were Jews; ergo, all books had to go. This video ( click here) shows Joseph Goebbels getting the boys all riled up.

From 1966 to 1976, Chairman Mao murdered millions of Chinese in the name of Communist purity. Their sin? Their alleged bourgeois tendencies threatened the very foundation of the communist revolution. They needed to disappear! (For more detail, click here. )

Religion is certainly not exempt from the abuse of power. The Catholic Inquisition (read more here) was used as weapon to stifle dissent for centuries. More recently, the Taliban has attempted to totally eliminate any vestige from the past in order to ensure total domination of its people and allegiance to its twisted interpretation of its creed. Who can forget the annihilation of the 5th century Buddhist statues back in March of 2001? (click here for a video of that barbaric act.)

I could go on and on. History is replete with horrific tales of man trying to eradicate history in order to create his more perfect vision of himself.

And so we come to the United States in 2017; a polarized nation, to say the least. The polarization is not just between the traditional left and right. No, this is more complex. We have massive divisions between left and right, but cutting across those customary lines are levels of anger, disenfranchisement, frustration, and isolation. In essence, we find ourselves in yet another William Holden moment. Some of you may remember. Others are too young. Click here to see for yourself. If you just kept reading, I implore you to go back and click on that link. I dare you to watch it and not feel some level of connection.

I have been moaning about the PC left for the past several years. My focus has been on the continued leftward trajectory of our education system up to and through the universities. I have highlighted the reality that the capital L in Liberal Arts no longer exists. Our universities are markedly small case l these days. They do not teach anything close to the classical definition of Liberal. Our children are exposed to endless palaver demonizing anything traditional or conservative. Hillary may have once written that ‘it takes a village”, but as far as I am concerned, it takes a remarkably strong family unit to offset whatever garbage one’s child is likely to be taught throughout the entire spectrum of educational exposure. In short, the “village” has become the problem!

The events in Charlottesville two weeks ago triggered yet another wave of knee-jerk reactions from the progressive left. Now let’s be clear. The President is operating in his own universe. I have no idea what motivates him to say the things he does. More importantly, I have no idea why he says the things he does the way he does!

Cutting through all Mr. Trump’s  apparent lack of sensitivity to the events that led to the loss of life in Charlottesville, the President also made some irrefutably true statements. When he called out groups on the left (Antifa, for example) for fomenting hatred and violence, he was absolutely right. The left has long been given a free pass on the destruction of property and violence toward its fellow man, all in the name of a good protest. The double standard is appalling.

It is the aftermath of that regrettable day that is actually the focus of today’s short tome. The nationwide movement to tear down all statues of anyone who fought for the South in the Civil War is simply appalling. And the PC left wasted no time. Scores of universities and municipalities have jumped on the bandwagon. Yes sir, the South must not rise again. Let’s simply pretend it never existed to begin with! Let’s eliminate all memories of the South and those people who were its leaders!

Ladies and Gentlemen. History is art. It is a painting; something to look at and study: a canvas from which to learn. If you don’t like the art,  create your own. You can’t destroy the painting just because you don’t like it.

I could digress and discuss what an amazing man Robert E. Lee was. Alas, I would lose the plot. That is not the point of this blog. My thesis is simple. These people who wish to eradicate a major part of our nation’s history are simply batshit crazy! One cannot apply morals of today to events of yesterday. That is not the way history works. Unless, of course, Chairman Mao and the Taliban are one’s heroes. Then, I suppose, eliminating all statues of Confederate Generals makes complete sense.

And where exactly does it end? Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City is presently studying whether to take down statues of Christopher Columbus and Peter Stuyvesant! You can’t make this stuff up! (Click here to see the article. )

The ironies implicit in all this tomfoolery are many. Perhaps the ultimate joke on people is the notion that today’s activists who seek to eradicate our nation’s history do so having taken by storm some form of self-assumed higher moral ground. The imperfections of the past must be eliminated so the perfection of the present is all that we know in the years ahead! Wait, where exactly is that perfection to be found? Antifa? Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Schumer? George Soros? Maxine Waters? Bill de Blasio?

You get the picture? They’re all batshit crazy.

Never try to pretend the people who made our nation what it is today simply did not exist, merely because you don’t think they were good people. Leave that mentality to the fascists, communists, religious zealots, and totalitarians.

Study your American history. It’s  fascinating; warts and all. Learn from it. Become a better person because of it. Embrace American Exceptionalism and appreciate the fact that we are who we are because of our incredibly complicated history. Rise above the PC clamor. In short, don’t be batshit crazy!


