Trump Acceptance Speech

What to say other than “I was wrong again!” I need to take this moment to acknowledge to Doug Holmes and Roger Sahni (two unrelenting Trumpsters) that they were right!

The United States has had its own Brexit moment. Virtually every pollster in the country was wrong. Pierce Wire was wrong. The main stream media is in a state of apoplexy. The sky is falling!

I have friends who think the world has just ended, and all that is left is for us to mop up the debris.

OK, people, slow down!

We have a Republican Congress and Donald Trump. We have two years (at least) to implement meaningful tax reform (which, if done properly, will generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs here in the U.S.) and to repeal and replace Obamacare. And yes (to all those nattering nabobs who say the Republicans do not have a viable health care plan) we do have a great way forward. Click here to see it. 

Let there be no end of celebration in acknowledgement of the fact that we have just staved off a liberal bias to the Supreme Court that would have discarded the Constitution to the dustbin of relevance had Hillary won this election.

Will there be a new wall and will Mexico pay? I doubt it, but frankly, in the overall scheme of things, it makes for amusing theater. Trump expresses himself horribly. But if one really listens, he will stand by people of all races, colors, and creeds. All they need to do is be in the United States legally. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Will we abandon our commitments to our allies? No.

Will Donald Trump start a nuclear war? I mean, are there people who actually believe that nonsense?

Will Trump endeavor to be a President to all Americans, as he said he would do in his victory speech? He is a narcissist, but I actually take him at his word on that front.

Will we finally have a President who will call Islamic Terrorism by its name? Thank God, yes.

Will he keep saying things that make you cringe? Probably.

Will he really tear up our trade agreements? I don’t know. I suspect he will instruct our trade negotiators to obtain concessions that he can point to as having fulfilled some kind of promise. Time will tell.

Will he work with Congress to address the deficit? I believe he will.

Will we be in a “better place” two years from January? I believe we will.

Will he delegate? Yes. VP elect Pence will probably have a really interesting job; one worth more than a warm bucket of spit.

Will Giuliani, Christie, Gingrich, Dr. Ben Carson, and other loyalists end up in D.C.? Yes.

I was disappointed in Hillary not giving a speech last night, but both she and the President took the high road today. Let’s see if it lasts.

I hope the democrats behave with grace. The President has been most un-presidential of late. He played the race card on Trump. Now, on January 20, he has to stand with him and be part of a peaceful transition of power. It is the quintessential American moment, made all the more striking by this strange election year.

Who knows, maybe Trump will lean over and ask him if he has his birth certificate with him!

More to follow-


  1. john palffy says

    Well I think you got this mostly right. Hopefully he and Ryan can circle the many common elements of their agenda and pass them in 100 days. I hope you are right on trade and the Trumpers are appeased. His rhetoric on this was very misleading; a trade war achieves no net improvement in jobs, but could lead to a Depression. Likewise, mass deportation of immigrants is equally absurd; we need a path to legalization (not citizenship). I don’t think we will see much reduction in government spending.
    The more interesting dynamic will be how the Republican party evolves. At this time it is essentially a European style coalition of Trumpers and Reagan Republicans. As one of the latter I do not feel comfortable with Trumps “campaign style”, immigration or trade policies. Will he moderate those and allow a synthesis of the coalition into a united party? And will the hard core Trumpers come along? Or will he maintain the difference in the coalition factions which could permanently destroy the GOP? I believe he must do the former. After all, there is no evidence that a majority of the coalition are Trumpers. To the contrary, based on primary returns, the Trumpers make up only about a third of the coalition. The real criminals in this race were the media who created gross doomsday caricatures out of Trump’s crude, rude and vulgar language and failed to provide moral equivalence for the moral and criminal sins of the Clinton’s.

    • says

      John, I guess what I am saying is I would not lose too much sleep over the wall. There are bigger and far more important issues that they can do a great job on, and I think they just might get it done!

  2. Judy levy says

    Plenty of people still believe obama. Wasn’t born in this Country including myself. I voted for Trump gladly. Couldn’t even say her name.. If she had won we would never hear a truthful word..

  3. Ros Curtis says

    For those who are in mourning or disbelief, as Jim states, there is a fantastic opportunity to make real progress in this country for the first time in a decade. Think what corporate tax reform, replacing Obamacare, undoing the awful Obama executive orders, turning over the NLRB and ridding the Federal Bureaucracy of the Clintonistas would mean for the economy? If you are serious about wanting to help the poor and the middle class, this is a path you should be supporting. If Trump can surround himself with competent advisers, and work with Ryan and McConnell, he could accomplish a great deal that all Americans will benefit from. My suggestion to the haters is to give the guy a chance, and support the reforms we so badly need.

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