Fire and Brimstone!

Let’s get this note off on the right foot. Yesterday, the President said this of Kim Jong-Un. (click here ) Not to be outdone, and obviously not visibly quaking in his shoes,  North Korea’s fearless, all-powerful, all loving, all knowing leader instructed his news agency to tell the world he is preparing to reduce Guam to rubble. (click here to see that report.) Meanwhile, Secretary of State Tillerson is hopping around Asia trying to keep the lid on the pot. 

Keeping the lid on the pot when two wholly self absorbed leaders are engaged in a verbal jousting match is not easy. Maybe we should actually refer back to the good ole days and put the two of them on horses and let them have a run at each other with lances. What’s the downside?

I grew up in the “duck and cover” world. Some of you readers don’t even know what that is. Suffice to say, Americans over 50 were never wholly removed from the specter of nuclear Armageddon. Of course, the arms race with the Soviets led us down the path to a place called “mutually assured  destruction”, and neither the US nor the Soviet Union were particularly anxious to test that theory out. Of the whack-job in North Korea, who’s to say? It is true that Republican and Democrat Presidents alike have kicked the North Korean confrontation can down the road for decades. Democrats have generally been inclined to buy more time by dumping largesse on the totalitarian state. In hindsight, that has been rather foolhardy. Shockingly stupid, actually. 

Time (and probably not a lot of it) will tell where all this bluster will lead us. But there is some good news in all this. The main stream media is not really talking about it, but here goes: We actually achieved a 15-0 UN Security Council vote sanctioning North Korea. That means Nikki Haley was successful in getting Russia and China to support sanctions. That is no small feat. And on the other side of the globe, Rex Tillerson is quietly lining up support from a number of Asia countries to rally around the notion that we must be united in isolating the endlessly rogue nation that is North Korea.

And this brings me back to an oft-made point. The President, by design, grabs the spotlight, and insists on it shining directly on himself. He blusters and tweets inanities to his base. He appears to care less about reaching out to Republicans or Democrats with whom he disagrees. He attacks those he considers enemies, and those who thought he was their friend! He attacks his own cabinet picks!  But all the while, he has, actually, surrounded himself with very competent people. Notwithstanding the noise around the Communications Department, and Steve Bannon (the left love to hate Steve) Trump’s Cabinet is out doing its job. We are moving toward a more nimble, deregulated economy, and, believe it or not, we are working well with foreign states. 

If you find yourself pounding your head against the wall over Mr. Trump’s alleged daily shenanigans (real or contrived-just depends on which side of the fence you sit) take some solace in the fact that some really good people are actually working on your behalf and getting things done. 

And on that note, lest anyone think I am getting giddy, the GOP had better get its act together and pass the Trump  tax cut plan, or some variation thereof. If Obamacare isn’t replaced with some negotiated compromise, and a tax plan does not hit the President’s desk for signature, Katy can bar the door, but it will be too late. November 2018 will be an Old Testament style day of reckoning! The table is set folks. Let’s get it done!

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  1. Cousin Quirk says

    Well said…though a little rough on us deplorables who love Trump and his tweets…sense a touch of Cosmopolitan appreciation…what I would like you to say – Trump is an absolute genius and only he can D-R-A-I-N T-H-E S-W-A-M-P…fighting an elite establishment is never easy…for example Mitch McConnell’s comments yesterday that the President is setting too high of an expectation proves the point…U.S.A/U.S.A.!

  2. uncle roger says

    The BLAME goes to ALL the presidents EQUALLY came before Mr. Trump. 15-0 vote mean nothing if China will keep on working with its alter-ego on the side and I bet you that will be the case. Like my grandma use to say that an elephant has teeth to show and teeth to eat with. I am so proud of my country and president since Regan where a president is showing “balls”. When you say diplomacy you mean consider all Americans dumb and not share anything with them, thanks be to God, Mr. trump has decided to let us know what he thinks and what he plans to do, so my dear friend, you may call him “crazy”, but I call him breath of fresh air.

    Saddam & Gaddafi were never problem, but this is a true mad-man and could push the button, so I AM WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS WAY OF HANDLING THIS. Forget the worthless UN.
    uncle roger

  3. John J Segreto says

    The Dear Leader of North Korea is not insane but has played the West with threats, which secured for him and his regime , benefits over time. I am confident that Trump has surrounded himself with terrific military leaders ( Mattis, Kelly & McMasters) and they are giving him sound advice. Tillerson should advise his North Korea counterpart that the US would use its full retaliatory capability should North Korea launch an ICBM with a warhead. (Just like James Baker advised Tariq Assiz prior to the 1991 war that should Iraq use chemical weapons the US would go nuclear). Having half of our naval forces in the area (Sea of Japan and China Sea) and aligning ourselves with Japan & South Korea is also helpful. The key is still China and their willingness to assist and avert a major confligration.

  4. anthony doherty says

    This is a desperate man. North Korea is on the verge of collapse . The nation is starving, infrastructure is collapsing and in very poor shape and it can ill afford the money being spent on this current ludicrous campaign. Kim is simply attempting to divert attention from the real issues facing the Nation There are people in North Korea who realise this and a backlash is fast coming. This will go away….but does need careful and monitoring. It will shortly be over and will serve a great lesson to the world. This cannot be a position that can be tolerated in the future.

  5. Elizabeth Wise says

    Yes, there are some very competent people around the president, but he has a habit of firing people who challenge him……
    And Rex Tillerson may walk down the halls at State and find most desks empty. If he ever walks down the halls. Friends there say he’s locked in his inner sanctum, surrounded by his bouncers, and not at all approachable. Not sure that’s good for American diplomacy.

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