  1. David G. Griffin says

    The Midland Texas school board has voted to do away with the Midland Robert E. Lee high school fight song,
    Some alumni are calling for re-naming the school and the mascot, The Rebels. And of course, the confederate flag must go.
    I really thought the Civil War was over but I guess not to some….
    I’m sickened by our spineless school board.

    • says

      So sorry to hear that. As I mentioned in my blog, it was not the time or place to segue into a diatribe about what an amazing man Robert E Lee was. Suffice to say, most of these activists who are leading the charge to wipe out our history have no clue about the details of the history itself.

  2. Paul says

    Nailed it! One can not change history that is impossible. We study it, so that the bad may never be repeated again. As you opined, tearing down statues does not make a wrong a right. The ultra left are just as much as terrorist as ISIL and the Taliban. Seen it with my own eyes in Iraq! But let us take the Martin Luther King approach when one decides to protest. Just turn the other cheek…

      • John Dumas says

        I am a descendant of Robert E. Lee. Although he was a great leader both for the United States pre-civil war and the Confederacy, after the Civil war he was a patriot of the nation as it was reuniting. According to James Cobb, history professor emeritus at the University of Georgia, Lee said he was not interested in any monuments to him or – as Professor Cobb recollects- to the Confederacy.

        I believe history should be preserved in truth: the good, bad and ugly. As respects the Civil War, it was such a hugely significant event in the country’s history that it must not be ignored and monument(s) can be an appropriate means of preserving that period of U.S. history – to a point. Confederate civil war monuments are ubiquitous in the South and are devoid of promotion of racial reunification and promotion of love of humankind. I believe a single monument of the Civil War would be sufficient. Having said that, it should remain within the authority of local communities to decide whether to keep or remove their Civil War monuments.

        Without a doubt history should be preserved truthfully but not by (for many on a daily basis) needlessly resurrecting the pain of the past.

        • says

          Spot on John. As you will note from my blog, I resisted the temptation to discuss General Lee. It would have been a distraction. But for the record, he was an amazing man.

  3. Evan B. Bukey says

    What is most remarkable about the current statuary flap is the breathtaking historical ignorance of our political and media elites, many of them graduates of top-notch colleges and universities. Overnight, they have discovered that 150 years ago we experienced a savage Civil War that took the lives nearly 700,000 Americans out of population of 40 million. Why is this the case? Quite simply because institutions of higher learning long ago abandoned a core curriculum, letting student pick and choose their courses as they wished. The Left has no doubt exploited this, particularly after Vietnam. But they are not altogether to blame.

  4. Cindi Cronk says

    Fantastic commentary, Jim. I too am appalled at how our nation has become seemingly held captive by various PC constituents who seek to nullify everything that does not conform to their distorted view of what should be. It is almost laughable (but sadly not) to think that by removing a few statues that it would somehow eradicate the history of our nation’s Civil War and the great and brave men who fought for its cause (on both sides – and without getting into all of the history and their personal, Lee included, ) and the many lost lives that resulted. Do young people today even know anything about the Civil War, the Revolutionary War et al or have these enormous events that shaped our nation been reduced to a one week lesson in American history classes because our PC pedagogues are too busy trying to educate our youth using their revisionist versions of more recent history deemed more important. It makes me all very sad.

    • says

      So true…a friend told me the other day his daughter’s 9th grade class was taking 20th century American History. They spend one week on the 70’s. The only thing they studied, (I repeat, the only thing they studied!) was Watergate and the evils of the GOP led by Nixon. Horrible.

  5. BudTalbot says

    Batshit well put. Maybe we should do away with W&L. They have both Washington and Lee in their title. Eliminate two for the price of one.

  6. Jonathan Helitzer says

    What will a sanitized view of American history look like? One that speaks only to “victim hood” and “oppression” with nothing about which to be proud? Those who struggled to create a new nation, unlike any in the past will be marginalized because they don’t meet current “standards” of human perfection, created by those demanding tolerance from all but having none themselves. A country which fought against true injustice not only against itself but others to correct injustices – all dismissed because of perceived “privilege”. The privilege of fighting and dying for a larger cause.

    • says

      Well said! The fact that today’s snowflakes and cupcakes are judging amazing, and I mean amazing, humans who helped us forge this amazing, and I mean amazing, Republic is appalling!

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