High Crimes and Poppycock!

Lest I bore you into a catatonic nap, allow me to say one more time, I do not like Donald Trump. He is a narcissist. He sets a horrible example for our kids. He is not invited to my house for dinner.

OK, are we clear? 

Now, let’s talk about what is happening in the United States House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi allowed herself to get backed int a corner by her progressives, and Adam Schiff was only too happy to carry the impeachment torch. Folks, it is poppycock. And in case that word is too arcane, here are a few synonyms: balderdash, beans, bilge, blarney, blather, blither, bosh, bull, bunk, claptrap, codswallop, crock, drivel, fiddle-paddle, flapdoodle, folderol, fudge, garbage, hogwash, guff, hockey-pokey, hokum, hooey, humbug, malarkey, nonsense, piffle, rubbish, slush, stupidity, tommyrot, tosh, and twaddle.

Get the point? Have you read the Ukraine call transcript? I have read every word of it; several times. There is NOTHING there. This is a farce! Hah, another synonym! The democrats are literally concocting a fabricated set of circumstances when the exhonorating evidence is already public, and the other person on the phone (that would be Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky) has stated publicly that at no time has President Trump or any of his proxies suggested aid has been or will be withheld pending investigation of Joe Biden or his son. 

I don’t care about Hunter Biden. The talking heads on the right should drop the subject. I do care about the possibility of Ukranian involvement in the 2016 election. Why isn’t that the subject matter at hand?

I know some of my readers hate Donald Trump so much that they will grasp at any straw to validate their feelings. Trump haters, you are being conned. This is politics 101. Don’t be a victim.

We have another 12 1/2 months before the election. If history is a guide, don’t worryTrump bashers, the President will give you plenty more up about which to get riled. In the meantime, do yourselves a favor and focus on playoff baseball. It’s much more interesting, and nobody is conning you.

More to follow


  1. David G. Griffin says

    OK Jimmy, you are mostly right about the BS going on in the House impeachment process.
    It is nothing more than a smoke screen to get the gullible masses to vote against Trump in 2020.
    No, I don’t like Trump either but I sure appreciate his a-political actions.
    The things that bother me more than this phony impeachment falderal(?) is the out of control deficit spending and rampant, unsustainable national debt.
    Nothing is said by Trump or his haters about these two things that will bring this country down.
    I appreciate the Piercewire.
    BTW, these overpaid baseball players (Bellinger, etal) swing too damned hard no matter the count. They don’t understand shortening up when they’re behind in the count and trying to make contact.
    Don’t go by me. This is from a 20 year major league veteran with 4 world series championships when he was with the Dodgers.(didn’t hurt any that he played with Koufax, Drysdale, etal. for 10 years.)

    • says

      I appreciate this note, and I wholeheartedly agree as regards the deficit. The GOP has lost the moral high ground. Both parties are spending our children’ future into oblivion. And as regards baseball, you and I grew up in an era where a well laid down sacrifice bunt was a thing of beauty. Now it is extinct. Thanks for writing.

  2. robert rose says

    Jim, I’m not that savvy, but Nancy P. & Hillary are two of the reasons their party is so discombobulated.
    Good suggestion……………Go ‘Stros!

  3. Patricia McCarthy says

    A note of acknowledgement for your efforts to share light on the various topics herein. I believe we have become mostly a nation of apathetic, disengaged and in fairness, frustrated followers not thinkers. The poppycock (et. al.) in this environment though, acquires a more sinister potential. There are serious consequences to the nonsense taking place in DC. One of the more alarming outcomes, because it’s systemic, is the choice ( less vexing, so understandable) to believe what one hears repeated. Then let it play out (I.e., maybe we should have impeachment proceedings, why not?) People everywhere reason with talking points. Scary!!
    Thank you for having the courage, commitment to share your “thoughts”.

    • says

      Thank you birthday girl! There is no doubt that the democrats believe repition is king, and the more they repeat their talking points, the more chance they have of turning more voters blue. Well, this red voter is feeling blue!

  4. uncle roger says

    OBAMA was the president of our great nation until January 2017. He did NOTHING about election intervention. Bunch of crooks.
    By the way President Trump and Melania can come to my house anytime, any day and spend as long as they want – LOVE the guy (only US president ever with balls)

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